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A podcast that looks at some of the negative things in life and puts a positive spin on them.

  • My Teeth are Falling Out, The Florida Apocalypse, and How to Make Me Laugh
    A classic episode where Luke gets back to his roots. He talks about a dream where his teeth fall out and what it could mean. He gets into what makes him laugh, and an awkward scenario where someone thinks their friend or someone they know is in the MLB, but they aren't. He also talks about the apocalypse/hurricane in Florida and how wild the Tua injury was and how wild football is. He also talks about being dumb and his brother being zoned out and wanting to be on a motorcycle and flash the 3 point celebration. 
  • Live in the Kitchen, I Sound off Again, and I'm a Plant Owner
    A great episode once again.
  • Wedding Pranks, Keep That Same Energy, and I Sound Off on The Pack
    Luke talks about a lot of great things in this episode.
  • Fantasy Football Deep Dive, Talking Tennis, and Summer is Back
    He got that dawg in him.
  • Notes App Deep Dive, I'll See you in my Dreams, and Is Love Dead?
    A fantastic episode.
  • Butchering Moments of Silence, For Real Fly Trouble, and Liver King
    This episode consists of lots of deep talks and meaningful moments.
  • The Key to Being Funny, Teacher Trade Deadline, and Seeing if I Know Podcasting Slang
    In this episode, Luke talks bout schools trading teachers and having a trade deadline. He also talks about laughing at your own jokes to be funny along with the time a helicopter parent yelled at him while he was volunteering his time. He talks about needing a new playlist, and how he doesn't like bike pegs. He talks also about how small talk is mostly just lip service, and how his brother is the ultimate relaxer.
  • My Inevitable Future, Wassup with them Cakes, and Professional Trash Talk Pt. !
    Luke has some technical difficulties so this is a 2 part podcast.
  • My Inevitable Future, Wassup with them Cakes, and Professional Trash Talk Pt. 2
    Part two of the series. 
  • Sideline Reporters, Mystery Mousekatools, and Teacher Slang
    In this episode, Luke talks about dumm sideline reports, mystery mousekatools, teacher slang, and so much more.
  • Ghost Riding, Let Me Drive the Boat, and The Nasty Nash
    Luke recaps his vacation to Branson and Nashville.
  • OG Lays, DQ on Lock, and Who Owns all the Dogs? and How?
    Luke has technical difficulties in this episode.
  • Just Get it Over with Already, Anger Management, and the Best list of the Best Smells
    Luke talks about how Dairy Queen smells so good.
  • Folks Blowing Smoke, Dawgz with a Z, and Low Key Low T
    An incredible episode filled with fun and laughter!
  • The Best Texts You Can Receive, Big Sacrifices for the Greater Good, and What's to Come this Fourth.
    An enticing podcast episode.
  • Criminal Talk, Becoming a Man, and Somebody Stole My Car Radio
    Nobody stole my car radio, I just choose to sit in silence.
  • Why Parents are So Crazy Nowadays, Identical Twins, and Finding the Dark Web
    Real solid episode.
  • Not to Brag, No Offense, and I'm Off the Clock
    Wow, what an episode.
  • Cold Showers, Boxing Skills, and Get Home Immediately If This happens
    Great episode today by Luke.
  • Courteous Criminals, Reading Old Texts, and I Officially Need a New Intro Song
    Luke talks about a lot of things including the Dan Ryan, old texts and needing a new introduction song for his Podcast.