ESPN Radio, The Undefeated, Elle Duncan, Clinton YatesSports
ESPN Radio, The Undefeated, Elle Duncan, Clinton YatesSports
ESPN Radio, The Undefeated, Elle Duncan, Clinton YatesSports
ESPN Radio, The Undefeated, Elle Duncan, Clinton YatesSports


ESPN Radio and The Undefeated – ESPN’s multiplatform content initiative exploring the intersections of sports, race and culture – presents The Intersection at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays on ESPN Radio. The two-hour, weekly show will feature in-depth discussions that will continue the conversation around the impact of social justice on sports and society. The show is hosted by two marquee, multiplatform ESPN voices – SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan and The Undefeated columnist, commentator and host Clinton Yates. The duo will regularly be joined by other commentators from across the network. Duncan and Yates will recap the events, conversations and actions that took place throughout the previous week related to social justice. They will look ahead at the continued impact on sports and the way various leagues are responding as they return to competition.

  • Hour 2: The Steve Nash hire in Brooklyn not a clear case of White Privilege
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates discuss Naomi Osaka wearing face masks at the US Open with the names of victims of racial injustice, whether the Steve Nash hire with the Brooklyn Nets was a form of White Privilege, and Clinton explains why he believes John Thompson Jr. is the most important Black man in D.C. sports history.
  • Hour 1: Is the NFL doing enough to effect social change?
    Clinton and Elle examine effectiveness of the NFL social justice initiatives and discuss the plight and pressure of the Black Quarterback.
  • Questioning if NBA strike solved anything is irrelevant
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates were joined by Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated to examine mental heath aspect of why the NBA players needed a timeout from postseason play.
  • This was a strike, not a boycott
    Clinton Yates and Elle Duncan discussed the NBA work stoppage and why the gravity of the situation clearly outweighed the decision to play.
  • Can fans separate play from social messaging?
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates reacted to Adam Silver’s comments that fans can separate the games from the social messaging by players, share their thoughts on the NBA bubble, highlighting how successful it has been and how cool it is to see how players interact in the bubble, and University of North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham joined the show to discuss the ACC’s decision to proceed with its fall sports schedule, and steps UNC is taking to ensure the health and safety of its student-athletes, and the Athletics Departments’ ‘3 Es and 5 Vs’ program, promoting diversity, inclusion and respect.
  • Kneeling during national anthem still as divisive as ever
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates discussed whether kneeling during the national anthem is still as divisive an issue as it once was, Jerry Jones' silence on social unrest issues, and Kentucky Men's Basketball Head Coach John Calipari joined the show to discuss what steps his program is taking to ensure player safety during the Coronavirus outbreak and shared details behind the new alliance with the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (MLI) that gives minority coaches more exposure while getting compensated in the process.
  • Not kneeling is fine, but don’t detract from the initial message
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates examine how productive the NBA’s social justice messaging is, and whether kneeling during the anthem is still an effective tool?
  • Players finally have a seat at the table
    Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates discuss the College Football power shift what unity group movements by players mean for the future of collegiate athletics?
  • Daniel Snyder curates the toxic culture of the organization
    Will Hobson, Washington Post Sports Reporter who co-wrote the investigative report on the Washington football team, joined Clinton and Elle on the The Intersection and he said it was shocking how brazen the harassment was. In addition discussing dysfunctional in Washington, Elle and Clinton discussed whether LeBron James not wanting a social justice message on his jersey hurts the NBA and its messaging.
  • It is time for male allies to use their power against misogyny
    Clinton and Elle discuss the sexual harassment scandal surrounding the Washington football organization, and the toxic culture responsible for perpetuating the ignorance and misogyny that has been swirling around that organization for years.  
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