Ultimate Spin Zone
Hilly Hoops

A podcast that looks at some of the negative things in life and puts a positive spin on them.


In this episode, Luke talks about store signings having a letter that doesn't light up. He also talks about how the Astros are cheaters, but gives them credit for cheating successfully. He also talks about how he started crying while watching moneyball and cannot explain why. He fears his emotions may be out of sync. He also talks about how abs are overrated and ladies dig self defense skills. Speaking of ladies, he talks about how all of the ladies in high school swooned over his old white truck which he got to see one last time. He will miss the old white beauty and the way she purred. He also talks about women's basketball again. He isn't being mean. He just pointed a few things out about how crazy the style of Bethel women's basketball is. He blames the coach for that. He also brings in the quote of the week and does a fantasy football update. 

In this episode, Luke tells the story of messaging Arianna Lee and MJ Snyder. He didn't have any luck, but that is nothing new when it comes to Luke and the ladies. He also comes up with a cool idea of carrying a wii sports sound board for when people ask him what he is up to nowadays. He also talks about how much he hates watching the Bethel University Women's basketball team because of the style they play. He also came up with a cool way to keep himself entertained at those games because 73 turnovers in one game is just too many. He also talks how halloween costumes have gotten out of control, and not every character was made to be sexy. He also details a story about almost hitting a buck on his way to church. If you don't like this then you don't like good podcasting! 

In this episode Luke talks about a lot of stuff including watching tv with your parents, the star spangled banner, and LSU football. He also questions if he is funny. He admits he is just trying to find himself as a podcaster, and admits that he needs to find his audience. He even suggests that maybe his audience is people in the deaf community? What? Then that joke backfires on him which reminds him to be kind to his neighbors. He shares his love song and he tells a Waffle House joke.

Luke talks about how powerful Adele's music is. He also talks about how 99% of his listeners let him down. He also talks about spooky activities, blind people, and why he thinks blind people may be good for the podcast. He does a segment of overrated/underrated, and it involves posteriors. The bars of the week are deep. Get ready for em.

This episode dives into first looks, fall festivals, and a story of love??? Yes, this is my love story and you are going to like it. 

Luke talks about National Bully Prevention Month, feeding kids sugar and why it is a horrible idea. He also dives into why the weather app is underrated and he wonders how people survived without it. He also explains why sandwiches at the beach hit different and what specific characteristics he looks for in a woman. He also spits bars and rolls in some quotes about success. He also thinks you are great.

I just made the title like that to get you to listen. Chill out. It's called clickbait.

This one is pretty fun.

Fun episode.

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In this episode, Luke dives into numerous topics including astrology signs, vacancy signs (huge mix-up), and much more. Luke also plans on having another growth spurt just so everyone is aware. That's all I'm going to share. Listen to the rest. God Bless.

In this episode, Young Gaff and I talk about straight up bars. Young Gaff talks about what it's like to come out of your shell, and what it's like to make rap music. We also explain the lyrics in the rap song we made. 

This episode is sick. I don't have time to write a full description of the episode because I am busy. 

In this episode, Luke, goes all in and talks about a recent vacation to Idaho. He also tells of some fun times he had at a White Sox game along with his thoughts on airport girls, meteorologists, and being a 15 yard fake out. He also explains why his dad should run bingo night for the old people's home, and dives deep into if he really knows the back of his hand. 

In this episode, your host, Luke, makes some jokes and talks for a while.

In this episode, Luke discusses what the "new normal" looks like, what it's like to be injured, and why over posting your birthday is a problem. He also talks about being off the gram, about being a good guy, and why everyone lost the game once again. Luke goes into some of his impressions including Mickey Mouse and Elmo. The first segment in Ultimate Spin Zone takes place which includes your host rating different things and people in pop culture. Luke finishes with the quote of the week and the bar of the week.

In this episode, Luke ( your host), talks about why he feels he is the human version of a golden retriever and why he is the Mario of sports. He also compliments Speedway and also has a pressing question on what yellow flashing stop lights mean and what their purpose is. He has a deep thought that is actually quite dumb and worthless, and he argues that it.s called bags not corn hole. He dives into why it should be called slapchat rather than snapchat. He also brings up a valid point that nobody has ever un-graduated. He talks about being ghosted and why it is so silly. Finally, he plays a portion of an old rap song of his which turns out to be about his past breakup (shocker).

In today's episode, Luke, talks about why Levi Lamberjack is officially fired, how lemons got his mind spinning, and why cancelling cancel culture is a dangerous move. He also talks about being famous, being indecisive, and even women's sports. For the finale, he remakes ford commercials along with doing his own version of Michigan commercials for different states.

In this episode, your host (Luke), dives into topics such as his ex-girlfriends getting married, the time he got buckets in prison, and why people have been using yolo in the wrong context this whole time. He also talks about dating contracts, white girls, and why law enforcement may need to change the idea behind some road signs.