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Is there hope for my hurting marriage? Can my marriage be restored? How do we heal as a couple after a divorce? Welcome to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries podcast where your host, Charlyne Steinkamp, will answer these questions and others as she helps you gain hope for your marriage. You will be encouraged as you begin to see your spouse as the Lord sees them and the hope that you can have for your marriage to be healed and all that God intended it to be!

  • Ep 155 - Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Christina & Tim
    Christina and Tim entered their marriage like many others declaring that divorce would never be an option. Years later, a secret life, communication issues, and a desire to avoid conflict led to problems arising in their marriage. It seemed...
  • Ep 154 - Happily Even After with Bob & Dannah Gresh
    There is hope for your marriage! It doesn’t matter if you have had a marriage that has suffered because of addiction, adultery, or unforgiveness, Jesus Christ can redeem those broken pieces and make something beautiful out of the ashes. That is what...
  • Ep 153 - Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Victor & Heidi
    Is there hope for a marriage that has been impacted by pornography addiction and infidelity? The answer is yes! On this episode, you will hear the powerful testimony of Victor and Heidi. They have both overcome addiction and have seen Jesus...
  • Ep 152 - Let’s Talk About It - Improving Communication
    Every day, we speak thousands of words. How many of those are used to encourage others, and how many are used to belittle someone? In this episode, Charlyne and Lori talk about improving communication in three stages of life: in marriage, when you are...
  • Ep 151 - How to Forgive When You Don’t Receive an Apology
    Forgiving someone that wounds you is difficult, but it can be more challenging when the other person has no remorse for their actions. In this episode, Charlyne and Lori discuss how to walk through forgiveness. by Jonathan Pokluda
  • Ep 150 - Do You Feel Like God Has Forgotten You?
    Do you feel like God has forgotten that you exist? Everyone experiences feelings of doubt or uncertainty at some point in their life. It is important to combat feelings of unbelief with the truth. God has not abandoned you! He loves you and cares...
  • Ep 149 - The Importance of Having People Invest in Your Life
    It is so vital that we have people in our lives who disciple us. In today’s episode, Charlyne and Lori talk to their guest, Odain, about how the Lord brought people into his life to act as a mentor when he was a teenager, and that trend has...
  • Ep 148 - Running the Race Well
    The Bible has so much to say about running the race of life toward Jesus. That can be hard to do when the race we are on is filled with hardship, marital difficulties, and stress. It can be tempting to look at someone else’s race and want that path....
  • Ep 147 - It’s Not About You – How to Trust God in the Waiting
    In today’s episode, Lori shares four things the Lord has been teaching her and how it can apply to your life as you seek the Lord for answers to prayers.
  • Ep 146 - Charlyne and Lori Answer Your Questions
    Do you ever ask yourself questions like, “I don’t like my spouse right now, how do I change my feelings toward them?” Have you wondered how you will react if your spouse starts the divorce process? You may wonder how you are going to prepare for...
  • Ep 145 - Starting the New Year with Praise to the Lord
    Even in the hardest day, we have so much to be thankful for. Are you doing a good job of sharing stories of God’s goodness in your life? Charlyne and Lori will challenge you to be on the lookout for God at work in your everyday life.
  • Ep 144 - Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Brad & Anne
    Nothing is impossible with God! Our guests, Brad and Anne share how the slow drift apart fractured their marriage. Their powerful restoration story is a story of forgiveness, healing, and recommitment. Year End Giving: Stander’s Affirmation: ...
  • Ep 143 - Forgiveness, Reconciliation & Restoration – What do they all mean?
    The journey to restoration is a process that begins when your relationship and friendship with your spouse is reconciled. In this episode, we will discuss the steps that lead up to the restoration of your marriage. Pastor Resources: Year End Giving:...
  • Ep 142 - Thriving When the Holidays Are Hard
    The holidays can be difficult when you are facing adversity in your life. Charlyne and Lori share ways you can not only survive the holidays but thrive with joy as you celebrate the birth of Jesus.
  • Ep 141 - How to Battle Lies from the Enemy
    Do you ever feel like the lies you believe about yourself are stronger than the truths from God’s word? In this episode, Charlyne and Lori will share how you can live a life focused on truth. Scriptures That Fight the Enemy On Asking God Why The...
  • Ep 140 - How Long Must I Wait?
    Do you ever wonder how long must I wait? Does your faith ever waver? Charlyne and Lori answer some questions that come in on this episode about these topics.
  • Ep 139 - God is Faithful
    Does it feel like you struggle to see the faithfulness of God in your life? In today’s episode, Charlyne talks about how we can be on the lookout for God’s faithfulness around us.
  • Ep - 138 The Journey from Prodigal to Stander
    Can you imagine your prodigal being transformed and being the one who wants to pray and stand for marriage restoration? It is not uncommon. In this episode, DeAnn shares her journey from being a prodigal to becoming the one standing for her marriage....
  • Ep 137 - I’m Afraid I’ll Never Have Children Because of My Stand
    Do you worry that by standing for marriage restoration you are giving up your chance to be a mother or a father? In today’s episode, Charlyne and Lori talk about this very sensitive topic.
  • Ep 136 - Testimony of a Restored Marriage – Andis & Lilita
    Running from his relationship with Christ and falling deeper into a pit of gambling addiction, Andis was searching for peace. That peace was not found with another woman, a casino, or a bottle. That peace was found when he surrendered his life to...