This Week in PhotoNews, Leisure, Hobbies, Arts
This Week in PhotoNews, Leisure, Hobbies, Arts


A weekly round up of all things photography.

  • TWiP RERUN: A Future of Photography: Pye Jirsa on AI’s Role in Post-Processing
    In this trip RERUN episode, I sit down with Pye Jirsa, the visionary behind Impossible Things and their amazing AI Lightroom Plugin.
  • TWiP 1001: The Skeptical Photographer!
    Join host Frederick Van Johnson and co-host Troy Miller for a candid discussion on ‘A.I. and the Skeptical Photographer.' In this livestream, we'll delve into the skepticism surrounding artificial intelligence in photography.
  • TWiP RERUN: A Conversation with Street Photographer Valérie Jardin
    An interview about the traveling street photographer, with Valerie Jardin.
  • Get a “Handle” on the Future!
    Larry Tiefenbrunn unveils Platypod's latest tool to revolutionize how photographers manage their camera and lighting equipment.
  • Video Editing in the Cloud, with
    I sit down with Liza Kraff, Community Manager at, to discuss the cutting-edge world of cloud-based video editing.
  • Rise of the Pro iPhoneographer!
    In this episode, we dive deep into the feasibility of using an iPhone for professional photography work.
  • Three Heads in a Row, with Kersten Luts
    A deep dive into Kersten Luts' intriguing personal project, 'Three Heads in a Row.'
  • Reddit’s Unexpected Turn: Why It Matters to You | A Chat with Redditor Jeff Greenberg
    Jeff Greenberg discusses the recent controversy surrounding Reddit's decision to start charging for access to its API.
  • The Uncertain Future of Photography, with Scott Wyden-Kivowitz
    Scott Wyden-Kivowitz from the Imagen Workflows podcast on the future of photography.
  • AI and the Retoucher
    This week, I talk AI with Pratik Naik, one of the most influential figures in high-end retouching and photography.
  • The Future of Content, with Doc Rock!
    Doc Rock shares his expertise, shedding light on how technology is revolutionizing the creative landscape.
  • The Morphing Business of Photography, with Nicole S. Young
    Nicole S. Young on how she's changing her business to align with the times.
  • From Pixels to Empowerment: Michael Sasser on AI’s Influence in Boudoir Photography
    Boudoir photographer Michael Sasser shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) in boudoir photography.
  • A Deep Dive into The Weekly 50 and the Power of Flickr
    This week I catch up with Simon Ringsmuth, the mastermind behind the Weekly 50 project.
  • Exploring the Nikon Z8: A Look at Nikon’s Newest Camera!
    Veteran wedding photographer Troy Miller chat about the newly launched Nikon Z8.
  • Inside Photoshop’s Generative AI, with Colin Smith
    Colin Smith of PhotoshopCafe discusses and demos the newest Photoshop feature — Generative AI!
  • Capturing the Stars: A Chat with Celebrity Photographer, Walid Azami
    Walid Azami shares his secrets to success in the competitive world of celebrity photography in Los Angeles
  • The Rise of Mobile Phone and Computational Photography, with Erik Kuna
    Erik Kuna of explores the future of mobile phone photography and how AI and machine learning are enhancing the capabilities of these devices.
  • Data Storage for Photographers, with Jeffrey Totaro
    Architectural photographer Jeffrey Totaro shares his experiences building a redundant, bulletproof storage solution for his high-end photography business.
  • Jesse Dittmar releases ‘Overexposed’: A Limited Edition Book of Iconic Celebrity Portraits
    Jesse Dittmar has recently released a limited-edition book titled "Overexposed," featuring 97 portraits of well-known personalities of the past decade.