The Chip Chipperson Podacast
My podacast is the best one. Wimen love it because of my yumor. Download it you peesa garbage.
Chip and Anthony are joined by Mark Normand and Aaron Berg making long awaited returns to the Podacast. Chip's mudder's friend Gertrude is discussed, as is One Day At A Time. Lyle enchants the boys with a brief slam poem and discusses his new revolutionary song, Black & White. Chip brags and displays great cockiness when discussing the TBS Tournament of Laughs, but is unable to give any spoilers. He does brag however. A lot. A really halareous episode.

At the risk of being branded braggadocios, Lyle declares himself the winner of the TBS Tournament of Laughs before it airs. Ron Bennington, Mike Bocchetti and Bob Kelly readily agree and revel in Chip's mastery of weaving humorous anecdotes. Mike Is uncomfortably close to his phone. Ron reveals tragedy that Bob mocked callously. A moving episode, yet inspirational if you are inspired by Victory.

Sam, Kerryn and Chip record a last minute podacast due to stupid Norton's travel schedule. It's a more mellow pace and Lyle really feels like a host. Chip's PRIMETIME DEBUT (which will be June 28th not June 21st) and the TBS competition is discussed, as is Cregg Schinkel's debut video, Schinkel's Conundrums. Chip almost spoils surprises, but thanks to editing, the secrets are preserved.

Bobby Kelly and Anthony help Chipper welcome Mike Calta for the first time. Mike fits right in as Lyle once again puts on his interview hat and gets to the bottom of things. Chip shares some AMAZING shows he came up with during the PanDemic (dam panic). Bobby and Anthony and Mike are in awe. Chip's pet alligator is also discussed.

Colin Quinn, Anthony and Kerryn join Lyle as he asks the questions most interviewers are afraid to ask. And while there is certainly laugher and jocularity for all, there is a depth to Chipperson's questions of Quinn that bring out the best in both men. Anthony has a hoarse voice from screaming at all hours of the night and Kerryn avoids bringing a much neeed prop. Colin also shows off a major award.

Featuring Anthony Cumia, Bob Kelly and Sue Costello Edgar began guest hosting and between him and stupid fucking Jim Norton, they didn't realize you need to tape Zoom meetings in Gallery view. So, this video quality is great, but it's on one person at a time and weird. Edgar's Game is played and is enjoyed by all, Chip of course shows up, he and Edgar argue slightly.

Anthony Cumia, Ian Fidance and Kerryn Feehan join on a HALAREOUS episode where Chip debuts his new hit game, FULLA TOMATOES! Chip reads a question and the guest has to determine if it's the truth (TRUE DAT!) or a lie (FULLA TOMATOES!). The podacast runs 1:13:00 and the 1st half hour is free on YouTube. The ENTIRE episode audio is free if you want to listen to the whole thing through.

Bert Kreisher and Chip show off their great bodies while Cristina gets all turned on looking. Sam joins to enjoy the eye candy, then Chippah gives Bert some AMAZING movie suggestions.

This week, Matt Iseman, Anthony Cumia and Bob Kelly join Chip's festival of laughter. Matt has a fun new gameshow podcast, but Chip shows off HIS new game, TAKE ME TO THE DANCE! to the amazement of all.

Featuring Anthony Cumia, Cristina and Kevin Brennan We start off with Tony Two-Videos attempting to straighten things out. Chip premiers a HALAREOUS new game show idea. Kevin has to be quiet in his bathroom. And has a heartfelt moment no one was expecting. Also a SNEAK PEAK at What Exactly is the Rain? Sure to be an emotional summer hit.

Still in isolation, Chip steals thunder with ultra-cool backgrounds. Cristina is drunk and inappropriate in her bedroom. Sam re-auditions for the show. Does he pass the test? Tune in to see!

Chip has Christina and Mark Normand And Anthony on to discuss their quarantine routines. Mark Normand walks around the city and Chip riffs off people. It's halareous.

Everyone is locked up at home and sad and in the house and as usual CHIPPER saves the day. This is the Chip Chipperson Easter Extravaganza!! Easter Sunday has Chip RESURRECTING laughter. Featuring Anthony, Kerryn and Bobby Kelly

Sue reveals her Chip Chipperson-like childhood. Adding to the hijinx, Kevin is in a particularly vile mood even for Kevin. Anthony and Cristina beg the Chippah for a mouth-watering boogie.

Chip tells a funny story about himself and Jerry Toblerone. Chip discusses his mother and Hustler Magazine. Salty language ensues. Sarah tells us what’s different about here hair and Kerryn is still miserable.

Chip cracks the whip and begins issuing demerits for improper behavior. Chrissie admits falling apart. Kerryn is sorry

Sue brings up acting and her, Fluter and Anthony get taken to school by Chippah’s skill. Chip tells the true stories of being cut out of a Quinten Terrintino movie after making it halareous.

New Year’s spectacular with a brand new catch phrase for everyone to enjoy. Robert Kelly, head of RIOTCast stops in and Lyle read him the RIOT act

A spectacular Chipmas extravaganza where nothing goes wrong

Bobby and Rich stop in and Rich enjoys chatting during the reads. Sue returns and Mike Figgs makes his first appearance. Edgar debuts on Cameo

Chip beaks down the HBO show and everyone cracks up. And everyone goes crazy over Chippah’s Christmas merch

The studio is being fixed because Chip demanded it. Everyone gets zooted smellin paint

Big A makes a triumphant return and sweeps Kerryn and Courtney off their feet. The key to Courtney’s heart is clogging the bowl, which is Big A’s specialty. Kevin and Chip tug on each other while Cristina jumps up and down.

Alice Vaughn makes her 1st appearance on the show. Chip and the gang riff funny clean jokes about her offensive crayons.

Chip and Ira charm the underpants off of 4 lovely ladies.

3 first timers appear on the episode. After careful determination, Chip comes to the conclusion that Sue is from Boston.

Mia makes her first appearance and falls in love with Chip’s charm. Flutesy attempts to sabotage things by describing anal sex. Cristina is still purseless.

Christina has her purse stolen and Chip generously helps her in return for a sexy dance. Joe Derosa makes his first appearance on the show and joins in the mockery of Cristina’s folly. Aaron shows a soft side and Kerryn is her usual viscous self.

Comedian and rapper Hung Yung Terrarist wears a sexy cloak to seduce Lyle. In a jealous rage, Flutesy puts it on hoping to steal Lyle’s see

Lyle talks about the Shane Gillis situation and teaches the gang a lesson. Kerryn obsesses over ball smell and Ryan and Kevin acknowledge the stench of their own testicles.

Aaron Berg talks about doing 25 sets in a night Lyle tells stories of doing many more. Then Chip guides the gang through some hilarious British humor

Kevin gets ROSTED and Lyle’s tweets are called high art by @artdecider. Luisa trys to buy a nude cover and MikeCannon collapsed under the crushing pressure of Chip’s burns

Karl from Who Are These Podcasts? pays tribute to the Chipper, while Anthony learns his new favorite song. Kerryn accuses Karl of having a short, fat peckah

Everyone admits watching Bailey Jay’s videos, and Chip gets big laughs making fun of Jim Norton. Flutesie and Kerryn compare dumpers and Dan decides on which of the free ladies he’ll take him. Anthony is rude and tasteless.

The wheels come off again as Chip is in mid-riff and another group of aggressive toughs storms the studio. Lyle uses his sense of humor and peepel skills to take a volatile situation and making big laughs happen for everyone

Lyle and the gang reminisce about their favorite pranks. Lyle has the funniest and best ones. As usual. A surprise guest comes in and blows the doors off the place.

Chip takes over Montreal. His risqué, sexy outfit inspires wonder as does his rapier wit. Bob, Sam and Rich are mesmerized by Lyle’s effortless conquest of our northern neighbor

Chip welcomes his new best chum, Bagel Boss Chris Morgan to the program. Chris laughs, does drugs, denounces bagels and gets every cooter in the room dripping. Lyle enjoys the dynamics between Daniel, Chris and himself. Laughter rules the day as Kerryn and Cristina get doe-eyed when they realize Chris not only yells, but he ejaculates copious amounts

Dante and Chip compare notes and cool jewelry while Luisa Flutesey contemplates receiving oral treats. Cristina and Kerryn compare mound sizes while Luis and Lyle fist bump

Zac and Bobby turn on each other while Kerryn and Cristina drool over Rob’s gay porn star haircut. Lyle winks at the camera. Then everyone talks about horror movies

Taffy and Lyle flirt and connect while Cristina gets jellis. Kevin introduces them so he is jellis to. Mark asks Chip for comedy advice.

Mason and Sarah join the podcast and Lyle gives them tips on having a healthy relationship. Mason reminisces about being on the cover of TV Guide and Kerryn reminisces about losing her virginity at the same age. Anthony tries repeatedly to kiss Mason on the lips.

Lyle leads the hilarity as Jessy and Chrissie fight over his affection. Then Jessy and Lyle fight over who has a bigger penis. Anthony judges the contest. Lyle loses. A man who was shat upon calls in.

Kevin comes on to promote an older gig and Mike was talking to Flutesy about her period and then Lyle and the gang talk to a man who had his house broken into and CLEENED

While Cristina is in Jamayca gettin davorced, Kerryn asks Lyle for a kiss while Anthony and Mark swap spit

Lyle gets cat-fished by a gerl is in Angie’s picktures and Lyle is runnin late becuz he’s fingerin a buncha feels

Mark Normand raves about Bert and Lyle is not happy. Kevin helps to make sense of the whole thing while Kerryn flicks cooter juice at Rob. Juniper Berries is discussed.

A full house for Chip to shine. Star-studded tribute and appreciation for 100 influential, halareius episodes. And Chip discusses previously unknown pets. Long live Lyle.

Kerryn looks like a buncha fire and Lyle flirts hard. A man who puts peepel in bubbles calls and Sam and Kerryn laugh at him and Lyle riffin

Kevin and Brian return to the Podacast to discuss the Notter Dayme fire. Lyle describes how he wore the Crown.

Flootist is blown away by the Mystical Magic Lady and is convinced ghosts are watching her tickle her private parts. Anthony believes none of it and Bobo proves himself to be connected to mysterious forces.

Ron Bennington comes on to get tips from the master interviewer and gets emotional under the hot lights of Chippah’s interrogation. Floostie chills and Luis and Ralph truly to explain the missing mug.

Bob Kelly begs and Lyle finally lets him back on the show. Bob almost chokes to death. Dave and Anthony return in an attempt to woo Lyle away from Riotcast. Angie reveals a fun sexy fact. Lyle’s riffing is epic

Floutseey the flutist shows up without her flute. And Uber driver and Lyle joke back and forth about their 'ride menus'. Kerryn gets sloppy in the pants sittin between Dave and Anthony.

The gang interviews a man who chews up food and spits it in the bowl before cooking it. Anthony offends him, Sam insults him, Myka hurts his ears and Lyle cracks everyone up

Angie and Lyle have a special announcement. Ira aimlessly bellows and Kerryn ruins a steam room. Shuli regales the gang with tales of shitting in the woods and almost drowning

Kerryn takes over as exec producer after Cristina is fired for looking at Chip’s peckah. Sam joins in and laughs at Lyle’s puns. Brian sweats and was late.

Angie tells an embarrassing (sexy) story from home. Kerryn is mean about it, Crissie gets all creamy, Ant and Aaron tug each other’s peckahs and Lyle saves the day with jokes

Geno Bisconte makes his debut, without Aaron Berg, who died or sumpthin. Anthony and Kerryn continue to flirt despite Kerryn dating someone with cauliflower ears

Panicky fruit Jim Norton overbooked the show, not realizing that Lile had everything under control. Lyle makes the most of it. Dave Landau makes a triumphant return, Anthony is as despicable and unredeemable as always. Kerryn is mean, Bryan and Mike are charming yet respectful to Lyle. Shannon is the breakout star of the episode, getting admittedly “sloppy down there “talking to Lyle

Lyle flirts with the CEO of a major corporation. Mark combs his asshole. A karate lady calls in and Kerryn raves about a tiny penis

Mike has penned a book and is dabbling in film work. He shows off his editorial skills as the gang tries to figure out the plot. Angie melts during Mike’s advances. Lyle leads an interview with a doctor. Technical difficulties ensue.

Lenny makes his return in the new year as Lyle and than gang discuss their hopes and dreams. Sam laughs and claps at Lyle’s irreverence. Ira laughs in all the right places.


Luis is late, Chrissie is smitten, Daniel is confused, Cristina is hopeless, and Morgan slaps everyone with her pecka

A busty lady invades the studio and attempts to entice Lyle into placing his pecka between them. Cristina is jellis, and Angie enjoys feelin up those muugs. Kerryn is kind to everyone

Cristina comes up with a plan to try and get Daddy Chipperson to move in with her.

So many people want to be around Lyle and they all show up at the same time. Bryan discusses comic books while Kerryn makes nasty remarks. Things get uncomfortable when Angie professes her love for Chip, and more uncomfortable when the banana in Natasha’s pants becomes the apple of Daniel’s eye .

Chip, Cristina, Sam and Anthony visit Boston. Chip riffs about Beantown and everyone laughs their balls off. Joined by special guests Fred Toucher and two locals who make the worst decision of their lives.

Back to LA, Xia, Jenn and Karla throw themselves at Chip. Jennifer, Chip’s ex, seethes with jellisy

Three hot girls fight over Lyle’s affection while Rob adjusts the cameras and looks handsome in his stupid hat. *SPOILER ALERT* Lyle fucks them all.

Angie, Mike, Kerryn and Lyle playfully flirt and debate partner swapping. Anthony, forgetting he was booked, boarded the LIRR line a clod.

Lyle receives guitar picks with his face on them and is overcome with emotion from the gift. They interview the man who made the custom guitar picks. Lyle leads the way as usual, while the others laugh that his observations.

In the process of reinventing himself, Lyle brings Matt Iseman on to the program as well as a former flame. The gang interviews Mary Winchenbach and discusses the 3 million uses for moose feces.

Lyle sits in conversation with Angie, Sam, Sean and Cristina. The Amazing Kreskin calls in and explains the origins of his name, much to Lyle’s delight. The chemistry between Lyle and the ladies is undeniable.

Chip and approximately 75 guests sit in a room that is too hot and accomplish nothing

New faces litter the Podacast and everyone is equally impressed with the Chipper. Angie flirts while Ali cries over her boyfriend’s understandable infidelity. Sean and Anthony fight it out fir laughs in between Chip’s killer riffs.

Chris and Yannis, the Bay Ridge Boys, show up to talk about Chip’s other Podacast, History Hyenas. Kerryn and Cristina fight over Lyle until their bosoms pop out. Ari is rude to Chip and rude to Chip’s phone guest.

Kevin brings Brian on and Brian explains what it means to be visually impaired to Lyle. Kerryn and Cristina join the fun and Ralph asks poignant questions to Paul Flart, gasser extraordinaire.

Celebrity butt plugs are all the rage and Chip riffs on them while Kevin, Mark, Bobby, Mark and Cristina laugh at his riffs.

Chip and fellow addiction specialist Randi Newton talk about Chip’s cooter addiction. Kerryn, Ant amd Chip lose to Sam because he’s cheating. And Cuddlist CEO Adam Lippin calls in and tries to Chip as a fukkin cuddle bunny.

Chip welcomes Anthony and Ira the Weatherman back. The incredibly sexy Danni Daniels joins the fun to flirt with Chip and ultimately be heartbroken by him after learning he loves his dressed-like-a-hippy producer. Anthony’s cohost, Dave Landau, passes his audition by properly paying tribute to Chip. Instagram sensation Breadface joins the show and talks about putting her face in different bread products.

Chipper and the gang talk to a lady who makes chess sets out of mice. The laughs are free glowing and easy as Lyle weaves in and out of personal tales while Anthony, Missy, Rob and Cristina laugh along

Chip and Ron and Sam all go to Montreal and Cristina brings Bobo in her luggage. A couple of doctors come on and Chip and them joke about medicine. Chip brags about his pecka size

Kerryn comes on and flirts with Chip, Cristina gets all jealous and shiznit. Mark, CHIP and Anthony make a lot of jokes about animal vests and everyone cracks up.

A potato man calls in and Chip and the gang riff and do masterful potato puns. Kevin Brennan joins in the revelry.

Chip gets the WORLD ECKXCLUSIVE on Bobo’s recerd. Wil talks about his movie. Chippah scores a leading fuggin role

Bryan Johnson from Comic Book Men joins the show with Erik Nagel and they talk to Chip about how he influenced their work. Gabby talks about her travels while she flirts and Cristina tries to justify her outfit. Sam is there just laffin and riffin with Lyle.

Chip and Nikki Morgan talk sexy while Anthony, Mark and Cristina tug their peckahs

Kendra Sunderland flirts with Chip while Joe, Sam and Anthony laugh their BALLS off.  Cristina gets all jealous when Chip licks Kendra’s tube of cooter

Anthony, Mark and Cristina interview Mike Carmichael and get to the bottom of this giant ball of paint issue. Many laughs are provided (by Chip) and Cristina flirts relentlessly.

In honor of fleet week, Chip tells tales of the high seas and keeps the gang in stitches.

Live from the AfterBuzz studios, Chip one again takes LA by storm and let’s Sam come join the fun after Sam begged to be on the Podacast. 3 hot girls get all creamy begging Chippah to choose them. Chip keeps the room thoroughly entertained.

In the midst of effortless riffing and ribbing, Lyle steadies the mood with tales of Cheetos and tennis court mishaps.

Deplorable Chip chills out and Makes America Good Alright. Lyle also steals valor to praise a fallen hero. News is covered, laughs are had by all.

Chip entertains Ralph, Lenny, Gina and Vos (until Vos is called away on a Grindr date) with his tales of military conquest.

Chip ( aka Dr Dooby) leads the way in this gut busting 4/20 celebration. Sharing 'reefer' stories with Sam Morrill, Mark Normand, Sammy Branmuffinz, Anthony Cifelli, Cristina and special guest Jen Bernstein from High Times, Lyle regales the panel with tales of being zooted

Chip and the gang return after popular demand pulls them out of retirement for a highly anticipated REBOOT. Byron Schlenker, owner of the world's widest tongue, joins Gabby, Ant, Mike and Cristina as they enjoy Chip's improv.

Chip and Sam and Bob and Christina celebrate all of chips accomplishments and talk about Easter and shiznit. Oh, and a MYSTERY PREZIDENT calls in

Chip turns a dominaitrix  on while Ant and Sam cheer him on and crack up