Mr. KarverSelf-Improvement, Education
Mr. KarverSelf-Improvement, Education


Adulting is hard. Remember when you thought you could do anything, like become a defense attorney by day R&B sex-icon by night, or an astronaut, or even a fully functional adult with a clean kitchen who knows where they left the car keys? Get some light hearted, intellectual comfort food from the unorthodox mind of Mr. Karver, here, on Adult. Sleep. Repeat!

  • I'm Still Rushing
    Still tryna do better, but not doing so great with that =/
  • Live Test
  • Mario Tomorrow!!
  • I'm Rushing
    ...and since I am here's an uncut clip of what's coming in the next few weeks (but only for 24 hours :)
  • Another Aug Test - Delete
  • Feed Test - Deleted
  • She Licked My Nips
    It's not what you think, I promise. Sorry mom.
  • The Death Rant
    Trigger Warning: Death & Suicide This is the raw version of a stream of consciousness that'll get cleaned up...eventually :) And yes, I'm okay. Pinky promise.
  • Holding for a Big Old Dump
    Don't ask.
  • The Final Test Before June!!
    Yeeeeeeah BOY!! We're back...on Wednesday =)
  • Refresh That Feed!
    Another feed test.
  • Working Hard on the Feed
    Yeah it's a holder until we push season 4 out of the nest Wednesday, March 1st =)
  • March Holder (w/music)
    You really think we playing? It's just tests and resets for March, come back tomorrow =)
  • Nope, Wednesday Mar 1
    Seriously, don't play me today, play me tomorrow. We're still tinkering around with updates.
  • REPLACE!!!! 3 Life Lessons From The Bengals Playoff Win
    What do you and an NFL franchise who hadn't won a playoff game in 30 years have in common? Mr. Karver reflects on some fun, applicable life lessons from the upstart Cincinnati Bengals ahead of their divisional round matchup in Nashville!
  • A Fun Rap Session
    Yeah we're coming back, no this isn't really it. Just refreshing the feed :)
  • Shh, Be Back in March
    Don't play me today, play me tomorrow. We're still tinkering around.
  • See You Winsday
    Feed test.
  • Masculinity in 2023
    Where have all the expectations of men gone...
  • I'm Experiencing Myself Differently
    Growing up is super weird.