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Recovering coke enthusiast and comedian Chloe LaBranche tells me about all her many trips to rehab. This one was WILD. So many great stories from Chloe about a world that’s waaaay interesting and for some reason never really gets talked about too much. At 16 Chloe lived cooler than I do right now. I'm a dork. Your podcast host is a dork compared to this lady. It was a really fun episode by someone who’s willing to share everything without worried about being judged, which is everybody’s favorite type of podcast host. I go over the Chappelle/Netflix situation in the intro. Finally, a network executive has put into words that standup comedy is an art form and shouldn’t be regulated by anyone. Let’s hope this creates a new standard and allows all network execs to follow the amazing lead of Ted Sorandos and just leaves us alone to agitate some while entertaining the people who sign up to be entertained. Everybody else can take your anti-art stance and move into your place alongside the Taliban as they blow up antiquities. Because that’s the side they’re on. They’re on the side of getting rid of art and we’re on the side of enjoying art. Which side do you want to be on?  Follow Chloe! Instagram Youtube More from Ari: Instagram: Join the Patreon: Merch: Upcoming shows & tickets: 11/12 | Orlando 11/19 | Tampa 12/02​ | OKC 12/09 | Boston 12/16​ | San Antonio 01/14 | Cleveland The Music: Amy Winehouse - Rehab Andrew WK - Party Hard Rihana - Rehab The Weeknd - I Can’t Feel My Face   Thanks to our sponsors! Go to and use code "Skeptic" a

Former Jehovah’s Witness Doug Smith and I talk about the Jehovahs. They. Are. Weird. Doug got raised in it when his mom decided some guy at her front door had great points. Parents never run it by their kids when they decide to join some cult. They always just sign everybody up for it without even a chance to weigh in. Anyway, it was a funny discussion of one of the world’s most interesting sects of Christianity. I guess those snake handlers might have them beat. And the Shakers. Did you know the Shakers let their prepubescent boys practice pulling out on post-menopausal women? Also, they made great furniture. So I guess top 5 of weird Christians would be Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Shakers, Snake handlers, and the Amish. Damn. That gives me 4 ideas for new podcasts. More from Doug! Instagram Twitter Listen to Doug’s album “Barely Regal”:  Follow Ari on Instagram: Support mayhem - Join the Patreon: Merch: See Ari live - Get tickets for upcoming shows: 11/12 | Orlando 11/19 | Tampa 12/02​ | OKC 12/09 | Boston 12/16​ | San Antonio The Music: Marvin Gaye - Can I Get A Witness Eels - Jehova’s W

Mat Edgar, Ryan O'Neill, and I talked about our adventure in the woods for the final day of the greatest summer of my life. We found one of the coolest, most remote, wildernessy, beautiful, amazing, relaxing places I’ve ever stayed at. I wish I could’ve taken you all with me. But it’d be weird if I did. Mostly because there wouldn’t have been enough Raniers to go around. But also the smell of poop would’ve been overwhelming. Counterpoint, though. Maybe I could’ve pooped on someone’s poop. Either way, I’m taking you there if you close your eyes and use your imagination. This is the way I share my experiences with you. And this was an amazing one. I already want to go back. This summer lasted about 19 months for me this year. So I was sad to see it go. But it also made me remember all the great times I had. The beautiful sunsets I witnessed. The intro was actually kind of emotional for me. It really makes me want to get lost again. Just go live out my days on a beach. But… I got jokes about child death to tell to midwestern drunks. See you next week!  See Ari on the road! 11/12 | Orlando 11/19 | Tampa 12/02​ | OKC 12/09 | Boston 12/16​ | San Antonio 01/14 | Cleveland For more Mat: Instagram Twitter Take The L - Comedy Album (2020) For more Ryan: Instagram Twitter The Music: Doors - Summer’s Almost Gone Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Summer Time and The Living Is Easy White Stripes - We Are Going To Be Friends The Cure - Last Day Of Summer Beach Boys - All Summer Long Thank you to our sponsors! Use code "Skeptic" at for 5% off your Delta 8 products. Be sure to visit home of the $60 Kilo!

Comedian and Air Force vet Chris Alan came over to tell me, famous draft dodger, about his time in the armed forces. It’s waaaay different than what you see in movies. It was a funny and super interesting podcast about the gruntwork side of war.  Follow Chris: Instagram  Twitter  Listen to his new album, "Off Script" For more Ari: Upcoming tour dates: Follow on Instagram Patreon More   Thank you to our sponsors!  Go to for 10% off your first month. Order your liquid IV at and be sure to use code "Skeptic" for 25% off! Check out and use promo code "Skeptic" for 5% off Delta 8 products. The Music: Jimmie Osborne - Thank God For Victory In Korea Cake - I Bombed Korea The Air Force Song Black Sabbath - War Pigs  

Yannis Pappas came over to my house to talk about the greatest baseball game ever attended. But it turns out I'm a terrible podcast host and as much as Yannis tried to get to the topic we agreed on, I just kept missing the hints. So this ended up just being two friends joking around for 3 hours. I mean, you’d think after 10 years this guy would have learned how not to do this. Just real rookie stuff dude. Totally unprofessional. Follow Yannis! social:  LongDays with Yannis Pappas Spotify:  Apple Podcasts:  Youtube:  Website:  More from Ari! YouTube channel - Subscribe prompt:  Upcoming shows 2021/ tour dates: 

John Hastings and I talk about car accidents on a fun episode of Skeptic Tank. John has been in a dozen accidents so he’s got a lot of experience. And I have hit and run over 34 people in my life, many of those resulted in fatalities. So I can’t quite fully join in because of an antiquated statute of limitations rule in the state many of these “crimes” took place, but I've still got some stories left over.    Follow John! Instagram: @TheJohnHastings Twitter: @TheJohnHastings Download his new album: "Float Like A Butterfly John Hastings Like A Bee"  For more Ari: Subscribe for new episodes & more: Instagram: @arishaffir - Join the Patreon: Merch & more: Upcoming shows & tickets: The Music: The Primitives - Crash Jan and Dean - Dead Man’s Curve Wrecks in Effect- Rumpshaker Island of Misfit Toys Pearl Jam - Last Kiss   Thank you to o

Annie Lederman tells me about her time as a man-hater. Annie has come out of it since then but she recounts the way she got caught up in a world of despising an entire gender and how she was able to extricate herself from that way of thinking.  For more Annie: Instagram: Twitter: Watch or listen to Trash Tuesday with Annie Lederman, Esther Povistky, and Khalyla Khun:   Get tickets to see Ari on the road: Join the Patreon: Merch & more:   The Music Kiss Me Kate- I Hate Men Darryl Hall and John Oates - Maneater BB King - Heartbreaker Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me I hate boys - Christina Aguilera   Thank you to our sponsor! Go to and use code "Skeptic" for 5% of

Eleanor Kerrigan comes over to talk about the glory days of the Comedy Store. Eleanor and Ari were employees of the Store together at the turn of the century. That sounds weird but it’s true. Are we old? Am I old? Is the only thing keeping me young a steady flow of mind-altering substances and laughs from live audiences? Or is it just the general utter lack of responsibility? My friends from high school look like you should call them sir. I look like a guy you’d find sleeping on your lawn on a weekday. Anyway, Eleanor and Ari talk about our favorite time at the Comedy Store. Back in between when it was famous in the ’80s and when it was famous again in the 2010s. It was dark in those tweener years. Dark and vicious. That’s when I got to the Store. When nobody in LA gave a fuck about that place. Literally, agents and managers were told by their companies to not go there. Crowds were sparse. Really really sparse. Sometimes we couldn't even get enough customers to start the show. And it was a breeding ground for fun. For wild nights. For mayhem. So come along with Ari and Eleanor. Two paid regulars who started as non-comedy employees. And listen to some amazing tales of a time and a place long gone. Back when the Store was the place that made me. When the Store had its balls.   The Music Turtles - Elenore Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons Carly Rae Jepson - Store Dean Martin and Nat King Cole -Long Long Ago    Thanks to our sponsor! Go to and use code "Skeptic" for 5% off your order!  Go to and hit SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already!

Greg Fitzsimmons and Ari Shaffir go on a deep dive into forbidden acts of love in this public Patreon episode of Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank. The boys, victims of generational inbreeding of different styles, take Patreon submitted stories and questions about trouble with the law which leads them down the taboo road of adult breastfeeding. It’s a very special episode of Ari’s podcast and one which will go down in history as the reason neither of these overgrown children will be allowed into heaven. Listen to Greg Fitzsimmons: Fitzdog Radio: Sunday Papers:    Childish:  Follow Greg! Instagram:  Twitter:   Tour Dates:   The Music: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away Hermin’s Hermits - No Milk Today G-Boy - Jail Cell Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers - Juvenile Delinquent Thank you to our sponsors! Go to and use code "Skeptic" for 5% off your order! And for 10% off your first month! 

Standup comedian and retired rooster fighter Rojo Perez sits down with Standup comedian and rooster fight enthusiast Ari Shaffir to talk about cockfighting. Futu Manu in Tetum. Pelea De Gallos in Spanish. Probably some other names in other languages. Rojo entered his pet into one when he was a small boy in Puerto Rico. Too young to be doing stuff like that. Ari went to his when he was 43 in Timor Leste. Rojo Perez is now a small man so he has distance and age to help him look back on his cockfighting experience. And Ari Shaffir is about the same age but far more bald. You guys should see it. They're siiiiiiick. So much fun. And beautiful. And it really brings the community together.  Support Rojo: Check out Rojo's album 'Words' here: See Rojo in Austin, TX at The Creek & Cave September 18-19! Get tickets here: Ari's Tour Dates - The Music: Waka Flaka Flame - Rooster in My Rari Alice In Chains - The Rooster Archie Campbell - The Cockfight Joe Ely - Gallo Del Cielo   Thank you to our sponsors, YoKratom, home of the $60 Kilo! And visit to use promo code "Skeptic" for 5% off all Delta 8 products!  

Star of the League, shoplifter, and standup comedian Steve Rannazzisi talks to tagged stealer of Netflix passwords, and standup comedian Ari Shaffir about breaking the law. These two friends of 20 years riff on Patreon submitted stories of run-ins with the police. There’s a great story about eluding military police. It’s part of a series called “Arresting Content” that Ari usually does as one of his selections on Once every month or two the Skeptic Tank is having one of these Patreon-style podcasts for free for the general listener. It’s an excuse to have some stupid fun instead of getting caught up all the time with a theme. You gotta let loose sometimes! Make sure to submit your own stories or your friend’s stories of run-ins with the law to There’s also a “General Mail Bag" where you can submit topics, ridiculous would you rathers, stories, and news stories for Ari and sometimes guests to riff on, and a “Dear Ari” section where you can submit sex and dating advice questions or stories of sexual woes. Break the law whenever you can get away with it, young students. The law is not for you to follow. The law is for them to enforce. Make them work for their money.   Check out "What's the Odds" Podcast And on Patreon: Follow Steve! Instagram: Twitter: The Music: Waylon Jennings - Dukes of Hazzard The Vernon’s- White Wine Stripes Theme Song Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood   Thank you to our sponsors! Go to Better

Former fatty and current standup comedian Ari Shaffir talks to world-renowned weight fluctuator and comedian Maddy Smith about her massive weight gains and losses and then gains again and then losses and then pass outs and then weight gains and then anorexia and then back to normal.  Nobody gives better weight loss tips than anorexics and Maddy has some great advice if you’re trying to shed a few pounds. I mean, don’t be anorexic, but also definitely do listen to their ideas on weight loss because obviously.  Ari is of Semitic heritage so his reaction to the sun in this video is massively more comfortable than the Irish and melting Maddy.  Don’t forget to order your 2021 Shroomfest shirts now as well as the Alice in Wonderland shirt and the Aricat shirt. All are available at Follow Maddy! Instagram: Youtube: Listen to her podcast "That Time of the Week" Check her out on Wild N Out on Mtv!   The Music Fiona Apple - Paper Bag Pulp - Anorexic Beauty Mazzy Star - Fade Into You Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome  Thank you to our sponsor! Go to and use promo code "Skeptic" for 5% off your order!

Comedian and homosexual child predator Luis Gomez talks to pot-stirrer and comedian Ari Shaffir about his old days selling comedy tickets to classless tourists in Times Square. The stories were WILD. Stories of sex and violence and an early Kurt Metzger. The podcast starts inside and then moves outdoors to Times Square to try and find some of these hustlers still working the beat. Plus Luis tries to make some sales himself to these idiots and even makes one. If this doesn’t want to make you go to Skankfest November 4-7 (that’s right, they’re announcing more programming for the 4th) I don’t know what will. Maybe you suck and you don’t like great comedy. Or good comedy at least. The point is, Luis is homosexual. The whole comedy scene knows it and they just go on as if it’s nothing and we shouldn’t warn the gays that he’s coming for their butts.  SKANKFEST SOUTH - NOVEMBER 5-7, 2021 | HOUSTON, TX: TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Follow Luis on Twitter: Watch Legion of Skanks! For the latest video & audio episodes: Thank you to our sponsors! YoKratom home of the $60 kilo! and be sure to visit and use promo code "Skeptic" for 5% off your order! The Music: Started from the bottom now we’re here - Drake Fountains of Wayne - Bright Future in Sales. Lightenin’ Hopkins - Houston Bound Wyclef Jean - Gone Till November

Space Cakes, Gummies, Brownies, chocolates, and the legendarily deadly Banana Bread. Comedian Brendan’s Sagalow and standup comedian Mile Cannon talk to standup comedian and creator of This is Not Happening Ari Shaffir about the dark arts of the baking world. It was a fun podcast about edible marijuana. You’ll be laughing the whole time. Ari has been friends with the true dose king Joey Díaz for over 20 years so you know Ari has accidentally gotten bonked on edibles far more than the average person has ever even taken them. The intro is full of a couple of good UFC on edibles stories. And the outro has a good story about acid at a UFC in one of the very few moments where Joe Rogan was jealous of us. Here's The Scenario Podcast hosted by Mike, Brendan, & Mike Feeney: Listen & Watch: | Follow on social media: | Stay in touch with Mike & Brendan: Follow Mike! Instagram: | Twitter: Follow Brendan! Instagram: | Twitter:   Thank you to our sponsor, BetterHelp! Affordable, private online counseling. Anytime, anywhere. Go to for 10% off your first month. Discount code “ARI" will be automatically applied. Go to and use promo code "Skeptic" at check out for 5% off Delta 8 products. The Music Beastie Boys- Car Thief Snoop Dog - Edibles Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven  

Host of the Cumtown podcast Stavros Halkias joins standup comedian Ari Shaffir for a relationship and sex advice episode of Skeptic Tank. This is a “Dear Ari” relationship advice episode that’s usually available on Patreon only but in honor of Juneteenth, we’re making this one available to the public. Standup comedian Stavros Halkias and former friend of Bert Kreischer’s wife Ari Shaffir answer Patron submitted questions about wild sex, lame friends, and partners who pork out. This is the most important thing to happen to the country since Joe Biden reverse rammed Donald Trump and the drippings got imported by a viral lab on Wuhan and the rest was history. Please sign up for Ari’s Patreon for more fun content like this and to keep hot loads all over his chest. SUPPORT STAV! For Stav’s upcoming tour: Check out 'Stavvy Solves Your Problems' & more: Watch Pod Don't Lie with Sam & Stav:   The Music: Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You I’m gonna cum on your tits - Beaver Shoot Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody Boyz 2 Men - I’ll Make Love To You Thank you to our sponsor! Go to and use promo code "Skeptic" for 5% off Delta 8 products!

Standup comedian and host of The Bonfire and Legion of Skanks (in that order) Big Jay Oakerson talks about his struggle with anxiety disorder with comedian and host of nothing Ari Shaffir. Jay really went through it, man. He was fine and then one afternoon, he wasn’t. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think straight, and the walls started crashing in. Ari has always been intrigued by mental disorders and this is the first time he has been able to really take a deep dive into anxiety. It was a very revealing and interesting discussion. Check out Big Jay Oakerson every week on the Legion of Skanks podcast. Ari Shaffir is the President of that podcast. Shane Gillis is the Vice President. Big Jay holds no office. Check out Ari’s Patreon. This week he & Chris O’Connor riff on the topics and questions you submitted in a really fun mailbag episode. The sick new Ari Shaffir tour shirt is available here: - Get one & wear it to a show or wear it out. The tie-dye version is only available until June 30 so hurry up and get yours now. Please tell people about this episode. And click subscribe to be notified of upcoming episodes. Thanks to our sponsor BetterHelp! Go to for 10% off your first month The Music: Green Day - Basket Case (live) Bad Religion - Anxiety Queen and Bowie - Under Pressure Ramones - Anxiety

Comedian Kim Congdon is fucking nuts. Standup comedian and your host Ari Shaffir sits down with this crazy Chonga to discuss the origins of the stereotype of the fiery Latin woman and how wild and fun it can be to observe her in action. She has always frightened me with her crazy Puerto Rican-style rage. The intro is live from the Mexico City Central Parque de Perros. Viva Puerto Ricas! Make sure to listen to Kim’s podcast,  @Broad Topix because if her numbers don’t increase by 17% or more she’s going to slash my front left tire. And subscribe to Ari’s Patreon so he can afford witness relocation after Congdon decides she’s gotta deal with this puta judeo. Connect with Kim! Watch Kim's podcast 'Broad Topix' on Gas Digital Network Thursday’s at 9PM/ET: Follow Kim on social media, & more: Subscribe to Broad Topix on YouTube: The Music: Gnarles Barkely - Crazy Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats Bad Bahbie feat Lil Yachty - Gucci Flip Flops N.O.R.E., Nina Sky, Daddy Yanke - Oye Mi Canto Patsy Cline - Crazy   Thank you to our sponsors: YoKratom, Home of the $60 Kilo! and be sure to use Promo Code "Ari" for 15% off at

Comedian Graham Kay has been fired more than anyone on Earth. Stand-up comedian Ari Shaffir, fresh off not appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast for two years and before that losing his own show 'This Is Not Happening,' now sits down with Graham to discuss the many times he’s been fired. The intro covers some of Ari’s own firings even though he left off getting fired from his own stupid show that he’s just realizing now would’ve been a solid thing to talk about instead of the same Domino’s story he’s told like 80 times already. Although, to be fair, he wasn't exactly fired from that show as much as blackmailed and forced to step aside. Plus stay tuned for the outro where Ari also profits off another comedian’s hard work. "Chinese Democracy" by Bill Burr (Official Blog of Comedian, Bill Burr: Tuesday, March 4, 2008):  Connect with Graham! Watch Graham's special 'Graham Kay: Stupid Jokes': Check out  @The Edge Lords  podcast: I nstagram: | Twitter: Ari is back on the road, get your tour merch now! With Mark Normand, Dina Hashem, Mike Vecchione and Gary Vider at SoulJoel's Comedy Club - June 6 🎟 The Music- Anti Flag - You’re Fired Cyaneed - Paintjob Mungo Jerry  Take This Job And Shove It - Johnny Paycheck   Thank you to BetterHelp and for sponsoring this episode! Go to for 10% off your first month, and use promo code "Skeptic" at for 5% off!

Standup comedian Robert Kelly and standup comedian Ari Shaffir share their plan for world domination in a public Patreon episode. This is the kind of thing I do all the time on Patreon behind the paywall but I didn’t have a podcast for this week. So my lack of responsibility is your win! Congrats for following a degenerate. Join the Patreon for more content like this!: #arishaffir #skeptictankpodcast #bobbykelly  Check out Robert Kelly's Podcast:  Join his Patreon: for "Live From The Shed" and more!  Check Dates, Get Merch and More at

Comedians Kevin Ryan and H. Foley from the  @AreYouGarbage? Comedy Podcast  joins standup comedian and your host Ari Shaffir in Kevin’s mom’s basement to talk about what makes someone human trash. The intro was recorded in front of a White Castle because obviously. No podcast has better locations than Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank. Kippy and Herbert are experts on garbage people. H. Foley has been at the forefront of the Flaming Hot Cheetos revolution for years and Kevin Ryan is well known in the comedy community for clipping his toenails on the subway. Please start telling friends about this show. Make sure to hit subscribe so you’re notified of new episodes and videos but also really really tell everybody on your social media about Skeptic Tank and the  @Ari Shaffir  YouTube channel so people discover this thing & we can all help annoy the squares who hate weird, dirty, offensive, drug-related, and/or outsider material that bothers non-fans so much. I’m Ari Shaffir, and I thank you for your support. #AYG #arishaffir #comedy #areyougarbage Connect with Are You Garbage? Podcast! Watch on YouTube: Social Media: Instagram: | Twitter: