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Dust on the Road takes a look at the life and work of writer John Fante, beginning with a focus on the Bandini Quartet, the four novels which make up the saga of Arturo Bandini : Wait Until Spring, Bandini; The Road To Los Angeles; Ask The Dust and Dreams From Bunker Hill. For more info visit www.jaredacarnie.com/fantepod Recommended reading : Dan Fante’s Fante, Stephen Cooper’s Full of Life, Richard Collins’ A Literary Portrait, the John Fante Selected Letters, the John Fante/HL Mencken Letters, Ben Pleasants’ the Fante tapes.

  • Dreams From Bunker Hill
    The final Arturo Bandini novel. We take a look at the rediscovery of John Fante and Arturo Bandini, the events Fante chose to reflect in his final novel, and the remarkable circumstances in which he wrote it.
  • Ask The Dust
    The legendary third Arturo Bandini novel. We take a look at how John Fante's iconic novel helped Robert Towne write Chinatown, was nearly forgotten forever thanks to Adolf Hitler, and was brought back to life by Fante superfan Charles Bukowski.
  • The Road To Los Angeles
    The second Arturo Bandini novel was actually the first of the four written. We take a look at The Road To Los Angeles, including John Fante's prolonged attempt to write his first novel, where it came from, and why it didn't see publication until after his death.
  • Wait Until Spring, Bandini
    The world's first introduction to Arturo Bandini and the first episode of Dust On The Road. We take a look at John Fante's debut novel, the failures and successes that led to it's writing, and the similarities with John Fante's own childhood.
  • An Introduction To Dust On The Road
    A brief introduction to Dust on the Road : A John Fante Podcast.  Find out what to expect over the coming weeks as we take a look at the four John Fante novels that have come to be known as the Bandini Quartet: Wait Until Spring, Bandini The Road To Los Angeles Ask The Dust Dreams From Bunker Hill