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FT Partner StudioNews, Business, Technology
FT Partner StudioNews, Business, Technology
FT Partner StudioNews, Business, Technology


What lies ahead? In this series Tom Parker asks experts what will happen over the next five years and how it will affect our lives.

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  • It’s About Time: The Future of Watches
    Future of Watches: experts discuss wearable tech and the evolution of the Swiss watch industry
  • Electric Future: The Road To EV Supremacy
    From policies to commodities: the challenges facing an Electric Vehicle future
  • Paying the way: the future of payments in a digital world
    From Fraud to biometrics: Listen to experts discuss the future of safe and seamless payments
  • Financing the transition to Net Zero
    From carbon prices to industry collaboration: Experts tackle the net zero capital problem
  • How Automation and AI will change humanity
    Tech and Humanity: Experts discuss how we need to empower humanity with AI
  • How Tokenisation And Digital Currencies Are Changing The Future of Trade
    A $1.7 trillion gap in trade financing availability has emerged. Experts dicuss how can we fill it
  • The Digital Office
    From WFH to WFA: How technology is allowing the modern workforce to work where and when they want
  • Shaping Sustainable Supply Chains
    Join industry experts as they discuss the pressures on supply chains and navigating a sustainable future
  • How Innovation Is Shaping Sustainable Sportswear
    Join industry experts as they discuss bold sportswear innovations, take-make-waste culture and the need to switch to a circular economy
  • Securing Our Cyber Future
    How the manufacturing industry is exposed to cyber-crime and what can be done to turn the tide
  • The Future of Energy
    Future energy technologies like fusion and hydrogen promise to be ‘game changers’ that could power our world and fuel our future. Both solutions have been talked about for decades yet remain just out of our grasp - but for how long?
  • How The Actions Of Washington And Beijing Will Affect Us All
    In 1972, with Nixon’s visit to Beijing, the world watched as the political and economic landscape between China and the US changed dramatically. Four decades later, new political heads of state redefined the relationship once again, as Xi Jinping and D...
  • The ESG Race
    A decade ago, ESG was a term deployed as social lip service; now, it’s part of daily boardroom discussions, and top of the agenda for G7 leaders, financial institutions and businesses.
  • AI: The Future Is Now
    From robot vacuums to oil piracy: how AI will shape our every day lives
  • Trailer: Welcome to The Next Five
    Our world changes quickly. In the past five years alone, the Paris climate agreement was signed, Donald Trump won (and lost) the US presidency, and a global pandemic transformed the planet. A lot can happen in a short space of time – so what lies ahead...