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The Freedom Phone claims to be the best phone in the world. I have questions.Go to for show notes and more content.

Is The Tomorrow War original? No.Is The Tomorrow War enjoyable? YES.Go to for show notes and more content!

Andres FINALLY get to react to a Louder With Crowder episode on his show! It couldn't be more timely!For show notes and more content, go to

Federal Eviction and Mortgage Moratoriums ExtendedDespite them being deemed unconstitutional by a federal court, the Federal Eviction Moratorium was extended.California updates also on this episode.Go to for notes and more content.

Any progress on Los Angeles' HHH Program? What about housing affordability? What's the State doing about it? Andres addresses these questions and more on this episode.For all resources mentioned, go to the show notes at

Here's a quick take on the upcoming June 30th statewide eviction moratorium expiration. For resources, go to

In the efforts to Fix California, we cannot overlook perhaps the biggest economic crisis plaguing California's major cities: Homelessness. Years ago, Angelinos approved $1 billion to house the homeless. On this episode, looks back at where the results were with that investment in December 2019.See show notes for resources and more content at

The Recall Election is happening, but whether or not Californians are successful in ousting Gavin Newsom, there will still be a choice to be made 2022 to replace him with a real leader. Today's guest, Diego Martinez, is campaigning to earn your trust to go to Sacramento to fight for you, and present real solutions to California's problems. Andres and Diego discuss business, housing, and election integrity issues in this in-depth interview.Learn more about Diego Martinez and to

There's a lot that needs to be addressed in the undertaking that is to fix California. One of the first - and admittingly easiest - first steps is the governorship. The Recall Gavin Newsom. Where do things stand? What else is coming down the pipeline? Tune in to get a look at the behind the scenes of the work to Save California!Guest: Mindy Salinas, Chairwoman of The Orange County Hispanic Republican ClubLearn more at OCHRC on Instagram: @cahrc_pacGo to for more information and show notes.Go to for real estate resources.*****Like. Share. Follow. Subscribe! Follow Me Across The Socials:Podcaster. YouTuber. REALTOR®Instagram/Gab/LinkedIn/Minds/Parler: @TheAndresSegoviaTwitter: @_AndresSegovia@TheAndresSegovia Also On These Platforms:BitChute/Gab TV/Odysee/Rumble/YouMaker


The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are not the only events to remember on 9/11. 9/11/2012, armed Ansar al-Sharia terrorists attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, then attacked a covert CIA base. Four Americans died. Others injured.On today's episode, Andres gets to speak one-on-one with one of the heroes and survivor of that attack: Mark "Oz" Geist!Learn about the Shadow Warriors Project and how you can help by going to to for show notes and more content.

Andres ran into an issue closing on a VA deal some time ago. Never one to give he, he looked everywhere for a possible solution. Enter FHA Review, a third party FHA/VA approval submittal service. They were instrumental in getting the deal closed!Guest: Natalie Stewartnatalie@fhareview.comwww.FHAReview.comGo to for show notes and more content.

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The Federal Eviction Moratorium was extended. The California Tenant Relief Act was extended as well.You got questions? Andres got some answers. For resources, go to show notes at

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