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We challenge and encourage you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be.

  • Parenting Topics That Will Fill You With Hope
    Do you wish you had a strong foundation to guide you through challenging situations with your kids? Or, do you know a little about the Connected Families Framework but want to grow your application of it? The parenting topics in today’s podcast can hel...
  • How to Discipline an Explosive Child—With Grace and Firmness
    Wondering about disciplining an explosive child? You’re not alone! In fact, what to do with kid’s anger is one of our most frequent inquiries here at Connected Families. Aggressive behavior and explosive anger are intense challenges,
  • Help! My Child Won't Listen
    My child won’t listen! Sound familiar? If you’ve had that exasperated thought recently, you’re not alone. Obedience and cooperation are common struggles most families encounter. There may be a disconnect between your good intentions and what your kids ...
  • Discipline and Your Kids: Your Questions Answered
    Your kids keep growing and changing, and so do your questions about parenting. Today’s podcast might answer a few of your questions and leave you wishing you had your own parent coach. In this Q&A style podcast,
  • Bonus Episode: Exciting News from Connected Families!
    Parenting in the complexity of today’s world is stressful! The level of children’s anxiety and behavior challenges has skyrocketed. It can feel overwhelming and discouraging. But despite those struggles, you are still actively seeking God’s grace and t...
  • Trust Expert Dr. Henry Cloud Chats With Us About Parenting
    According to today’s guest and trust expert, Dr. Henry Cloud, trust is fuel for all of life. Humans are hard-wired to trust, yet we still have to earn our children’s trust over and over again. Trust is sometimes a challenge in our other relationships a...
  • Connect With Students: A Framework To Connect With & Nurture Responsibility In ALL Students
    It’s nearly time to head back to school, and today’s episode is especially for anyone in a teaching role. Have you ever considered bringing the Connected Families Framework principles to your classroom at school or church?
  • Support Your Child's Mental Health with Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Life is messy, and sometimes you probably feel like a mess. Your kids might feel like a mess at times too. It’s okay to be a mess! But what can you do when you or your child feels this way? How can you best support your child’s mental health?
  • Is Your Child Crying at School or Daycare Drop-Off?
    Maybe you’ve been there. Your child just doesn’t want to go to school or daycare. You’re not sure if she’s truly anxious and struggling or if she is just being defiant. It’s hard to know what to do, especially if your child is truly distressed and cryi...
  • Sensitive and Intense Kids: Your Questions Answered
    Do you ever wish you had a parent coach in your living room to support you in your biggest parenting dilemmas? Well, we’ve got the next best thing. Lynne Jackson (Connected Families Co-Founder) has developed an all-new,
  • [BONUS] Conclusion: Teaching Kids Forgiveness is Essential
    This podcast episode is the conclusion of a podcast we released about the power of forgiveness and teaching that to our children. It is full of practical application and deep insight into the profound impact of forgiveness on our physical, spiritual,
  • Teaching Kids Forgiveness Is Essential: The Why & How
    How do you teach forgiveness to your kids? You probably want to guide them toward the true forgiveness that Christ’s work accomplished. That takes time and intention. Forced apologies can make a conflict blow over quickly,
  • Restoring Relationships: Empower Kids to Want to Reconcile & Heal
    Have you wondered if there is anything you can do to be proactive about the inevitable conflicts in your home? Many parents just want the fighting to stop, but what if you focused instead on restoring relationships?
  • How To Help Siblings Stop Fighting All the Time
    Do you feel like your kids are fighting all the time? They might be bickering, crying, or yelling, and you might feel exasperated and wonder how to turn things around. Conflicts will always be part of family relationships,
  • How to Encourage Critical Thinking for Little Ones
    Do you ever feel like you have to tell your young child over and over again to do something? Parents often feel the need to tell, yet telling can lead to defensiveness and power struggles. Asking questions, on the other hand,
  • My Child Argues About Everything
    “My child argues with everything I say!” Has that thought ever crossed your mind? Whether your child is 5 or 15, you can find yourself wrapped up in the dynamics of arguing, defensiveness, and power struggles. Thankfully,
  • 3 Powerful Questions to Transform Your Parenting
    Dads…today’s episode is especially for you. As a father, you probably have a lot of good intentions for your children. Do you ever wonder, though, if your parenting style gets in the way of your good intentions? If your answer is yes,
  • Family Teamwork: How To Meet Together as a Family
    Imagine your family working together to solve problems. Sounds amazing, right? But how do you get there? Busy schedules and personality differences can make “working together” seem like a big challenge. Thankfully,
  • How to Help Kids See God in Nature
    Let’s get outside! No matter where you live (we have listeners all over the world!), getting outside is so good for so many reasons–for us and our kids. Sometimes getting outside means facing some challenges as well–poor weather, pesky insects,
  • Ever Feel Like the Not-So-Fun Mom?
    Mama, does your to-do list ever get in the way of having fun with your family? Or is it hard to engage in the activities that your kids enjoy? If you ever feel like a not-so-fun mom, today’s podcast is for you!