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My podacast is the best one. Wimen love it because of my yumor. Download it you peesa garbage. 

Chloe LaBranche makes her debut on Chip thanks to her employee, Kerryn. Under the tutelage of Chipperson, she rises to the occasion and admits she avoids condoms. Xia is hiding in an upstate motel and has terrible audio. Matt Iseman is home in his mansion and also has terrible audio. Sam Roberts does a celebrity pop-in and laughs at Chipperson's observations along with everyone else. SORRY ABOUT THE AUDIO ISSUES ON THIS ONE. AND THE JUMP CUTS, WHICH ARE A RESULT OF THE AUDIO PROBLEMS. See for privacy information.

Chipperson, Ant, Xia and Bobby discuss horror movies, busses and Chip's cousin Connie. Xia hitchhikes, Chip's bowling tale wins the night and Bobby starts a t-shirt war with Buggy Dell. See for privacy information.

Chipperson is jealous of all the attention Doug Bell has been getting. He shares adorable tale of Mr. Button Toes the kitten. Vos is mean-spirited and caustic. Xia plugs the Friends reunion as well as her new web content, much to the chagrin of Lyle. Anthony talks about his pending move as Chipperson makes the cooters gush with his cooter lappin technique. Xia begs Chip to be a sugar daddy. And there was more slam poetry than Anthony cared for. A lot more. See for privacy information.

Shuli makes his return to the Podacast, yet appears to be staring off into space. Greg Stone auditions under the tutelage of Kells Bells. Stories are told, laughs are had, and the legend of The Stinky Black Pepper Mill is finally explained. See for privacy information.

Chipperson, Xia, Anthony and Chrissie Mayr play TOP THIS! as well as NAME THAT ACTOR and TELL A STORY. As usual, Chipperson is the standout star of the event. Chrissie refuses to change her blue background. Xia and Chrissie swoon over Chipperson's new superhero shirts and Anthony wants a green one. See for privacy information.

Since everyone loved the trivia episode so much, it's only natural to do it again. Chipperson is joined by Flutesy, Kerryn and Mike Cannon in another round of riveting trivia. This is being pitched to major television networks and whatnot. See for privacy information.

Chipperson debuts a new STAR WARS trivia game that is sweeping the nation, in addition to complaining about the odor of his own unshowered bag. Xia, Anthony and Karl are amazed at Chip's knowledge. Watch as the three guests battle it out for Chipper's yumor driven BONUS LIGHTSABERS for making a good joke. Star Track is also mentioned and all guests are allowed to offer questions. A must watch for any Christopher Lee fans. See for privacy information.

Welcoming a new mental health sponsor to the show, Chipperson talks mentalness with Ian, Vos and Xia. Chip discusses his movie career and sucking Reggie's thumb. Music and foreskin are also mentioned, as well as the time Chip jumped into cactus plants. At the end, all agree they hate themselves. As they should. See for privacy information.

Fifi Dosch makes her debut and Mike Boccetti goes into full flirt mode. He also white knights a bit. Chipperson describes rectal muling and urinal mint breath fresheners. Xia mails it in with her background discusses sinning with another lady. Bryan Johnson admits to being beaten up by a one armed man. Chip debuts some timely Covid material for his arena tour See for privacy information.

Chip and Xia teach Anthony, Mike and Aaron about mental health thanks to new sponsor Better Help. Lyle remember how his Loverboy tape was burned on an unfortunate date where his underpants were soiled. Chip proves to be the perfect guy friend as Aaron shows off his manly arms much to the delight of Xia. Anthony's arms are still hummel smooth and Mike refuses to explain why he's dressed for an elk hunting trip. And speaking of elk hunting; Anthony confirms that he and Chipperson will crash Rogan's show and Chip will break Joe's chops. See for privacy information.

Gilbert Gottfriend and Anthony join Chipperson and Xia to talk threesomes. Rich Vos calls in from the car as he flees the country. Lot's of laughs are to be had, as Lyle the Puppetmaster manipulates everyone into corners of humor. Chip toots on cheeba as he tells a true story about injuring his pecka. Manscape to the rescue. Xia uses potty language, much to Chipperson's disappointment. See for privacy information.

Chipperson encourages Cumia and Quinn to do a show and offers to be the comic relief. Anderson agrees and seduces the boys with tales of Hawaii. See for privacy information.

Joe Derosa, Ron Benningon, Cristina, Xia and Daddy get into big food debates. Chipperson shows Joe how valuable he will be as a guest on his Podcast with Sal. Lots of laughter as the ladies are totally into Chip's shirt and hat ensemble. Ron praises Derosa's sandwiches, then more food debates happen. Everyone makes up at the end. See for privacy information.

Paul Virzi auditions for Chipperson and is remarkably yumorous. He seeks Chip's advice on arguing at home and discusses Lloyd Christmas. Anthony and Chip are offended by Xia's inappropriate upcoming sensooal encounter with a lady. And even more offended by her Pee Wee voice. See for privacy information.

Xia upsets Chipperson greatly by showing pictures that are inappropriate and VULGAH. Mike Cannon and Chippy talk about UFOs, Mike Calta and Bobby Kelly bring on their youngsters who are die hard Chipperson fans. See for privacy information.

Chipperson creates a new game called Angry Libs. NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Mad Libs. Zac Amico, Xia and Tony Two-Shirts join in and attempt a round of Angry Libs. Chipperson shines. Anthony's house is given a good ridiculing, picking up the baton that was so clumsily dropped by Bobby Kelly. Poor Xia is leaking out of her nose and Lyle subtly comments multiple times. Zac describes the Butthole segment, much to the chagrin of Chipperson and merriment of Cumia. According to Chipperson, this episode is a " home run and whatnot" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Chipperson is joined by Anthony, the lovely Xia, Kevin Brennan and the LEGIND Rich Vos. Richard joins in a surprise moves and entertains with salty remarks. Chipperson regales with sexy tales of face squeezing kisses and recounts the penalty for certain behaviors in Monopoly. Kevin opens up about family life. A very special episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Today, Chipperson fields dating offers from Flutesey, Kerryn and Xia. The ladies ask Chipperson what his dream date with them would be like and he delivers.The dates he describes are full of romance and sensooality. An episode chock full of sexy talk. There is love and laughter, and one of the ladies even has a wetness problem. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Chipperson is ready to go with Bobby, Xia and Rich Vos. He hasn't heard from Anthony all day. Chippy assumes Anthony has been arrested for hiding things in his rectum until Anthony surprises Chipperson by popping on! Laughs are had by all as Chipperson improves on everyone's punchlines. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY! Chip shows up with a sexy, dashing hat and Xia cannot contain herself. Chipper catches her showing her legs and promptly puts a stop to such behavior. He also proves what a great GUY FRIEND he is. Matt Iseman and Anthony join and everyone enjoys a game of SEZ YOU! Contestants answer celebrity oriented questions much to the amusement of all. In addition, all 4 talk about Valentimes Day dates, and Lyle shares about times he was done wrong by dates sleeping with waiters, or leaving him alone in a restrint. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.