Inspired by the beautiful podcast, "Harry Potter and the Sacred text" I'm going to be rewatching the animated series Avatar The Last Airbender and treating it as a as a secret text. each week I'm going to watch one episode with a different theme in mind. I will share some thoughts about the episode and then take a scene and using a different sacred practice I will walk through that scene to see what wisdom or knowledge can be gleaned. Cover art by Shinobisena
This week I'm looking at episode 7, the winter solstice through the theme of uncertainty. --- Send in a voice message:

Today I'm looking at Imprisoned through the theme of guilt. I would also love it if you left me a voice mail. Click the link! --- Send in a voice message:

After a brief hiatus I am back. This week's episode, The King of Omashu, I will be viewing through the theme of perceptions --- Send in a voice message:

This week I'm watching the episode through the theme of strength and I'm going to be attempting a new sacred practice called Pardes. I'm also looking for a co-host. So if you have it you think you'd like to host this Podcast with me send me a voice mail! --- Send in a voice message:

In this episode I discuss episode 3, The Southern Air Temple, through the theme of expectations --- Send in a voice message:

This week I take a look at the second episode of Avatar The last Airbender through the theme of risk. --- Send in a voice message:

In the first episode of Avatar and the sacred Text I am going to talking about belonging. --- Send in a voice message:

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