The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
Podcast by The Art of Manliness
I talk with Eric Kapitulik about leadership and building a high-quality team — be that in business, a sports team, or the home.

I talk with adventurer Erling Kagge about the magical power of walking.

I talk with Sheila Heen about the best ways to approach and handle difficult conversations.

I talk with Professor Ryan Swanson about the outsized impact that Theodore Roosevelt had on America's sports, athletics, and general physical culture.

I talk with Scott Young about how to grow, adapt, and reinvent yourself by using a system of "ultralearning."

I talk with Gregg Levoy about the nature of callings and how we can find our calling(s) in life.

I talk with Dr. Tom Boyce about orchid children and dandelion children, and what parents can do to help orchid kids thrive.

I talk with Jane Leavy about the life and impact of Babe Ruth, both on and off the baseball field.

I talk with Nir Eyal about what it takes to become indistractable (hint: blame yourself, not the tech).

I talk with Dr. John Berardi about all things metabolism — what is it? what does it do? how do stress, sleep, and exercise factor into its optimization? and more!

I talk with ex-mobster Lou Ferrante about what life is really like in the mafia, his experiences in prison, and what turned his life around.

I talk with Scott Stanley about the biggest issues that married couples tend to face, and how to work on resolving them so that your marriage stays intact.

I talk with Michael Lombardi about what great football coaches have in common — from Bill Walsh to Bill Belichick to Nick Saban.

I talk with Don Gabor about how to start and sustain conversations — and it's all much easier than you might think.

I talk with Todd Rose about how pursuing fulfillment is a better path to success than climbing any sort of corporate ladder.

I talked with champion memory athlete Nelson Dellis about why memory is important and how to improve yours for everyday tasks.

I talk with Frank Abagnale — of Catch Me If You Can fame — about how to avoid scams of all kinds.

I talk with historian Andrew Roberts about the epic and audacious life of Winston Churchill.

I talk with David Allen about his famous Getting Things Done (GTD) system and how it's evolved (and even simplified) over the last couple decades.

I talk with Lucy Kalanathi, widow of the late Paul Kalanithi, about life, death, and finding meaning in between.