Growing in Love for Life Podcast: Save and Strengthen Your Marriage
Liam Naden: Marriage and Relationship Coach and Author

If you are experiencing problems in your marriage or relationship, this podcast will help. Relationship coach Liam Naden shares tools and strategies that get to the heart of how to rescue a marriage and give you the passion and intimacy that you really want to have.
This podcast deals with the real causes of problems in a marriage and how to solve them. Fun, engaging and practical, it’s a valuable resource for anyone experiencing marriage difficulties.

“The only way you will save your marriage is to stop trying”. Here’s why. When you stop trying to save your marriage -it doesn’t mean you give up! Instead, you start to do things in a way that really works. In this episode Liam explains: - Why trying to save your marriage only pushes your spouse further away - The real cause of all problems in your life - including in your marriage - What to do instead of trying to save your marriage - that will guarantee you get what you want ....and much more. Listen here:

Four Steps to Deal with Issues in your Stepfamily Are you struggling with problems in your blended family, such as resentment, lack of co-operation and arguments? In this episode Liam explains the 4 steps you can use to eliminate the problems caused in a stepfamily. Listen here:

Can texting your spouse stop your divorce and save your marriage? Only if you do it the right way. Texting can be a powerful way to get your spouse back and save your marriage, but it can also be a disaster if done the wrong way. In this podcast episode Liam explains: the real reason texting works (and doesn't work) in saving your marriage the 3 steps to texting your spouse that can rekindle the attraction between you what to say in your texts (and what NOT to say) how to use texts to break down the wall of resistance your spouse has built up against you the 2 mistakes most people make when texting their separated spouse ...and much more. Listen here:

How to transform your marriage this Christmas In this episode Liam explains why improving your marriage is the key to a joyful Christmas. He also shows you six ways to transform your marriage between now and Christmas. Listen here:

How to get your spouse to want to work on your relationship Do you need to influence your spouse to save your marriage? Do they want to leave? Do they not want to work on saving your marriage with you? You need to figure out how to change their mind. In this episode Liam talks about the 3 Keys of Influence. These are the keys to getting anyone to do anything - but are vital if you want to keep your marriage and rebuild a happy and healthy relationship. Listen here:

Eliminate this and see an instant change 99.9% of people trying to save their marriage do this - and it’s the #1 thing guaranteed to push your spouse further away from you. In this episode Liam reveals the #1 thing to eliminate from your life if you want to save your marriage - and how to get rid of it quickly and easily. Listen here:

Create a breakthrough with this simple but powerful question Are you looking for a breakthrough in saving your marriage? In this episode Liam Naden gives you a question to ask yourself that will transform the way you look at your marriage (and yourself). It will get you and your spouse responding to each other in new and much better ways. Listen here:

The answer to this important question Do you wonder how long it is going to take you to save your marriage - if you can at all? In this episode Liam explains why it is important to know how long it will take you to save your marriage, how to know how long it will take in your situation, and what to do to save your marriage even faster. Listen here:

A different approach that gives dramatic results! The missing ingredient in saving your marriage and having a great life may be “letting go”. In this episode Liam explains what letting go really means, what happens to your marriage situation when you do, why we find it so difficult to let go, and how to let go in a way that is easy and will give you the marriage you want. Listen here:

Your Habits Will Make or Break Your Relationship The habits surrounding your marriage are what has got you to where you are now. If you want a better marriage you need different and better habits! In this episode Liam explains four important habits you need to change - and HOW to change them quickly and easily. Try this - and watch your marriage transform! Listen here:

How Valentines Day Can REALLY Save and Strengthen Your Marriage In this episode Liam talks about the real meaning of Valentines Day - and how its true message can be used every day of the year to make a profound difference to your marriage. Listen here:

Saving Your Marriage Depends on Answers to these Questions Most people who fail to save their marriage do so because they fail to know what to really do. In this episode Liam tells you the five questions you need to answer that will show you the true path to saving your marriage. Listen here:

The Powerful Reality of You and Your Situation No matter how tough your life gets as you work on saving your marriage, there are specific truths you need to remind yourself of. In this podcast, Liam explains what these truths are and how using them can speed up your progress in stopping divorce from happening to you. Listen here:

The single thing that 99.9% of people don’t do when trying to save their marriage….yet it works. Liam explains a concept that most people reject - but which has saved more marriages than any other single idea. He also describes the 5 Common Emotional States of troubled marriages and the Person A/Person B Identity Shift that will change how your spouse feels about you. Listen here:

Your marriage must go through these to survive and thrive For the many marriages Liam Naden has helped, ALL of them without exception have gone through 3 distinct phases. In this new podcast episode Liam describes what these phases are and how to apply them to save your own marriage. Included are some of the most important questions you must answer if you want to save your marriage and ways to apply these 3 phases to any marriage problem or situation. Listen here:

If you want things to be different in your life, you need to know HOW change is actually created. Want to change your marriage or your life? In this episode Liam explains a 6-step process you can use to make any change you want with the minimum of effort. He also explains the four main reasons why most people are never able to make the changes they want to and two questions you must ask yourself before any change is possible. Listen here:

The role your children play is vital to helping you to save and strengthen your marriage Liam describes the common mistakes parents make in dealing with their children during a marriage crisis. He also explains the Four Truths About Your Children as well has how use the power of your parenthood to bring your spouse back (or closer) to you. And if you don’t have children - the concepts explained here are also very powerful. Listen here:

More about the thinking you need to have if you want to save and strengthen your marriage. Further to podcast episode 46, Liam continues with explaining the other mental skill you need to develop before you can save your marriage. This can not only save your marriage, it will give you the life you really want.. Listen here:

You can't save your marriage without the right thinking. Liam Naden explains what "right thinking" is and how to use it to really get your marriage back on track. Listen here:

A bright future for George and Amal? Here are the signs. The recent marriage of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin can teach us a lot about what makes a good and lasting marriage. Here is Liam's prediction for their marriage.... And clues for your own... Listen here: