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Partha Pratim Das

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My Neighbor [MF]

I jerked off a guy during a friend's wedding.

Having three guys cum on me, but is it art?

[22F] How Molly made me have my first unforgettable threesome [MMF]

[FM] I lost a bet and was fucked in front of a group of friends I had just met (Long)

I fucked my pregnant algebra 2 teacher in the weirdest way.

[MF] how my girlfriend and I learned we're into breeding

I fucked my uncle...and it wasn't bad?

My wife, the virgin (fiction, breeding)

Board games lead to a night of drunken mutual masturbation

Ended up fucking my sister TRUE

My older professor [M] ate my pussy and ass [F] In his office in exchange for a good grade

Six Close Friends in a Dark Closet [Group]

[M] I took my girlfriend's sister's virginity at both their requests.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My friend fucked me in my sleep. Blowjob in restaurant toilets. With receptionist from failed interview. 

I lost my virginity to an old acquaintance.

Husband's friend used me

My doctor fingered me and I liked it...

I (18F) went to visit my bestfriend (21M) and we fucked for the first time