Who Are These Podcasts?
Kevin and Karl offer their opinions and honest feedback on popular and not-so-popular podcasts.
This week we learn about My Little Pony and all the reasons why adults like it. It turns out the reasons are - 1) they're dumb and 2) they're not smart. Poor Kaya listened to multiple episodes thinking it would be fun... it was not. We also have an amazing Opie Radio segment this week, a discussion with Mike Safo, Opie's producer. After that we check in with Sheamus and his hot take on weather. Seriously. Bonus episodes coming soon to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/whoarethesepodcasts

This week Kaya joins the show to discuss the ramifications of the US pulling troops out of northern Syria and what that will mean for the Kurds. Not really. We actually just make fun of Justin Long for being boring and Fran Drescher for being drunk. Also, we have an update on Stuttering John in which we play a clip from his show without written permission. Can you believe it? We also check in on Opie's tribute to Carl Ruiz, listen to a rapping prostitute, and ask Kaya what it is he does for a living.

This week comedian Justin Brown joins the show to discuss an improv comedy game show. What happens when a bunch of unfunny nobodies try to make a comedy podcast? Yes, and! We also finally play the Stuttering John song parodies and check in on Steve Grillo, Artie Lange, Sheamus, Hard Men Working Hard, and Chip Chipperson.  Purchase cool sh*t: https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

This week pay tribute to Carl Ruiz. He passed way too young and we will definitely miss him. It's sad for Opie Radio and Gregg Hughes. Carl was a great broadcaster and a great friend.

This week we review the 343rd episode of a podcast that is dedicated to Scooby Doo. Think about that. Or don't, just listen to us laugh about how stupid this all is. Vinnie Paulino joins the show for a packed episode. We talk about Opie on Bubba, Opie on Instagram live, Lenny the lawyer's client, Asterios and Sriracha, and of course Sheamus's meltdown. Thanks to Jodie B. from the Po' Boys podcast for joining in the fun. We dedicate this episode to Carl Ruiz. #ruizing

This week we first travel to Turkey to pick up Kaya on our way to New Zealand. Two guys who have been told they have annoying accents make fun of Kiwis for "talking funny." Also, because they're dumb idiots who are pretending to do a movie review show. There's also a lot of talk about our buddies Mr. Melendez and Mr. Hughes along with the introduction of our new BFF Rhys. Happy birthday Rhys! https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

This week we review the only podcast in the world that discusses this specific topic - the mind of Pat Oates. This topic has one podcast too many dedicated to it if you ask me. Pat likes to sh*t on bad podcasts, so we have that in common. Cros and Doug join the show to catch up with Opie, Sheamus, John, Donald Sterling, and Band Practice Guy. I'd tell you more but I have to watch the stupid Bills now. Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

The more things change, the more they stay the same. OG cohost Kevin joins us as we praise a podcast we both enjoyed. It's hard to make a bad show when you have Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones, Moloch, and Shadowman. Also, uhhhhh Sam Tripoli uhhhh is the uhhhh host. Other topics discussed include the legal threats from Stuttering John, Opie hanging out with actual friends, Live from the 405 talking to Jim Florentine, and Butthole Weeb's interaction with the last professional broadcaster Sam Roberts.

This week we review a daily morning show for idiots. It actually pairs well with your breakfast if you like your eggs vocal fried. Andy and Andy's brother Joe join us this week to discuss Real Housewives, the deep meaning behind Taylor Swift lyrics, and of course Larry King Live. We also check in with Stuttering John because his show is so popular. We think that talking about him will help us gain listeners. Nevermind the recent appearances on Chip and Anthony Cumia, John Melendez is the meal ticket!

After a long discussion about League of Legends, we get into the real meat of this episode, MBMBaM. This is a show that's been around for about 10 years and sounds like it started getting tired 2 years in. Doug from the podcast Good Times, Great Movies joins the show to discuss terrible improv and laughing at your own jokes. We also drop in on Opie and give some updates on Stuttering John hoping to dox us, Kaya trying to ruin our show, and Band Practice Guy pitching a business venture.

Kaya from The Official Podcast and Doug from Who's Right take over the show this week. They review some podcast about crime and drinking or something. I have no idea, I haven't listened to this episode yet. But I'm told there's also an update on our friend Sheamus (Todd) and Stuttering John. I can hardly wait.

YouTubers get drunk and embarrass themselves for two hours. Sounds like a terrible premise for a show, right? Yes! That is right. This is a disaster of a podcast. Cros joins the show and for some reason Doug and Kaya make cameo appearances. We also chat about our buddy Stuttering John, our good friend Opie, and our favorite comedian/podcast guest Vic Henley. This episode is almost better than BAAAANNND PRACTICE! Merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

We can't get enough of Todd here on WATP. This week we talk to Branden from What the Doc?! about podcasting with mega-celebrity Sheamus McKillian, aka Todd, aka the long and short of it. We also review one of his 14 podcasts that has already been turned into a different podcast. Cros and Doug (from Who's Right) join us as well. There's no discussion about Opie this week (sorry) but we do bring up the Isotopes a bit. So there's that.

This week we listen to two women talk about how amazing they both are. Unfortunately, no one acknowledges the elephants in the room.  Dick Masterson joins the show to discuss many topics: Nicole Byer (who assaulted him once), planets, Maddox's last podcast, Crippled Jesus's show, Opie's porn preferences, and butthurt karaoke fans. Thanks to Crippled Jesus for coming on! Sorry Had. Check out dick.show! Buy merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

I'm not sure if you knew this, but back when there were video rental stores, they would also rent out video games. There was a store somewhere in New England that started renting NES games in 1988. I know, it's exciting. I don't think I have to say anything more, you can't wait to listen to this podcast. Vinnie Paulino (@VinniePaulino) joins us this week to chat about video game nerds, Opie, Stuttering John, and karaoke. Kaya joins us at some point too.  Buy merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

People who think that higher education is overpriced and potentially a scam need only to listen to these collegiate brainiacs. They'll learn ya. Doug from Who's Right and Cros from nothing you've ever heard of join the show to suffer through this trainwreck of a podcast.  We also catch up on Opie Radio, revisit the Comedy Button, and listen to people praise last week's episode. We have lots of new merch - http://bit.ly/watp-merch

This week we experiment with a new show format. Kevin is in studio for the first time along with Cros, Chris, and Jen. We revisit our friend Sheamus McKillian. He might be the worst podcaster ever. But in his defense, podcasting is still relatively new. There's no Dave Landau on the show this week. In case you were wondering. He's not on it.

This week we have Kaya and Andeeee join to discuss a boring podcast that has a lot of boring fans. Reply All is an over-produced show that offers zero entertainment value. Also, this is the week that Opie finally breaks down the fourth wall concerning his split with Westwood One. The honest podcaster finally tells us everything. We also play voicemails, read reviews, listen to Jim Florentine, and discuss some shitty tech pod out of Detroit. I'd say "and much more" but I think that actually covers it.

This week we dive deep into the Illuminati and secret societies. Okay, that's less than accurate. We make fun of a woman who sucks at reading wikipedia pages. But we're not one-dimensional, we also make fun of her for being dumb. Doug from Good Times, Great Movies makes his WATP debut to discuss dumb podcast hosts, Gregg Hughes, Jackie Martling, Jim Florentine, Kaya, some show from Australia, and the Chrissie Mayr debacle. Check out a live taping of Doug's show: http://www.phillypodfest.com/schedule

This is an interesting week. Vinnie Paulino joins the show... Chrissie Mayr tries to. We talk about Mike and Jules David and their show Red Bar Radio. This is definitely going to piss off all 17 of their listeners. We also get an update on Opie, play the latest cringe of the week, and totally fail at the teaser segment. Enjoy! Please support our sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we play our appearance on The Dick Show with Dick Masterson. While you're listening to this I'm at a punk rock show in Columbus, Ohio.  This show is about a podcast that Maddox is currently creating. We'll be back next week to discuss other things (Opie).  https://thedickshow.com/

Every single stand-up comedian has a podcast. Every single one. I've listened to most of them. It turns out, the ability to write and perform jokes in front of an audience does not translate to podcasting in any single way.  This week Cros joins the show to prove Bert Kreischer is terrible at podcasting. We also tackle Opie's float tank adventure, No Agenda making fun of Opie, Stuttering John's Howard Stern exclusive, and multiple cringes. Happy Memorial Day, kisses.

Remember that spaz kid from SleepyCast? He's back with a show where he interviews YouTube intellectuals. If you put zero value on your time, you're going to love this show! Kaya is back to talk about the Official Podcast using WATP's and Who's Right's voicemail lines, Opie Radio, Boomers, eating fast food on podcasts, and the future of WATP (live streaming to five people).  Check out our website: http://whoarethese.com/ Or this site: https://soundcloud.com/theofficialpodcast

This week we review a show that's beloved by Mommies everywhere. It's the super edgy (zzzzz) Your Mom's House with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. I haven't heard content this riveting since we reviewed Sleep with Me.  Comedian Justin Brown, a self-confessed Mommy, joins us to discuss the show's evolution and explain that it used to be good. I guess anything's possible. We also chat about Opie, Alex Jones, those Canadians who run our Insta page, and Kaya's sister. Are you not entertained?

This week we have a very exciting episode that totally is not filler at all. Why would you say that?  Dave Landau is mentioned. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show. We talk about Luis J. Gomez, Opie, Kaya from the Official Podcast, and someone else. Wait, I'm forgetting the other topic of conversation. Oh right, Chrissie Mayr. She's the "comedian" who was going to cohost but then bailed and lied about a scheduling conflict. Kisses!

This week we listen to a show that talks about cartoons. Not cartoons that you enjoy or care about, all the other ones. Digibro makes his WATP debut and gets very meta. There's a lot going on right now. We address the people who are pretending to be WATP, No Agenda ripping us off, Cum Town doing an impression of me, Opie admitting his show sucks, and a show that reviewed WATP. I think there's other stuff too.

For the first time ever, a podcast host threatened us with violence if we didn't review his show. That was motivating. Doug joins us to discuss one of Luis J. Gomez's shows. The one that's not very good. We also discuss Opie, Alex Jones talking about us, our appearance on the Dickheads Podcast, Boomer Guy vs. Kaya, and (unfortunately for Doug) much more.

We're taking this week off but not before we play next week's teaser. And it's a WATP first! In the meantime, enjoy a classic episode... or don't.

Former Howard Stern Show intern Steve Grillo used to suck at warming up a baked potato for Howard. But that was years ago. Nowadays he's sucking at so much more. Especially podcasting. This is a show where a bunch of people who used to work together in a restaurant talk about working together in a restaurant while a puppet interjects with completely unfunny quips. Hand to God. Cros and Kevin team up this week to talk about Sal Mannila, Opie Radio, Michael Rapaport, Yakov Smirnoff, Disgraceland, & more.

It's WATP vs. YouTube! Well, not really. It's just us talking about six guys who play video games better than average. Kaya from the Official Podcast joins us to talk about Apex Legends, Fortnite, and whatever.  We also get into The Dick Show ripping us off, Opie's Yelp reviews, Cringe of the Week, and voicemails. Wait, did I just promote voicemails? That's a typo.  Support Deep Discount: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we explore the wits of half-wits. It's a show that sounds a lot like listening to your aunt and uncle play Cards Against Humanity with their stoner friends.  Adam joins the show from New Orleans to like add some like cajun spice. And I know there are some people who just scan this description looking for the word "Opie." Good news, we chat a lot about Opie Radio, there's an update on Sheamus, and a brand new Cringe of the Week. Cheers! Support our sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we talk about people who are talking about the Simpsons. Well, they talk mostly about themselves, but they disguise it as a show about the Simpsons. Doug & Cros politely pretend to be interested in this week's podcast, then the real fun begins. We discuss the stand up set that was performed by Sheamus McKillian of Chewed Gum. Doing stand up comedy for the first time is hard, but this guy makes it seem impossible. We also play audio from the roast battle that was plugged on last week's show.

This week we listened to a show out of Portland that thinks it's on the radio. It is not. But good news for them, they have listeners in multiple countries and Indianapolis.  Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to chat about Greg and Sarah, Opie and Carl, and Joe and Alex. There might even be other things, who knows. Visit DeepDiscount.com: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

Do you like the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno? Are you bummed because you're not one of the hosts? Well here's an idea, copy everything about it and put out your own rip-off version. The only problem is Fangasm already did that. Kevin and Andy join the show to discuss this trainwreck of a podcast as well as our recent appearance on Dick's show, Opie and Vic Henley hanging at Gebhard's, Sheamus's stand up, and the fail of the week.  Support our awesome sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we talk Dr. Phil with Dick Masterson. Dick was on the Dr. Phil Show back in, what we call, the day. Get ready for some self help mumbo jumbo. We learn that you should improve yourself while judging other people. There's nothing I don't agree with. We also force Dick to listen to The Biggest Problem in the Universe, episode 77 (the one he wasn't on). I owe him one after this.  Remember to buy movies and shows here: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP and use promo code WATP15.

This week we don't talk about just one sh*tty podcast, we're reviewing three very, very sh*tty podcasts. Doug (from the Who's Right Podcast) and Cros (from right down the street) join us to discuss Chewed Gum, a show that supposedly provides critical reviews of TV shows and movies. It's about time someone did this! We also discuss Opie and his big interview with Bruce Willis, the Ron Burgundy podcast that shouldn't exist, and podcast feuds no one knew existed.  Promo code WATP15: http://bit.ly/DD-WAT

Three guys make jokes about Nazis then immediately get uncomfortable about it and talk about 90s sitcom Home Improvement instead. As I type this, this show ranks as the 8th most popular comedy show on iTunes (177 places higher than the Official Podcast). Kaya joins the show to discuss Nazis, edgelords, Hannah Gadsby (the Opie of standups), Boomer Guy, and more.  Support the show (if you feel inclined): https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts

This week Vinnie joins us to reminisce about the Don and Mike Show. We both remember it being a good show but after listening to what Mike O'Meara and Robb Spewak are doing now, it seems implausible. Wacky voices, fake laughter, boring anecdotes, the mailbag - this show has it all... wrong. Opie tells, and then explains, the worst joke he’s ever attempted. We also hear from Scorch, Dorkles, Boomer Guy, and Steve Martin. 15% off Deep Discount with code: WATP15 http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

We're taking this week off so why not revisit an episode that was online for about a week before being taken down? After playing a couple of new voicemails, we join Karl and Doug from way back in March of 2018. WATP was different back then. Instead of talking about Opie we mostly talked about a woman who was threatening a lawsuit and arena rock bands. I'll say it again, thank God for Opie! Buy merch: https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts Buy movies: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

Cornballs + uncontrollable laughter + piss troughs = Citation Needed. Cros walked 1.9 miles through a snowstorm (literally) to join us and discuss how god awful these atheists are at podcasting. We also had the debut of Chris the producer. It was a successful debut if the objective was to get the hosts drunk on tequila and make the second half of the show a slur-fest.  We also talk about Opie's Instagram video, Opie's podcast, the ladies from TCGA, and some new voicemails.

If you like shows where a bunch of dudes all yell over each other while discussing penetration with cartoon candy, you might want to skip this episode. Andy and I were not impressed.  After pushing through the audio assault that is the SleepyCabin Podcast, we hit on a number of other important topics. We find out what's new with Stuttering John, listen to some voicemails, find out that Opie is dumber than we thought, and give everyone an update on our budding relationship with Carl Ruiz.

Ethan and Hila Klein are YouTube celebrities trying to interview actual celebrities. The result is exachee what you'd think. Kaya from the Official Podcast joins the show and points out that one of the two hosts (cough) Hila (cough) has a microphone in front of her for no apparent reason. We also talk about a recent mention on No Agenda, flat earthers, WATP ep. 88, Ancient Aliens guy, and of course Opie Radio. It's almost too delicious to believe my friend.

This week Kevin and Janel's dad join us to discuss the likeyest, most vocal fryiest podcast we've ever heard. This show is the perfect example of everything wrong with podcasts and podcasters, and so is This Could Get Awkward. After listening to the word "like" 418 times, we check in on Opie going on the Brother Wease show, listen to Sam Roberts' response to WATP, and check in on some new voicemails from upstanding citizens.

This week we listen to the worst professional broadcaster, Sam Roberts, read through his WWE fan fiction. This is a podcast that is hosted by a professional radio personality & not just some teenage boy in his bedroom... I think. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to discuss The Official Podcast's official response, Opie's drunken rant about Ant & Jimmy, and Opie's road trip to Rochester. Also, Carl Ruiz comes up with a new nickname for the city of Buffalo. I'll give you three guesses.

This week we review one of my all-time favorite podcasts, TBPITU, featuring hosts Maddox and Dick Masterson. Heads up, things might get confusing because joining us to analyze the show is Dick! We take a deep dive into Dick's old show, take a peek at what Maddox is doing currently, discuss appearing on bonus episodes of other podcasts, and talk about talking about pro wrestling. It's a marathon. If I was a smart podcaster I would have turned this into a two parter. Sh*t, why did I just think of that now?

Barstool Sports has been synonymous with average sports talk for years. But they realized something was missing. And that something was apparently... skanks. Well, problem solved. Cros and Anndeee join the show this week to review a painful-to-listen-to d*ck tease show. We also update everyone on how terrible Stuttering John's career is going and, of course, hang out at Gebhard's with Opie and the gang.

Dax Shepard used to be on a TV show with Ashton Kutcher, who's much more famous than him. He's married to Kristen Bell, who's much more famous than him. He hosts a podcast, that is somehow much more famous than him. Adam from the MHOG podcast joins the show for the first time to riff on Dax, Opie, and the Official Podcast's response to WATP's review of their show. Plus, we talk sh*tting at work. http://whoarethese.com  http://bit.ly/DD-WATP https://www.mhogpodcast.com

This week we listen to The Official Podcast and try to answer questions like "what are they even talking about?" and "does that make any sense?" After coming to zero conclusions on why this is a popular show, we chat about a recent Maddox episode and play a voicemail from a celebrity.  Kevin joins the show along with the guy who talks about ancient aliens on the History Channel and the drummer from Metallica. Yakov Smirnoff couldn't make it.

Ready for spooky ghost stories? Ready for a show with compelling hosts who can mix humor in with the paranormal effortlessly? Ready for high-end voice talent? Swing and a miss, strike three. Doug is back to help us dismantle this garbage podcast. Also, Opie learns how to pronounce his cohost's name, Bonnie McFarlane calls in, and we read recent five-star reviews.  https://whosrightpodcast.com/ http://whoarethese.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WhoAreThesePodcasts/

It's the long awaited return of Cros and he does not disappoint. We discuss Amy Schumer's podcast, a show that would be more appropriately titled: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  We revisit a music/true crime podcast that Cros is responsible for us reviewing in the first place. Then we get to the big controversy of the day - Opie uploading a video to call out Joe Rogan. Dick Masterson takes shit from a cat lover, Karl buys a slide whistle, and much much more this week!