Who Are These Podcasts?
Kevin and Karl offer their opinions and honest feedback on popular and not-so-popular podcasts.
If you don't want to watch your wife or gf have sex with other men while humiliating you, there's something wrong with you. You haven't experienced true love in your life. Get help. Go see a professional. Kaya joins us this week to provide his European perspective on being a cuck. We also listen to songs from the Jingles Department and Hard Men Working Hard, we check in on Opie, we wonder who will be Stuttering John's next guest, and I torture Kaya for no good reason.

Brent Hatley used to have segments on the Howard Stern Show that would gross everyone out as he talked about him and his wife having sex with random strangers. Howard somehow made him interesting enough to be a regular segment for years. When he started his own show the novelty wore off about thirty minutes in to episode number 1.  Andeee and I did way too much prep, I hope you have some time to kill. Support us: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon Support Lindsey: https://onlyfans.com/violetvoltt

This week we listen to comedians laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. It's a podcast about drafting things for a fantasy league that doesn't exist. It's a fantasy fantasy league.  Vinnie joins the show and we get him caught up on all of the important things going on in the WATP universe - Tom Myers' response, Stuttering John's legit drama with former cohost Noel Casler, Opie's new pathetic show format, Patrick Michael's legal threat, PJ's new song, & Crippled Jesus' take on our previous guest host.

Radio veterans out of Boston embarrass themselves trying to figure out how to podcast. GaS Digital owner and syndicated radio host Ralph Sutton joins to explain why they suck at podcasting and to offer some much needed advice on how not suck so much. We also talk about the current state of Opie's terrible podcast and Stuttering John's continued failures. Stick around until the end for the Vic porno mashup. Use promo code watp for the best in men’s junk grooming - https://www.manscaped.com/

Get ready for some sweet MMA talk on this week's episode. UFC fighter Sugar O'Malley is the cohost of this podcast that for some reason, doesn't really talk MMA at all. Instead it's about (badass) stretching, penis size, and grocery shopping. Nice Doug returns to discuss The Tammy Pescatelli Show featuring both Opie and Stuttering John. Plus, Patrick Michael is behind the paywall, Tom Myers starts a twitter battle, Chrissie Mayr still sucks, and Vic tries stand up.  http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Tom Myers fancies himself both a comedian and a political commentator. He is neither. Fortunately for him, he was able to find a dozen other hacks who spent way too much time listening to NPR and patting themselves on the back for it. Having too much production doesn't cover up the fact that you can't execute a single funny joke. Come for Tom Myers, but stick around for the cripple fight! Support us: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

I know what you're thinking, there's just not enough things in this world to be outraged about. We need get really fired up about something trivial and possibly made up. Well good news, this week we discuss "linguistic discrimination." Andeee joins the show to run through Howard Stern in black face, why Opie hates Howard, Chris D'Elia being a creep, Brendan Schaub's reaction, Stuttering John getting hacked, and much more.  Support us and get bonus episodes: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Pat Oates makes his WATP debut (kinda) and immediately regrets it. We review a improv comedy style show that is both ill-conceived and poorly executed.  We also have the guys from Sh*tty Song of the Week on to discuss a podcast called sCumtown. And if I'm not mistaken, Stuttering John and Patrick Michael are discussed as well. FYI, yes I have a new mic. https://www.youtube.com/user/patoates Bonus episodes - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Who's ready for some juicy celebrity gossip? Well, unfortunately, what passes for gossip these days is someone unfollowing someone else on Instagram. Either Perez has lost his fastball or famous people have become extremely boring. What's not boring is our guest co-host, Larry Bleidner! We talk about Perez's Richard Simmons impression, Kimberly and Beck getting fired so fired, Stuttering John not stuttering, Patrick Michael's glory day, and Pat Oates giving us credit for making him a better person.

A couple of guys on crappy microphones in cavernous rooms talk about random nothingness and prove to have zero wit. The good news is, no one listens to their show or donates money or buys their merch. Oh wait, f*ck, nevermind. There is no good news. Doug from Who's Right is back to discuss Youtubers making podcasts, Opie talking to his dozens of fans, Stuttering John burning more bridges than the rioters have burned cities, and an introduction to Black Todd.  ttp://bit.ly/watp-patreon

A couple of lads from the UK have a show about poop. Digi-nee and I totally disagree about the quality of this show. Then, spoiler, turns out Digi lost interest 10 minutes in and barely paid attention after that. We touch on a few important topics on this episode. Opie is jelly of Joe Rogan, Alex Jones is ready to team up with Joe and go to war, Stuttering John sucks at broadcasting, and Patrick Michael talks for an hour about how he didn't do something that would have been cool.

A mediocre musician turned mediocre comedian hosts a podcast, and no, I'm not describing myself. Dean Delray, a man who leaves a trail of name droppings everywhere he goes, talks about himself to people who are more successful than he is. Cros joins this jam packed episode to unveil a brand new song he "wrote," listen to more songs from listeners (spoiler: PJ kills it!), check in on Opie, and discover a podcast hosted by huge fans of WATP. Also, a surprise guest comes on to chat about Stuttering John.

NPR has put out a podcast that will help you get through this pandemic. The experts give amazing advice like "get some sleep" and "eat healthy food." Dynamite content. Bryan Johnson, host of the podcast Tell 'em Steve-Dave, makes his WATP debut. We talk to him about 8 year-old podcast hosts, Stuttering John's vehicular situation, Opie recording in a wind tunnel, and hilarious April Fools pranks. Oh yea, Andeeee drops in too. Support: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon https://www.tellemstevedave.com/

This week we review a show featuring three guys who waste Kyle Gass's time. If you like the clips we played, I think they have a Patreon where you can support them. I'm pretty sure. Jen joins the show this week to discuss using visual content on a podcast, after parties, Stuttering John having his internet disconnected, Doug from GTGM doing interviews for some reason, Alex Jones losing his mind for reelz this time, Bob Saget's bad podcast idea, and everyone's love for u/faubalicious!

The description of this show starts with "Curiosity hasn't killed these cats... yet." So you can bet you're in for a humdinger of a time with these good-natured southern belles. Oops, you lost that bet.  Vinnie comes on the show to discuss reading wiki pages on true crime podcasts, his new found love of White Claws, streaming the Peepod podcast, Opie's Vic Henley tribute, and Patrick Michael talking sh*t.  Support: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we listen to a self-help guru and content marketing wizard, Jerry Banfield. When you become awesome at living life, it's important to share all of your secrets with others. Kaya joins the show to finally learn how to make money off the internet. We also check in with Joe Biden, Patrick Michael, Sheamus McKillian, Todd, Glitch Fredberg, and Stuttering F*ckface. Support us: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Happy Easter Peeps! Get ready for magic and adventure, it’s a show about Dungeon & Dragons! “Nice” Doug joins us to explain how you should make a podcast where adults play D&D. Good luck with that. We check in on Patrick Michael’s newest podcast and his latest stand up set. Also, we break down Howard Stern’s new podcast. If you make it to the review and voicemail segment, I apologize for the echo. I have a feeling Vic doesn’t own headphones. Live show April 17th at 8p EST. https://theisot

It's an episode 200 extravaganza!! This star-studded line-up only happens once every couple of years. I'm talking Andeeee, Crotyws, Vic... the list goes on! Aside from making fun of ourselves, we also learn that Patrick Michael has become a big celebrity, Opie is using the pandemic to get listeners, and everyone is bored of Stuttering John.  Want Vic's cell number? http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson host a podcast about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. And real estate prices in LA, renting cars, are you smarter than a fifth grader, Chrissie Mayr... it's not quite as advertised.  Andy joins us as we break down this mediocre show, Todd's embarrassing new stand up video, PJ's new song, Opie's parenting skills, and NPR shows without an audience.  Support us please: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week, Chrissie Mayr has her best performance on WATP to date. We listen to her brand new podcast where she asks mundane questions to people you've never heard of in order to accomplish nothing whatsoever. I know some people are quarantined and depressed, I urge you to not seek out the source material. Cros is back to break down the big news with Stuttering John - the mentally challenged hasbeen finally realized he was getting trolled by Vince. Bummer.  http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we have Royce and Mike from Revenge of the Cis on to chat about Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, John Melendez, and Opie. What do those four people all have in common? They all pretend to create comedy podcasts. Support our show: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon Check out ROTC: https://revengeofthecis.com/

Dennis Rodman is terrible at talking and communication in general. He also hosts a podcast. Our buddy Doug from Who's Right joins the show to try to "guess what" Dennis is saying.  In this episode we do not talk about Stuttering John and his new cohost Vince so don't bother listening to this if you're either of those guys. We do talk about Opie, Vic Henley, and Sheamus though. http://bit.ly/watp-patreon https://whosright.libsyn.com/

This week we find ourselves listening to T.I. interview a famous actress. Well, I guess "interview" is too strong a word. These people find ways to put words together that communicate nothing, you know what I'm saying? Vinnie joins the show as we discuss Stuttering John's latest legal threats to our friends at Revenge of the Cis, Stuttering John's appearance on Artie Lange's podcast four years ago, guys who give Opie career advice, and a podcast made for dogs.  Support us: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we review a podcast hosted by witches and featuring guests who are either part-time witches or proponents of witches. As you may have already guessed, these are some dumb and broken women.  Cros joins the show this week to analyze the witches' psychological disorders, Stuttering John's legal threats, Sheamus and Carly's relationship, my inability to pronounce words correctly, and Whitney Cumming's terrible podcasting skills.  Support us: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

I went to a Ween show in NYC last night. I woke up this morning hungover. I traveled back to Rochester in the AM then recorded this podcast. I'm just saying. Jen from the Jingles Department is back to discuss Opie, Wease, Stuttering John, and Jim Florentine. Also, PJ, Doug White, and Vic are awesome. Support the show: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we review a podcast by incels, for incels. Two guys who are ugly inside and out can't get laid and blame everything but themselves.  I learned so much this week, I can't wait to forget it all. Jen from the Jingles Department is back to laugh at these guys (which I'm sure will change their minds on how terrible all females are). We also breakdown Patrick Michael's audition for WATP, Stuttering John's standup tour, and our controversial new segment with Vic.  http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

We're changing it up a bit this week, Doug and Kaya are taking over the show. They discuss a podcast featuring pedophiles who are "open" about their mental illness.  I believe there are other annoying podcasters featured as well. I'm looking forward to listening to it myself.  Check out Doug's show - https://whosrightpodcast.com/ Check out Kaya's show - https://soundcloud.com/theofficialpodcast Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Remember Kevin Allison from that show The State? Me neither. I do, however, remember Michael Ian Black, David Wain, Michael Showalter, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, and Joe Lo Truglio. Unfortunately none of those people have anything to do with this terrible podcast hosted by Kevin Allison. Andeeee joins the show to recap Delvin Cox's interview with Patrick Michael, Opie's clickbait episode, and Stuttering John's ongoing failures as a podcaster and person.

The guy from That 70's Show who isn't a scientologist/rapist is doing something even worse, making a boring podcast. We listened to an episode where they write and perform slam poetry. It's like they're daring people to listen. Vinnie Paulino joins the show and offers his thoughts on Opie, Yakov Smirnoff, Artie Lange's interview style, Tim Sabean's beef with Howard Stern, and Patrick Michael's opinions of our reviews. Support the show and get bonus episodes - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

David Lee Roth is putting out advertisements for his shows in Las Vegas. He calls these advertisements a podcast. For this reason, we are legally obligated to review it. Cros joins the show and we quickly learn about his complex feelings towards DLR. We also talk about Erock talking about Opie, Opie talking about Jim, Jim talking about Opie, Opie talking about Howard, Howard talking about Imus... Stuttering John finds new ways to fail, PJ & Cros have new songs, Australia's on fire and the Bills lost.

Doug from Who's Right battles Nice Doug from Good Times, Great Movies to determine who has the slightly less awful podcast. Who won? Send us your votes. There's a lot going on in this episode. Patrick Michael knows a guy who attended a Primus show, Rich Vos is asked a hard-hitting question, Opie Radio becomes the Opie and Creamy Show, Stuttering John buys an XLR cable and cat food, Drew Lane discovers WATP, and Vic has very smooth elbows. All this and more! Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we review Todd Pettengill (from the Scott and Todd Show) on his new podcast, Hey Todd! Erik Nagel (former Opie & Anthony producer) joins us and knows way too much about Todd’s show, Todd’s history, and radio in general. It was nice having a cohost on who actually knows things about stuff! Refreshing even. We break format to talk to both Erock and Mike Safo about Opie’s future. We also review Stuttering John’s embarrassing YouTube interview with Jason Ellis. And Vic comes on at the end.

TDS is a controversial show run by white supremacists. Well, that's just one opinion. Maybe they're just joking and it's all simply super edgy comedy. Yea, I'm sure that's what it is. All the k-bombs and n-bombs are all in good fun. Kaya from the Official Podcast joins us as we talk about the ZOG, gay-ops, Stuttering John's new low, the obsession with Vic, and much, much more.  Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

There are certain cities that have well-known comedy scenes - New York, Boston, Chicago, LA. Not on that list is Salt Lake City. This week we get a glimpse into Utah's "comedy" "scene." Nice Doug joins the show to discuss Opie putting out terrible two year old audio as a podcast, Opie's new producer Creamy Butters, Patrick Michael's two-person monologue, Cum Town, Howard Stern, TACS, and No Agenda.  Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon Support Doug's thing - https://goodtimesgreatmovies.com/

This week we listen to SJWs get lectured for not being SJW enough for an SJW. Joey Clift was concerned that his appearance on this podcast could end his career. God I hope so. Andy joins the show this week and listens to an entire episode of Opie Radio (sorry Andy) and an entire episode of the Stuttering John Podcast (again, sorry Andy). We also talk about No Agenda and my brother calls in.  Support the show if you feel like it (and get exclusive episodes): http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

If you thought last week's show sounded terrible, wait until you hear the podcast we review this week. Two "musicians" create a podcast and have no idea how to record it properly. I'm not sure how it's even possible. Digibro joins us in-studio to discuss comedy music, Opie, Sean the audio engineer, and my terrible set-up. Check out his show: https://anchor.fm/conrad-collins Support WATP: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we bring in Andy to talk about Pauly Shore, Gallagher, and watermelons. Surprisingly watermelons are the only one that aged well. I messed up the microphone setting so we’re a bit overmodulated. Oops, I Opie’d this one. Also on the show, the Fighter and the Kid talk about boomers, Opie proves once again he’s a piece of sh*t, Stuttering John makes a big announcement, and Sam Tripoli needs our help. Support the show so we can get better equipment and stop failing: http://bit.ly/watp-patr

The podcast we review this week asks the important question: Where were you when you first heard about the concept of being non-binary? Dick Masterson and I give you the answer... who cares! After we discuss the importance of pronouns (the most important thing in the world) we check in with what Maddox, er, I mean, George is up to. Turns out, his jaw is dropping while watching Godzilla fight scenes.  Check out Dick's show: https://thedickshow.com/ Support WATP: http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

For some reason, there are numbnuts that spend days in the wilderness for "fun" and we reviewed their show. It's literally about how to make your backpack lightweight. It's exactly as thrilling as it sounds. The great Jim Florentine joined us this week to rip on hiking as well as the latest offerings from our friend Patrick aka Sheamus McTodd.  Definitely check out Jim's show, it's hilarious - http://riotcast.com/jimflorentine Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

Cynical a-holes who hate everything complain about people who create art. And this week, those a-holes are reviewing Your Favorite Band Sucks. Both Doug and Anthony from the Who's Right podcast join the show to agree with YFBS while simultaneously hating everything they have to say. We also talk about Opie going to the west coast to continue his Carl Ruiz exploitation tour. And there are updates on Sheamus, Stuttering John, and the No Sleep podcast. Weee!  Support WATP - http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we review a show that's not very popular but is exactly as popular as it should be. Meet Ryan, a good Christian boy who's just trying to figure out how to balance a life of not getting laid and gator walks. Ryan explains what to look for in a girl and I'm pretty sure I saw Cros scribbling some notes.  We also discuss Canadian state-sponsored comedy, Sheamus's oral sex preference, Opie on the Carl Ruiz tribute tour, 2 Live Crew, and new Mastodon vs. old Mastodon.  http://bit.ly/watp-patreon

This week we learn about My Little Pony and all the reasons why adults like it. It turns out the reasons are - 1) they're dumb and 2) they're not smart. Poor Kaya listened to multiple episodes thinking it would be fun... it was not. We also have an amazing Opie Radio segment this week, a discussion with Mike Safo, Opie's producer. After that we check in with Sheamus and his hot take on weather. Seriously. Bonus episodes coming soon to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/whoarethesepodcasts

This week Kaya joins the show to discuss the ramifications of the US pulling troops out of northern Syria and what that will mean for the Kurds. Not really. We actually just make fun of Justin Long for being boring and Fran Drescher for being drunk. Also, we have an update on Stuttering John in which we play a clip from his show without written permission. Can you believe it? We also check in on Opie's tribute to Carl Ruiz, listen to a rapping prostitute, and ask Kaya what it is he does for a living.

This week comedian Justin Brown joins the show to discuss an improv comedy game show. What happens when a bunch of unfunny nobodies try to make a comedy podcast? Yes, and! We also finally play the Stuttering John song parodies and check in on Steve Grillo, Artie Lange, Sheamus, Hard Men Working Hard, and Chip Chipperson.  Purchase cool sh*t: https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

This week pay tribute to Carl Ruiz. He passed way too young and we will definitely miss him. It's sad for Opie Radio and Gregg Hughes. Carl was a great broadcaster and a great friend.

This week we review the 343rd episode of a podcast that is dedicated to Scooby Doo. Think about that. Or don't, just listen to us laugh about how stupid this all is. Vinnie Paulino joins the show for a packed episode. We talk about Opie on Bubba, Opie on Instagram live, Lenny the lawyer's client, Asterios and Sriracha, and of course Sheamus's meltdown. Thanks to Jodie B. from the Po' Boys podcast for joining in the fun. We dedicate this episode to Carl Ruiz. #ruizing

This week we first travel to Turkey to pick up Kaya on our way to New Zealand. Two guys who have been told they have annoying accents make fun of Kiwis for "talking funny." Also, because they're dumb idiots who are pretending to do a movie review show. There's also a lot of talk about our buddies Mr. Melendez and Mr. Hughes along with the introduction of our new BFF Rhys. Happy birthday Rhys! https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

This week we review the only podcast in the world that discusses this specific topic - the mind of Pat Oates. This topic has one podcast too many dedicated to it if you ask me. Pat likes to sh*t on bad podcasts, so we have that in common. Cros and Doug join the show to catch up with Opie, Sheamus, John, Donald Sterling, and Band Practice Guy. I'd tell you more but I have to watch the stupid Bills now. Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/who-are-these-podcasts

The more things change, the more they stay the same. OG cohost Kevin joins us as we praise a podcast we both enjoyed. It's hard to make a bad show when you have Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones, Moloch, and Shadowman. Also, uhhhhh Sam Tripoli uhhhh is the uhhhh host. Other topics discussed include the legal threats from Stuttering John, Opie hanging out with actual friends, Live from the 405 talking to Jim Florentine, and Butthole Weeb's interaction with the last professional broadcaster Sam Roberts.

This week we review a daily morning show for idiots. It actually pairs well with your breakfast if you like your eggs vocal fried. Andy and Andy's brother Joe join us this week to discuss Real Housewives, the deep meaning behind Taylor Swift lyrics, and of course Larry King Live. We also check in with Stuttering John because his show is so popular. We think that talking about him will help us gain listeners. Nevermind the recent appearances on Chip and Anthony Cumia, John Melendez is the meal ticket!

After a long discussion about League of Legends, we get into the real meat of this episode, MBMBaM. This is a show that's been around for about 10 years and sounds like it started getting tired 2 years in. Doug from the podcast Good Times, Great Movies joins the show to discuss terrible improv and laughing at your own jokes. We also drop in on Opie and give some updates on Stuttering John hoping to dox us, Kaya trying to ruin our show, and Band Practice Guy pitching a business venture.

Kaya from The Official Podcast and Doug from Who's Right take over the show this week. They review some podcast about crime and drinking or something. I have no idea, I haven't listened to this episode yet. But I'm told there's also an update on our friend Sheamus (Todd) and Stuttering John. I can hardly wait.

YouTubers get drunk and embarrass themselves for two hours. Sounds like a terrible premise for a show, right? Yes! That is right. This is a disaster of a podcast. Cros joins the show and for some reason Doug and Kaya make cameo appearances. We also chat about our buddy Stuttering John, our good friend Opie, and our favorite comedian/podcast guest Vic Henley. This episode is almost better than BAAAANNND PRACTICE! Merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

We can't get enough of Todd here on WATP. This week we talk to Branden from What the Doc?! about podcasting with mega-celebrity Sheamus McKillian, aka Todd, aka the long and short of it. We also review one of his 14 podcasts that has already been turned into a different podcast. Cros and Doug (from Who's Right) join us as well. There's no discussion about Opie this week (sorry) but we do bring up the Isotopes a bit. So there's that.

This week we listen to two women talk about how amazing they both are. Unfortunately, no one acknowledges the elephants in the room.  Dick Masterson joins the show to discuss many topics: Nicole Byer (who assaulted him once), planets, Maddox's last podcast, Crippled Jesus's show, Opie's porn preferences, and butthurt karaoke fans. Thanks to Crippled Jesus for coming on! Sorry Had. Check out dick.show! Buy merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

I'm not sure if you knew this, but back when there were video rental stores, they would also rent out video games. There was a store somewhere in New England that started renting NES games in 1988. I know, it's exciting. I don't think I have to say anything more, you can't wait to listen to this podcast. Vinnie Paulino (@VinniePaulino) joins us this week to chat about video game nerds, Opie, Stuttering John, and karaoke. Kaya joins us at some point too.  Buy merch: http://bit.ly/watp-merch

People who think that higher education is overpriced and potentially a scam need only to listen to these collegiate brainiacs. They'll learn ya. Doug from Who's Right and Cros from nothing you've ever heard of join the show to suffer through this trainwreck of a podcast.  We also catch up on Opie Radio, revisit the Comedy Button, and listen to people praise last week's episode. We have lots of new merch - http://bit.ly/watp-merch

This week we experiment with a new show format. Kevin is in studio for the first time along with Cros, Chris, and Jen. We revisit our friend Sheamus McKillian. He might be the worst podcaster ever. But in his defense, podcasting is still relatively new. There's no Dave Landau on the show this week. In case you were wondering. He's not on it.

This week we have Kaya and Andeeee join to discuss a boring podcast that has a lot of boring fans. Reply All is an over-produced show that offers zero entertainment value. Also, this is the week that Opie finally breaks down the fourth wall concerning his split with Westwood One. The honest podcaster finally tells us everything. We also play voicemails, read reviews, listen to Jim Florentine, and discuss some shitty tech pod out of Detroit. I'd say "and much more" but I think that actually covers it.

This week we dive deep into the Illuminati and secret societies. Okay, that's less than accurate. We make fun of a woman who sucks at reading wikipedia pages. But we're not one-dimensional, we also make fun of her for being dumb. Doug from Good Times, Great Movies makes his WATP debut to discuss dumb podcast hosts, Gregg Hughes, Jackie Martling, Jim Florentine, Kaya, some show from Australia, and the Chrissie Mayr debacle. Check out a live taping of Doug's show: http://www.phillypodfest.com/schedule

This is an interesting week. Vinnie Paulino joins the show... Chrissie Mayr tries to. We talk about Mike and Jules David and their show Red Bar Radio. This is definitely going to piss off all 17 of their listeners. We also get an update on Opie, play the latest cringe of the week, and totally fail at the teaser segment. Enjoy! Please support our sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we play our appearance on The Dick Show with Dick Masterson. While you're listening to this I'm at a punk rock show in Columbus, Ohio.  This show is about a podcast that Maddox is currently creating. We'll be back next week to discuss other things (Opie).  https://thedickshow.com/

Every single stand-up comedian has a podcast. Every single one. I've listened to most of them. It turns out, the ability to write and perform jokes in front of an audience does not translate to podcasting in any single way.  This week Cros joins the show to prove Bert Kreischer is terrible at podcasting. We also tackle Opie's float tank adventure, No Agenda making fun of Opie, Stuttering John's Howard Stern exclusive, and multiple cringes. Happy Memorial Day, kisses.

Remember that spaz kid from SleepyCast? He's back with a show where he interviews YouTube intellectuals. If you put zero value on your time, you're going to love this show! Kaya is back to talk about the Official Podcast using WATP's and Who's Right's voicemail lines, Opie Radio, Boomers, eating fast food on podcasts, and the future of WATP (live streaming to five people).  Check out our website: http://whoarethese.com/ Or this site: https://soundcloud.com/theofficialpodcast

This week we review a show that's beloved by Mommies everywhere. It's the super edgy (zzzzz) Your Mom's House with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. I haven't heard content this riveting since we reviewed Sleep with Me.  Comedian Justin Brown, a self-confessed Mommy, joins us to discuss the show's evolution and explain that it used to be good. I guess anything's possible. We also chat about Opie, Alex Jones, those Canadians who run our Insta page, and Kaya's sister. Are you not entertained?

This week we have a very exciting episode that totally is not filler at all. Why would you say that?  Dave Landau is mentioned. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show. We talk about Luis J. Gomez, Opie, Kaya from the Official Podcast, and someone else. Wait, I'm forgetting the other topic of conversation. Oh right, Chrissie Mayr. She's the "comedian" who was going to cohost but then bailed and lied about a scheduling conflict. Kisses!

This week we listen to a show that talks about cartoons. Not cartoons that you enjoy or care about, all the other ones. Digibro makes his WATP debut and gets very meta. There's a lot going on right now. We address the people who are pretending to be WATP, No Agenda ripping us off, Cum Town doing an impression of me, Opie admitting his show sucks, and a show that reviewed WATP. I think there's other stuff too.

For the first time ever, a podcast host threatened us with violence if we didn't review his show. That was motivating. Doug joins us to discuss one of Luis J. Gomez's shows. The one that's not very good. We also discuss Opie, Alex Jones talking about us, our appearance on the Dickheads Podcast, Boomer Guy vs. Kaya, and (unfortunately for Doug) much more.

We're taking this week off but not before we play next week's teaser. And it's a WATP first! In the meantime, enjoy a classic episode... or don't.

Former Howard Stern Show intern Steve Grillo used to suck at warming up a baked potato for Howard. But that was years ago. Nowadays he's sucking at so much more. Especially podcasting. This is a show where a bunch of people who used to work together in a restaurant talk about working together in a restaurant while a puppet interjects with completely unfunny quips. Hand to God. Cros and Kevin team up this week to talk about Sal Mannila, Opie Radio, Michael Rapaport, Yakov Smirnoff, Disgraceland, & more.

It's WATP vs. YouTube! Well, not really. It's just us talking about six guys who play video games better than average. Kaya from the Official Podcast joins us to talk about Apex Legends, Fortnite, and whatever.  We also get into The Dick Show ripping us off, Opie's Yelp reviews, Cringe of the Week, and voicemails. Wait, did I just promote voicemails? That's a typo.  Support Deep Discount: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we explore the wits of half-wits. It's a show that sounds a lot like listening to your aunt and uncle play Cards Against Humanity with their stoner friends.  Adam joins the show from New Orleans to like add some like cajun spice. And I know there are some people who just scan this description looking for the word "Opie." Good news, we chat a lot about Opie Radio, there's an update on Sheamus, and a brand new Cringe of the Week. Cheers! Support our sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we talk about people who are talking about the Simpsons. Well, they talk mostly about themselves, but they disguise it as a show about the Simpsons. Doug & Cros politely pretend to be interested in this week's podcast, then the real fun begins. We discuss the stand up set that was performed by Sheamus McKillian of Chewed Gum. Doing stand up comedy for the first time is hard, but this guy makes it seem impossible. We also play audio from the roast battle that was plugged on last week's show.

This week we listened to a show out of Portland that thinks it's on the radio. It is not. But good news for them, they have listeners in multiple countries and Indianapolis.  Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to chat about Greg and Sarah, Opie and Carl, and Joe and Alex. There might even be other things, who knows. Visit DeepDiscount.com: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

Do you like the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno? Are you bummed because you're not one of the hosts? Well here's an idea, copy everything about it and put out your own rip-off version. The only problem is Fangasm already did that. Kevin and Andy join the show to discuss this trainwreck of a podcast as well as our recent appearance on Dick's show, Opie and Vic Henley hanging at Gebhard's, Sheamus's stand up, and the fail of the week.  Support our awesome sponsor: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

This week we talk Dr. Phil with Dick Masterson. Dick was on the Dr. Phil Show back in, what we call, the day. Get ready for some self help mumbo jumbo. We learn that you should improve yourself while judging other people. There's nothing I don't agree with. We also force Dick to listen to The Biggest Problem in the Universe, episode 77 (the one he wasn't on). I owe him one after this.  Remember to buy movies and shows here: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP and use promo code WATP15.

This week we don't talk about just one sh*tty podcast, we're reviewing three very, very sh*tty podcasts. Doug (from the Who's Right Podcast) and Cros (from right down the street) join us to discuss Chewed Gum, a show that supposedly provides critical reviews of TV shows and movies. It's about time someone did this! We also discuss Opie and his big interview with Bruce Willis, the Ron Burgundy podcast that shouldn't exist, and podcast feuds no one knew existed.  Promo code WATP15: http://bit.ly/DD-WAT

Three guys make jokes about Nazis then immediately get uncomfortable about it and talk about 90s sitcom Home Improvement instead. As I type this, this show ranks as the 8th most popular comedy show on iTunes (177 places higher than the Official Podcast). Kaya joins the show to discuss Nazis, edgelords, Hannah Gadsby (the Opie of standups), Boomer Guy, and more.  Support the show (if you feel inclined): https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts

This week Vinnie joins us to reminisce about the Don and Mike Show. We both remember it being a good show but after listening to what Mike O'Meara and Robb Spewak are doing now, it seems implausible. Wacky voices, fake laughter, boring anecdotes, the mailbag - this show has it all... wrong. Opie tells, and then explains, the worst joke he’s ever attempted. We also hear from Scorch, Dorkles, Boomer Guy, and Steve Martin. 15% off Deep Discount with code: WATP15 http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

We're taking this week off so why not revisit an episode that was online for about a week before being taken down? After playing a couple of new voicemails, we join Karl and Doug from way back in March of 2018. WATP was different back then. Instead of talking about Opie we mostly talked about a woman who was threatening a lawsuit and arena rock bands. I'll say it again, thank God for Opie! Buy merch: https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts Buy movies: http://bit.ly/DD-WATP

Cornballs + uncontrollable laughter + piss troughs = Citation Needed. Cros walked 1.9 miles through a snowstorm (literally) to join us and discuss how god awful these atheists are at podcasting. We also had the debut of Chris the producer. It was a successful debut if the objective was to get the hosts drunk on tequila and make the second half of the show a slur-fest.  We also talk about Opie's Instagram video, Opie's podcast, the ladies from TCGA, and some new voicemails.

If you like shows where a bunch of dudes all yell over each other while discussing penetration with cartoon candy, you might want to skip this episode. Andy and I were not impressed.  After pushing through the audio assault that is the SleepyCabin Podcast, we hit on a number of other important topics. We find out what's new with Stuttering John, listen to some voicemails, find out that Opie is dumber than we thought, and give everyone an update on our budding relationship with Carl Ruiz.

Ethan and Hila Klein are YouTube celebrities trying to interview actual celebrities. The result is exachee what you'd think. Kaya from the Official Podcast joins the show and points out that one of the two hosts (cough) Hila (cough) has a microphone in front of her for no apparent reason. We also talk about a recent mention on No Agenda, flat earthers, WATP ep. 88, Ancient Aliens guy, and of course Opie Radio. It's almost too delicious to believe my friend.

This week Kevin and Janel's dad join us to discuss the likeyest, most vocal fryiest podcast we've ever heard. This show is the perfect example of everything wrong with podcasts and podcasters, and so is This Could Get Awkward. After listening to the word "like" 418 times, we check in on Opie going on the Brother Wease show, listen to Sam Roberts' response to WATP, and check in on some new voicemails from upstanding citizens.

This week we listen to the worst professional broadcaster, Sam Roberts, read through his WWE fan fiction. This is a podcast that is hosted by a professional radio personality & not just some teenage boy in his bedroom... I think. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to discuss The Official Podcast's official response, Opie's drunken rant about Ant & Jimmy, and Opie's road trip to Rochester. Also, Carl Ruiz comes up with a new nickname for the city of Buffalo. I'll give you three guesses.

This week we review one of my all-time favorite podcasts, TBPITU, featuring hosts Maddox and Dick Masterson. Heads up, things might get confusing because joining us to analyze the show is Dick! We take a deep dive into Dick's old show, take a peek at what Maddox is doing currently, discuss appearing on bonus episodes of other podcasts, and talk about talking about pro wrestling. It's a marathon. If I was a smart podcaster I would have turned this into a two parter. Sh*t, why did I just think of that now?

Barstool Sports has been synonymous with average sports talk for years. But they realized something was missing. And that something was apparently... skanks. Well, problem solved. Cros and Anndeee join the show this week to review a painful-to-listen-to d*ck tease show. We also update everyone on how terrible Stuttering John's career is going and, of course, hang out at Gebhard's with Opie and the gang.

Dax Shepard used to be on a TV show with Ashton Kutcher, who's much more famous than him. He's married to Kristen Bell, who's much more famous than him. He hosts a podcast, that is somehow much more famous than him. Adam from the MHOG podcast joins the show for the first time to riff on Dax, Opie, and the Official Podcast's response to WATP's review of their show. Plus, we talk sh*tting at work. http://whoarethese.com  http://bit.ly/DD-WATP https://www.mhogpodcast.com

This week we listen to The Official Podcast and try to answer questions like "what are they even talking about?" and "does that make any sense?" After coming to zero conclusions on why this is a popular show, we chat about a recent Maddox episode and play a voicemail from a celebrity.  Kevin joins the show along with the guy who talks about ancient aliens on the History Channel and the drummer from Metallica. Yakov Smirnoff couldn't make it.

Ready for spooky ghost stories? Ready for a show with compelling hosts who can mix humor in with the paranormal effortlessly? Ready for high-end voice talent? Swing and a miss, strike three. Doug is back to help us dismantle this garbage podcast. Also, Opie learns how to pronounce his cohost's name, Bonnie McFarlane calls in, and we read recent five-star reviews.  https://whosrightpodcast.com/ http://whoarethese.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/WhoAreThesePodcasts/

It's the long awaited return of Cros and he does not disappoint. We discuss Amy Schumer's podcast, a show that would be more appropriately titled: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  We revisit a music/true crime podcast that Cros is responsible for us reviewing in the first place. Then we get to the big controversy of the day - Opie uploading a video to call out Joe Rogan. Dick Masterson takes shit from a cat lover, Karl buys a slide whistle, and much much more this week!

Oh boy, it's another show featuring nonsensical improv comedy. The epidemic is so big it has even spread to Canada. Speaking of our northern neighbors, Gavin joins the show from Buffalo. After we learn that nonsense tickles Gavin's funnybone, we move on to Opie and Stuttering John. This might be our best Opie segment yet. We listen to him interview crazy people (homeless vets, Gary Busey, etc.) while making it all about him. https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts

Dick Masterson from the Dick Show joins us this week to talk about cat addicted cat hoarders. These people have obvious mental disorders that they aren't dealing with, and Dick breaks it down masterfully. (see what I did there?) We also chat about Maddox and his latest The Best Debate in the Universe. There's an update on Opie that includes our friend at the Anthony Cumia Show. Please visit and support: https://thedickshow.com/ https://www.patreon.com/thedickshow https://www.compoundmedia.com

This week we review a podcast that was asking for it... literally. Every other week, Doug and Jamie watch a movie from the 80s then record a show explaining the movie scene by scene. It's like How Did This Get Made minus the jokes, insights, celebrities, fanbase, and fun. We also check in on Stuttering John who, on Twitter, threatened to annihilate and destroy us. We hear some hottakes from Opie then we check out some voicemails from Jen's fanclub. Snap into it!

This week Andy and his brother Joe join the show to analyze and review a two part Opie podcast featuring Stuttering John and Jackie the Jokeman. Wow, this line-up would have been great... if this was 1998! Get it? We also play some clips of my appearance on The Dick Show and take a victory lap. We discuss pooping at work and why long emails are paralyzing.  Support the show, get your WATP merch: https://www.wehavemerch.com/collections/who-are-these-podcasts

It's been a while since we reviewed an independent podcast that is this bad. It's a true crime show that checks all the boxes: The host reads a wikipedia page? Check. The cohost adds no value? Check. There's an endless rant on Hot Pockets? Yep. Cros is back as we run through a number of important topics including Chip Chipperson, Rich Vos, Opie, and Howard Stern. We also revisit How Cum and learn why episode 29 was taken off the Internet.  Song credit: Sexpionage by The Isotopes

This week we review a show about polyamory. Wait, let me double check the spelling on that. Okay, yea, I got that right. This is not a topic that we spend a lot of time with but boy did we learn a lot today. Are you tired of committing to your partner and being a good person? We have the solution - polyamory.  Gavin joins the show to discuss how terrible Ryan and Charyn are at being humans. Then we check in on Opie and try to decide if he's a human being. All this and more on this week's WATP!

This week we review one of the biggest podcasts on the planet. I'm writing this because it's not immediately evident upon listening. These women are good at broadcasting but they talk about TV shows for 15 minutes. That's weird, right? Vinnie joins us this week to get uncomfortable as we talk about Opie Radio. There are also updates from Planet Maynard, The Dick Show, and Cum Town. Two of those three shows like us. Help our friend Doug: https://www.gofundme.com/hurricane-relief-fund-for-doug

We're taking this week off but that doesn't mean you have to. Join Cros and Karl as they discuss all things Alex Jones. Back in February, you could actually listen to his show. Of course now our technology overlords have decided that this content isn't good for us. Thanks Google!! We'll be back next week to review My Favorite Murder. Consider that your official teaser.

This week we listen to a show hosted by two guys recording in their bathroom using a Mister Microphone. Sound quality aside, we get to learn very important things like who each host drafted on their fantasy football teams. To our international listeners, we're as bored as you are. Chris joins the show to bring his unique energy and to discuss the latest from Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane. We also check in with our friends Carl and Opie to learn about Carly's new crushy-poo. Don't even ask.

Chris D'Elia is a famous person. He also has a podcast. He is probably good at sitcoms and stand up comedy.  Andy's brother Joe joins us this week to discuss Chris's podcast and also review recent reviews of WATP. The Hollywood Handbook fans aren't loving us.

Doug from Who's Right joins the show to discuss a podcast that is proudly about nothing. But don't let the fact that it's a boring, rambling conversation stop you from pledging up to $1,000 per month on Patreon. Yea, that's right, there is both a $500 / month and a $1k / month tier on their Patreon page. They have some balls. We also get an update from Vos and Bonnie and check in on how Opie is continuing to fail at podcasting/life.

This week we check out Hollywood Handbook and a show they did with the guys from the podcast Doughboys. I'm told the latter is a decent show, the former... not so much.  Cros and Andy join as we discuss terrible improv comedy, Cum Town's take on Hollywood Handbook, Dick Masterson's brilliant move, Opie Radio finally getting a studio, and people on iTunes who don't care for WATP. We also try out a brand new segment that is underwhelming.

This week we recap what happened during our appearance on the Anthony Cumia Show last week. We even play the audio from our guest spot. But that's just the beginning.  Jen from the Jingles Department joins us to discuss the latest with Rich Vos and his appearance on Comedy at the Carlsoncast. We listen to a review from The Wicked Theory Podcast. We hear Jim Norton and Sam Roberts bash Opie. Then we review the latest Opie Radio Podcasts from the Podcast Movement in Philadelphia.

Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are two stand up comedians that are married to each other. They also do a podcast together. I'm writing this because there's no other way you would possibly know this information. No one is talking about or listening to this show. We also circle back to some gems from Opie Radio episode 23 that we missed last week.  All in all, this episode of WATP is one of our better "filler" episodes. I mean, you know.

This week we listened to a podcast called Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast. For some reason it's categorized as a comedy show. I would argue that this show is to comedy what Bill Cosby is to consensual sex.  Chris joins the show to talk about dumb women trying to sound smart for a while. Then we dig in to the latest from Westwood One's Opie Radio. They aren't even trying anymore. It's a podcast where adults talk about toy cars while other people are talking in the background.

Andy is back to review a show that reviews Howard Stern. Good premise, poor execution.  We then discuss Opie Radio, Stuttering John, and Cum Town. Oh, and everyone's favorite bit, the teaser. It's what everyone will be talking about at the water cooler on Monday.

We finally got around to reviewing George Ouzounian's podcast. Somehow we were able to "do an hour" on just one episode. These dummies think their debate show can discuss whether or not marketing is "evil." Wow! Jen from the Jingle's Department (the hole) joins us once again. After dissecting Maddox's pod, we check in once again with Opie Radio. Spoiler - it just keeps getting more and more the same.

Crosier is back on the show to discuss a very popular "comedy" podcast hosted by 90s celebrity RuPaul and hanger-on Michelle Visage. These people talk for days but we're not quite sure what they're talking about or why they're talking. We also discuss some big WATP news including the latest with Anthony Cumia, Stuttering John Melendez, Geno Bisconte, and President Trump. I think the Boss even makes an appearance or two.

It's another week, another podcast to review. I'll be honest, I am super distracted by the World Cup. But that didn't stop us from listening to hours of Papa's Basement, a show that should be much better than it is. They've been at it for almost ten years. That's ten with a capital one.  Doug from Who's Right joins us this week to also discuss Cum Town's response to our show and another check-in with Opie Radio. It's a jam-packed show.

Kevin is back to talk about the extremely bitter and untalented Stuttering John Melendez. He has no business putting out a podcast - there's no format, no production, and the guy doesn't even stutter anymore. So what are we even doing?? We also drop in on what's new with Opie Radio. This is the gift that keeps on giving. It's better than Sock Fancy (and I should know, I'm a subscriber).  Make sure to subscribe to WATP and support our brand new sponsor - Sock Fancy!

We get off to a slow start, however, once we start rolling on the train wreck that is Heather Dubrow and her entitled assistant you can't stop the fun. Andy "the GOAT" joins the show along with the DEUCE, our Real Housewives of Orange County expert. After reviewing a terrible podcast we spend some time reflecting on the aftermath of our Opie Radio episode. We play clips from Anthony Cumia talking about it, Jim and Sam, Chip Chipperson, and even SaiyanZ Entertainment.

We are off this week but looking forward to addressing many of the comments about Opie Radio next weekend. In the meantime, here's something. Cros shows up to do the heavy lifting while we review one of the most popular podcasts of all time. And by all time we mean since 2009. It's not that impressive. After the review of the show they play a new track from their band the Isotopes - www.theisotopes.com.

This week the topic of conversation is Gregg "Opie" Hughes, well known from the Opie and Anthony show. Gregg was fired from Sirius XM is 2017 but he's back in 2018 with... a terrible podcast.  There's no flow, nothing interesting, no rhyme or reason for this show to exist. Guys in their 50s and 60s stand around and make small talk. Brother Wease must be proud of his protégé. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to agree with everything Karl has to say. And she's right!

Crosier is back, and this time it's to discuss the Ronnie Mund Show. Also featured on this show is a guy named Howard Stern. We both ramble on and on about a bunch of stuff. We definitely didn't talk enough about how awesome Richard Christy is at drumming or how insufferable Lena Dunham is. Next time. Baba booey! Baba booey! Howard Stern's penis! Hit 'em with the Hein!

If you like true crime, Van Morrison, and good rock music, than this is not the show for you. It's surprising how much work goes into producing this cornball's podcast. There's a ton of stuff going on here, just nothing that anyone would find "interesting" or "entertaining." If you find any of our opinions about Disgraceland, Van Morrison or the album Astral Weeks to be incorrect, keep it to yourself Crosier.

It's about time we reviewed a spooky show here on WATP. The show is called NoSleep Podcast and I can tell you with certainty that if you listen you will most likely sleep comfortably. This is a scripted fiction show of "scary" stories featuring creepy kids and stuff. Vinnie helps Karl and Kevin get through yet another brilliant show where the kids sound like they've smoked six packs of Kools and are about to start their shifts running the Gravitron at your local carnival.

What are these guys doing? They talk about winning $88 at a casino, moving boxes of comic books from their basement, a Moe's opening up near their house... have they never heard a podcast before? This is definitely a "shooting fish in a barrel" edition of WATP. If garbage podcasts didn't exist and we had to make up shitty shows to goof on, I couldn't possibly make up a show this shitty.

This week we review a show that somehow has a worse iTunes rating than WATP. Andy is in the studio while Joe calls in to talk about his new vegetarian lifestyle and breathe heavily into the phone.  I Am Rapaport is hosted by Michael Rapaport, a guy who's famous enough to hang out with other D List celebrities like Kathy Griffin. Did you see that apology video where she wasn't wearing make-up?? WTF?

Kevin is back to review a podcast that reviews Yelp reviews. Great premise. How do they do on the execution you ask? Well, if you like middle aged guys who read out loud using silly voices and references to comedy bits that were popular in the 70s, you would be the first person ever.

It's yet another installment of our ongoing educational series - How Not to Podcast. This show is a gem. When you can decipher what the two hosts and producer Mr. Google are saying it's amazing. It should be transcribed and released in paperback. Nick Bailey, cohost of the Fancounters podcast (http://fancounters.libsyn.com/), makes his WATP debut. We talk a lot about how he's a "nice guy" and probably doesn't deserve the social media backlash that's about to be unleashed.

We made it bay bee!! Episode number 100, the show where we finally roast ourselves. Karl is joined by (in order of importance) Kevin, Andy, Cros, Joe, and Chris. Everyone takes their shots at the most poorly reviewed show of all time. And then we find out this isn't the most poorly reviewed show of all time. D'oh!! Huge thanks to additional contributors including Who's Right, The Story Behind, Planet Maynard, Jen from the Jingles Department and Marcus from the UK.

History Dweebs reached out to us and asked us to review their show. They are also big supporters of WATP and freedom of speech so, while it was tough to sh*t on them, we somehow found a way. Andy, the GOAT, joins the show and brings a "bit." We also read a bunch of negative iTunes review. Most importantly, we tease episode number 100.

Joe joins the show along with his more famous brother Andy. Even though it appears the boys of Hindsight is 30-30 will be hanging it up, we offer many constructive ideas on how they might improve their show. Ideas like, "editing." It's pretty groundbreaking! Don't forget to give us a five star review on iTunes if you haven't already. We now have a league-leading 157 one star reviews, so we don't need anymore of those. We're good.

This is a bonus episode where I admit that I was forced to take down episodes 88 and 97 due to cyberbullying. Anyone who is interested in my response to a bunch of strangers hoping to get me fired can check it out. Spoiler - they're all heroes.

This podcast was not fun to listen to but was a ton of fun to review. While to some it may seem like we're being very mean for no reason, the actual purpose of WATP is to get people like this to think twice before starting a podcast. Future hosts should ask themselves questions like, "Am I interesting to listen to?" "Can I pronounce words?" and "What's my mental disorder that I think I should be hosting a show when I'm a complete idiot and have nothing of value to contribute?"

Cros joins the show to discuss all things Alex Jones including some wild statements he's made in the past, what a typical episode sounds like, his endless supply of snake oil infused products, his cool bumpers, and of course the fact that he's bat-sh*t crazy. We also discuss Planet Maynard, the interview with Deana Marie, Cros's rebuttal to a game we recently played, and we tease next week's episode. It's a show jam packed with information you need for protection from the globalists.

We were thrown a curve ball this week. Rather than the usual show format, I had a conversation with Deana Marie, the host of Twisted Philly. I was mainly interested in her obsession with negative reviews. I'm not saying everyone should be like us and read each of their one-star reviews on the show, but if you're going to put yourself out there you should learn how to deal with criticism in a healthy way (hint: offering a bounty for someone's identity may not be healthy).

We're joined once again by Doug from Who's Right Podcast. If anyone has a reason to hate us, it's Doug. First we bashed his show on episode 86. Then we had him cohost on a show that reviewed a three hour podcast about the earth being flat. And now he's listening to terrible video game music and nerds discussing topics that couldn't matter less. Sorry Doug. At the end of the show Karl shoehorns in more Isotopes music. Check out the band if you're interested: http://theisotopes.com/

This week we head back down under to review an Australian show called Planet Maynard... or Bunga Bunga... or something. If you like lots of random drops, background noise, a distracting amount of editing, and music beds for no reason, then you're an idiot. And also, you'll love Planet Maynard. Andy the GOAT is back on the show to play clips, some of which are correctly labeled. He also plays everyone's favorite game, Name the Worst Song by This Band I Just Said.

Are you super proud of your lifestyle? Do you host a show about how awesome your life decisions are? Apparently these vegans think that the way they live their life is so amazing and important that you should listen to them explain how great they are. I don't know, I think you should create a show that features content that is interesting... but what do I know? We also talk about a podcast that is trying to shut us down. And we talk about a guy who is in the WATP hater hall of fame. 143 John!

This week we review a show hosted by two guys named Bill who interview a celebrity whose first name is Bill. Just about everything in that previous sentence is false. It's just grown children playing pretend... poorly.  We also spend some time talking about all of the hate we've been receiving recently. There are a lot of angry people on the internet. I wish these angry people would focus their efforts on something that is truly enraging - terrible improv comedy.

This was a fun week. Doug from Who's Right joins us to discuss a group of people who think the Earth is flat and stationary.  It turns out these dummies are very bad at reasoning. Also, these dummies are dumb. Surprising.

This week we spread holiday cheer by reviewing a snoozefest called The Unwritable Rant. Somehow this podcast has interviewed Anthony Cumia, Jim Norton, Ari Shaffir, Charlie Daniels and many other celebrities who are way too good for this show.  But it's not just interviews. The often blurry Juliette Miranda also explains how Wild Turkey tastes and tells you boring stories from her life. Who's Juliette Miranda you ask? Great question. Kevin joins the show and goes on and on about Star Wars.

Who's Right is a podcast who asked us to review their show. The last time that happened Everyone Has a Podcast got extremely butt hurt and their mom called our mom. And then we got in trouble. Hopefully this one turns out better. Joe joins the show once again and for some reason promotes heroin use. He is extremely pro heroin. We also discuss Net Neutrality for no reason whatsoever. What is this, a show that deals with topical issues? I sure hope not. Who would care what Karl Aspergers has to say?

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called SnatchThatWeave, episode entitled STW vs. EVERYBODY. Unfortunately the podcast doesn't feature snatches or even weaving for that matter which is a bummer because Kevin bought a loom specifically in preparation for this week. Thankfully, he was able to sell the loom on Craigslist albeit at a significant loss. Anyways, enjoy listening to a couple of white guys act like they know something about anything. We have to go now, Five Guys is about to close.

One of the best segments of any morning radio show is when the hosts play games with callers. So it makes sense to have a podcast with only games. How could you possibly fuck that up? Well, here's how. You play games that are sent in by listeners that make zero sense and lead to awkward improv exercises. Also, you have a low-energy dolt make up theme songs for each game.  Andy joins the show and plays a game that Karl made up. It's by far the best part of the entire episode... just sayin'.

The podcast we review this week has a unique format. A gay man (Dylan Marron) puts out provocative videos meant to get a reaction out of people with a conservative ideology. When he gets that reaction in the comments section, he calls that person. That conversation is this podcast. It's a fascinating construct, he gets to be both the instigator as well as the victim.  We're very happy to have Kevin back on the show along with a guest appearance from Steve Harvey. We also read some recent iTunes reviews.

Remember that show Loveline? People would call in with their problems in order to get expert advice from Dr. Drew Pinsky. Comedian Adam Carolla was quick with hilarious quips, making the advice-style show entertaining. This week we listened to a show that misses the mark on this format in every possible way. The podcast is called "what's ur problem" and it is almost perfectly terrible.

This week we listen to a show that is purposely awkward and completely devoid of any comedic value. The extremely old and boring KarenLee Poter talks to her unfunny stand-up comedian son about sex. Here's the joke - the old woman loves sex. Get it? Both of these dummies are trying to turn themselves into personalities based on this boring premise.

This is an interesting podcast. It seems like it's for 14 year olds, but for some reason it has thousands of fans. Andy (the GOAT) is back and he doesn't understand the mass appeal at all. We also address the recent shit storm from Twitter over our review of Everyone Has A Podcast (EHAP). Holy shit they suck. Zero sense of humor. Meh.

This show is propaganda disguised as comedy. The production is fantastic. The content is garbage. Cros joins us to explain how the execution of their jokes miss every time.

Bryon and Adam live in Canada. That's cool. The problem is, they also have a podcast. Ugh. It is not good. There's no format and, for some reason, they consider it to be a comedy show. There have been no laughs... none! Joe joins the show this week to dissect this garbage. Plug your nose.

This week we venture down to Texas to listen to two under-educated bros tell us about a haunted couch. Emily Prokop joins us to explain how you don't have to leave coughing and other disgusting mouth noises in your podcast. If you're one of the Michaels who hosts this audible garbage that you call a podcast, get out a pen and paper, and then stab yourself repeatedly with the pen. Check out Emily's show: http://thestorybehindpodcast.com/

Vinnie Paulino joins us to bring a healthy dose of Goss. Not really, he has no idea what that means and neither do we. It's another week where we learn new things like the formula for comedic ranting. And also, that Maddox sucks. If you're confused it's because you're a fan of WATP, and we appreciate that. If you're not confused then chances are you'll be giving us a one star review on iTunes. Booooo!!

This week Andy is back to explain why this pod should not exist and somehow Karl is the guy apologizing. Whatever. These guys thoroughly suck. Thanks to Derek for listening and asking for the review.

God Awful Movies features three atheists who laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Jen from the Jingles Department joins the show to listen to Karl wax poetic on this week's show, a could miss episode of WATP.

Two guys quit their jobs and got rid of most of their stuff. That's the whole story. And yet, there's a podcast, multiple books, a documentary, and an ongoing tour all about it. Mark joins Karl to share his disdain of these two gentlemen who he affectionately refers to as "asshats."

We review one of the most popular podcasts of all time... and by all time we mean since 2009. Big whoop! Karl is a fan of the pod, Cros used to be a fan but stopped for many reasons that will become evident quickly and then slowly. After an exhaustive review of the show they play a new track from their band the Isotopes - www.theisotopes.com.

After a few months hiatus, Kevin, Nicholas Cage, and Cobra Commander all returned to review a podcast about the deep state and Big Foot. It actually sucked less than you would think... Our Big Dumb Mouth that is.

Some comedian you've never heard lives with another comic you've never seen. The roommate tells a story that is pointless and likely made up. While Me & Paranormal You is a terrible pod you should never listen to, we are able to turn lemons into a delicious shandy. Enjoy.

Someone who hated WATP, and made it be known on iTunes, is a huge fan of this show. Listen, we're not for everyone, we understand that. But we're at least 10,000 times better than this piece of crap show starring a nobody named Scott Rizzuto. If I had to sum this how up with one word I would use "Boo!"

WATP takes a break from punching down and reviews a podcast you may have heard of and possibly heard. Chris joins the show to agree with Karl on every point and also make mouth noises. Enjoy.

Vinnie Paulino joins the show this week to discuss a podcast that reviews other podcasts. It's pretty freakin' meta. The premise alone really puts the Shun in Inception. Unfortunately, Podcasts Are Wonderful doesn't really execute on their claim. Turns out to just be a couple of dummies unsuccessfully performing improv.

It's a packed show this week as we analyze Speed Dial from the MTV Podcast Network as well as read through many recent reviews for WATP on iTunes. Wow, apparently we suck. Hard. Fun stuff. Joe, best known for looking similar to Andy, joins the show to review a podcast that's not too thrilled with "Whitey." Fortunately WATP is there to spread a message of unity and inclusiveness .

This week we review The Weed Show which is hosted by the zany Chris Iacono. And by zany I mean retarded. It's apparently a show that is made for stoners but we've never met a stoner who was interested in talking about lizard people. If you're the kind of person who likes their comedy podcasts to have zero jokes and a dash of anti-semitism than you're going to love The Weed Show.

For this week's show we change up the format. Twin brothers Andy and Joe join Karl to review two podcasts - Marvel Movie News and DC Movie News. The brothers' job is to convince Karl that the pod they reviewed is the worst. It's a nail biter. Will it be the sad DC fans who watch movies that suck? Or the terrible broadcasters that have hopped onto the Marvel bandwagon? Spoiler - no one really cares. Enjoy.

This week we are joined by a very special guest, Jen from the jingles department. Not only can this girl sing about bag slapping, she can also shit on people's art. Wow, the complete package. Mike and Tom Eat Snacks is a show where two semi-famous comedians eat and rate snacks. We thought this show might not completely suck but alas, we could not have been more wrong. Enjoy.

Two guys who think they have the world figured out do a podcast about how awesome they are. No, this is not the description for WATP. It's the Drew & Kevin Adventure, previously titled Millennial Madness. Mark joins Karl on the show to talk about these two clowns who threaten to have four hour long podcasts in the future.

WATP is back with a new episode that doesn't sound like complete garbage. We listened to a brand new NPR show that is targeted to... toddlers? grown-ups? nobody? It's hard to say who would want to listen to this clusterfuck of a podcast. One thing is quite obvious, this show is not targeting our guest host Crosier who finds the podcast has a grand total of zero redeeming qualities. Wow in the World is a bad concept that's further hindered by poor execution. We also read a new itunes review; spoiler alert - it's not good. 

This week Vinnie Paulino joins as our guest host and we suffer through Hard and Soft. This is a show from UC Berkeley that couldn't be more PC if it were a computer running Windows. Unfortunately I fucked up and the audio on this one is not good. It starts bad, gets worse, then gets better around the 43 minute mark for some reason. We also debut a new jingle. The Bag Slappers are back... in the morning!

WATP is back people. We begin the next era of the show, the era that will one day be known as the one without the funny guy. This week we listen to two people who don't like X-Men comic books... they LOVE them! Karl is joined by guest co-host Andy who manages to offend everyone within earshot. Also, we use a brand new mic that's a little hot so apologies that it sounds like you're inside our mouths from time to time. By the way, Kevin used to write these descriptions and he was much better at it. Enjoy the show.

Do you like Indiana Jones? So do we! Do you like podcasts? Same here! Are you excited to listen to a show that focuses on a 60 second section from Temple of Doom? Neither were we. Also, we hear some big news about the future of WATP, read a review from someone who hates us, and tease another show that will likely suck. Don't miss it!

The newest esisode of WATP features a review of a show all about model trains.  Model trains are cool when you're a little kid (they're no LEGO, but we digress).  However, when you're an adult it is usually a good sign that you are lonely or just enjoy tiny versions of things.  Learn which one you are by listening to Kevin and Karl dissect yet another gem of a show.

Think you can be a model?  Of course you can, if you listen to WATP that is.  This week we review Best Modeling Tips Podcast with Kim Calera.  Kim is a model and has a whole bunch of tips for how to become a model like... well... being beautiful.  That's an important one.  Listen to Kevin and Karl as they collect all these fascinating tips and find out if they too can become international models. (hint: they can)

This week's episode features our review of a show called The Comedy Button.  A show that is more button than comedy or something, we don't know... we haven't thought of any jokes for this episode description.  Karl is in Vegas and Kevin is in his boring apartment for this one and miraculously no impressions were attempted by Kevin (actually he tried to put a Nic Cage in but thought better of it).  Anyways, the Comedy Button is a show that you can listen to if you like to listen to things.  How's that for a quick review?

This week on WATP we tackle the highly popular podcast, S-Town.  If you're a fan of S-Town then you know that listening and reviewing just episode 1 might not capture everything but Kevin and Karl do their best to introduce you to John B. Mclemore and his series of unfortunate events.  Enjoy yer gooch meat!

We're back after our short hiatus and coming at ya with a new WATP.  This week it's a show called The Happy Homeschool.  A show that will make you appreciate your public schooling a butt-ton more than you used to.  Imagine not being able to pass notes or shoot spitballs or skip class because your parents are the teachers... yuck.  Anyways, Cobra Command calls in and Nic Cage drops by for no reason at all than Kevin gets bored half-way through the review.  Karl keeps it on schedule and makes sure the impression don't get out of hand.  So get your hall pass ready, chumps!  

This week on WATP we bring you The Higherside Chats.  We actually enjoyed this show and Kevin is a semi-regular listener.  It's one of these "conspiracy theory" type shows so if you're into that or just want to hear two hosts make goofy noises and stuff, then check out this week's show!  

This week on WATP we reviewed a show that actually asked to be reviewed.  Who'd a thunk it?  It's called Three Angry Nerds and it features three angry nerds as hosts.  Once again, Kevin is underprepared and sleep deprived but Karl pulls the slack (and slaps his own bag) for the show.  We talk about comics and Star Wars and Nic Cage even stops by to tell us his thoughts.  It's two nerds talking about three nerds.  Give it a listen!

This week on WATP we spend way too long talking about a previous episode and their opinions of us.  Then we spend way too long reviewing a podcast that only deserved a passing mention.  Yes, we reviewed Step by Stapp's review of us and then a show called Pickup Lines: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.  Kevin and Karl (Kenan and Kel) speak about how feelings got hurt and Kevin explains why he is a bleeding heart liberal.  It's like you're getting two episodes in one this week, people.  Be happy this entertainment is free.

Hiya folks, it's new episode time.  This is our 50th show which means WATP will be getting its AARP card in the mail shortly.  In honor of our 50th episode we reviewed a show called An Older Gay Guy Show.  What does this older guy talk about, you ask? Dick... lots and lots of dick talk.  So if you don't like hearing about male genitalia or what comes out of said genitalia, then I would recommend you listen to something else this week.  If you are cool with that stuff and wanna here Kevin and Karl fidget and squirm around hearing about these topics, then by all means give this shit a listen.

WATP is back and better than never!  We had a short hiatus to revamp our logo and website and this week we bring you a brand-new review of a show called Hey Beautiful.  We are still puzzled as to what the show is about but we think it's a show about being positive in a world filled with phonies-baloneys.  Kevin and Karl discuss farts too, well mostly Kevin discusses farts but it's a team effort in the end.  Enjoy!  

It's Super Bowl week and WATP upped the testosterone by reviewing a show with two female hosts called The Anna and Susannah Show.  These are a couple of funny ladies who joke about pregnancies and other things that probably don't need to be joked about.  Oh, did we mention they are also super religious... because that's fun too.  Kevin and Karl have fun with some ecards and Shaq stops by.  It's a hoot, people.

Welcome to another week of WATP!  Our show this week is none other than the fringe-centric Blurry Photos.  Do you like ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman, or any of that stuff?  Well look elsewhere because this show makes sure you get your fill of "comedy" instead of any real discussion of the topics at hand.  That being said, Kevin and Karl do try to lend some humor to the show by essentially taking a giant Sasquatch-size poopy on it all.  

Do you like powerlifting bro?  Well this week's WATP is all about powerlifting bro.  Yes, Kevin and Karl review a show that has more testosterone than a pair of testicles dipped in whatever that metal is that made the Terminator 2 cop.  We bro out with Cobra Commander and talk about other podcasts to fill the time we should've talked about the powerlifting one.

It's our second episode of 2017 and we couldn't be happier to bring you another scripted podcast we have reviewed.  The show is called Darkest Night and features some famous voices acting through a script with more holes than a truck stop men's room.  Kevin and Karl plod their way through another doozy and talk about the C word (rhymes with bunt).  Yep, it's WATP at it's finest and we are back from break!  Enjoy the mania!

Well it's officially 2017, so congratulations and let this year be the year that ketchup gets baked right into the bun at Burger Kings across the nation.  That being said, its the final WATP of 2016 (we recorded it on 12/31, nosey) and we are brining you the final podcast review.  It's a show called Step by Stapp and the premise is that every Creep song was written about an episode of Step by Step.  Don't get to excited because the show description is where the funs ends.  Unlike WATP who's show descriptions have won awards for "Wordiness" and "Pointless Banter to fill space".  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from WATP!  This is our mid-holiday-week show and it features a podcast called Crime and Cocktails.  Yes, it's yet another show where people get drunk and do something because they think they are hilarious.  Kevin and Karl both loathed this show and offer up many clips and examples of just what not to do when recording a "show".   Crime and Cocktails also get a big fat F for their comment tactics on other true crime podcasts.  Yes, apparently they like to spam other good shows and tell them their show sucks and to listen to only Crime and Cocktails.  Gosh, the balls on some people.  That being said... this show was terrible and you should listen to WATP.

We're back after a short hiatus for Kevin getting the plague.  This week it's Buzzfeed's The Tell Show Podcast that we listened to and boy was it a doozy.  We kind of go all over on this episode and veer off onto tangents that are neither interesting or entertaining but somehow are way better than the podcast we are reviewing.  Also, Kevin trots out his half-baked Nic Cage impression and Karl and the WATP Jingle Dept. debut their latest hit jingle for us.  Come listen before you have to spend time with your family opening presents filled with socks and chocolate oranges.

This week on WATP we review Lena Dunham's Podcast entitled, Women of the Hour.  Neither Karl nor Kevin know much about Ms. Dunham except that she's naked on her show a bunch and no one seems to enjoy it.  Weird thing to be famous for but whatevs.  Anyways, we dive into body image issues as Lena interview several women about several things.  Kevin and Karl try to check their privilege but don't even really understand what that means so...

We're back and this week we listened to the Cat Lady Podcast which is a very accurate title as it's just girls talking about cats.  Karl tells us about his cat and Kevin schools the listeners on the difference between dogs and cats (they are a different species).  Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by for a bit as does Cobra Commander.  We also discover Kevin's new talent of singing cat songs.  It's a purrrrrfect show... see what we did there we said purr like the noise a cat makes.  Listen!

Another week of WATP is in the books.  This time we review a podcast called That Damn Drunk which may take the prize as one of the worst podcasts we've ever reviewed.  It just didn't click for Kevin and Karl so much so that Kevin was ready to get off his couch and actually get angry.  Yes, Kevin gets angry this show and it almost feels weird to hear.  But don't worry cuz Karl reigns him back in sort-of and they try to right the ship.  Remember, all it takes is one poopy podcast about drinking to set Kevin off.

It's an all new WATP coming 'atcha people!  This week we reviewed All Sorted: A Podcast About LEGO.  Yes, a LEGO podcast finally!  Kevin is in heaven (that rhymed, boom) and Karl is annoyed (didn't rhyme, boom).  We find out all about LEGO minifigures and Kevin's unhealthy obsession with them.  Karl introduces us to more gems from the WATP Jingle Dept.  So enjoy bag-slappers!

Hey America, it's a new episode of WATP!  This week we review Sleep With Me, a podcast that helps you fall asleep.  Kevin does some Cobra Commander AND what he assumes is a good impression of the Sleep With Me host, Drew Ackerman.  Karl debuts his new sleep podcast idea and introduces us to a horrible YouTube video featuring the best artists of 2009.  It's a doozy folks!  So put down your spray paint and Dump Trump stencils and instead make a sign that says "WATP is neato #1".

This week on WATP we review a show called Weekly Infusion which is a show featuring Dr. Drew and some other people that basically throwing medical terms around like some sort of gross frisbee.  Seriously, this show probably shouldn't even exist unless you are into hearing about gross stuff.  Basically it's the WATP of medical shows.  Enjoy it in your ears!

Happy Halloween folks!  This week's podcast has nothing to do with Halloween because we here at WATP don't plan ahead like that.  Instead, we reviewed a video game music podcast called The Legacy Music Hour.  Did you know that people listen to video game music outside of when they play the games?  Yes, they do and they have a podcast all about it too.  Kevin and Karl enter the world of VGM and can't wait to return to their own home planet.  Kevin confesses his love for Solomon's Key and Karl confesses his love for Fish Caves.  Yep, it's another WATP comin' atcha folks.

It's about time we reviewed a spooky show here on WATP.  The show is called NoSleep Podcast and I can tell you with certainty that if you listen you will most likely sleep comfortably.  This is a scripted fiction show of "scary" stories features creepy kids and stuff.  We have a guest on the show this week to help us out.  His name is Vinnie Paulino and you can check HIM out on his OWN program, The Rochester Show (available on rocpodcasts.com and on youtube and everywhere else).  Vinnie helps Karl and Kevin get through yet another brilliant show where the kids sound like they've smoked six packs of Kools and are about to start their shifts running the Gravitron at your local carnival.  Enjoy the ridiculousness!

This week we reviewed the JohnJay & Rich show which is a syndicated radio show in a bunch of markets.  Does that means its good, not really.  They talk about scary clowns and celebrity gossip, two topics that are almost interchangeable.  Kevin invites a "scary" clown onto the show to discuss the current state of affairs.  His name is Dorkles: The Outdoors Clown.  Dorkles enlightens us on what makes a clown tick.  The guys rip apart the "War of the Roses" "bit" that JohnJay & Rich hang their careers on (emphasis on hang).  

The boys are back and this week they have a doozy... or a "Duji" as it were.  We reviewed the radio show/podcast, Rover's Morning Glory.  It's a morning zoo-style radio show from Cleveland.  Did we like it?  Do we like ANY morning zoo shows?  The answer to those questions rhymes with "fo" (it's NO for the layperson).  Karl had a lot of fun with the bumpers and production of the show and Kevin... well didn't have any fun with anything.  Join us again for a deep dive into the poo-pool of morning radio and all the hacky stuff you've come to love.

This week Kevin and Karl listen to a podcast called The Baby-Sitters Club Club.  Finally, a podcast about a series of books that 14 year old girls would collect and eventually stack in their closets until their parents had to sell them in a garage sale for a penny each.  Here's the kicker though, the hosts are two dudes who AREN'T teenage girls.... wacky isn't it?  This is a fun one so take a listen won't you?

We apologize for the late posting of this episode but Kevin got his panties all bunched up over some dumb stuff and had to reschedule the show.  Anyways, here it is... Episode 30 of WATP.  This week we reviewed a show all about Emoji and it was just as fascinating as it sounds.  I mean what else can you say about tiny pictures of water pistols and monkeys and shit?  Kevin and Karl mutually disliked the show as you would probably expect.  However they get off on a tangent about McDonald's characters for no reason.  Kevin confuses pineapple emoji with the erect eggplant emoji... a lot.  Karl doesn't see the value in squirt gun emoji but is totally on board with poo emoji in reference to his fetishes.  Have a fun listen and go {heart} {smiley} {vagina} {eggplant} yourself.

Another week, another podcast reviewed on WATP.  This week we had the pleasure of reviewing a podcast we actually really enjoyed called My Dad Wrote A Porno.  The premise is simple.  A few English folks read passages from an erotic novel written by one of the host's dads.  Trust us, it's ridiculous and funny.  Kevin and Karl both enjoyed this show thoroughly and pulled a bunch of clips that will hopefully convince you too.  Karl shoehorns in another song parody and tells us about his weekend seeing McDonald's themed Black Sabbath cover band, Mac Sabbath.  Kevin laughs a lot and says "like" roughly 342 times (we estimated) during the episode.  So take that America, we CAN like a podcast as long as it features discussions of a porno nature.  Enjoy!

This week on WATP, we tackle a show called This Feels Horrible.  The show is basically about relationships, but more accurately, relationships from a female perspective.  So right off the jump we are put at a disadvantage because we are what some would call, men.  But, rest assured your hosts tackle this show like the all the others and try to find the best stuff we can in the abyss of spoken words.  Karl was basically shot out of a cannon this week with his take on what is right and wrong with the show... more the latter.  Kevin does his best to sympathize with the girls as always but also gets dragged down by the mindlessness of the discussion and his pending trip to IKEA.  So there you have it, it's a rough listen... but aren't they all folks?  

This week on WATP, the boys review another "theater of the mind" style podcast called The Bright Sessions.  The premise of the show is that we are listening in on private conversations between a therapist and her patients as they deal with "paranormal" type events in their lives.  Kevin thinks the paranormal stuff should also include sasquatches and chupacabras but to each his own.  Karl can't get enough of the sound effects and puts together a few music medleys to help the show when it suffers from lack of substance.  Cobra Commander drops by for a brief and unwelcomed hello because apparently that is all that Kevin can focus on now.  We are both amused by the onslaught of cheap sound effects used during the Bright Sessions and adopt a few of our own for the show as well.  So get your notepad, close the door behind you and walk heavy footed over to the couch and listen to another gem of a podcast.

Kevin and Karl review a podcast that is all about pens.  Yep, pens... those things that are mightier than the sword or whatever.  The show is called The Pen Addict and we listened to episode #212 titled "Captain Orange Beard".  Karl comes to us remote this week from Philadelphia where he is staying in an AirBnB that may/may not be owned by Boyz II Men.  Kevin, yet again, talks about how pens aren't that weird a thing to be into and drops hints to his eventual LEGO podcast he will bore the world with.  The guys collectively don't understand the pen fanaticism but then again we don't use things to write things.  We type them on a computer like normal well-adjusted people.  Whatever, if you like pens and writing or paper (yeah they gush over paper too) then listen to The Pen Addict.  I can guarantee you that Kevin and Karl won't be.

This week we review a movie review style podcast called "Films and Swearing", episode #80, titled "The Terminator". Basically this is a podcast that reviews an entire movie scene by scene and this month is Terminator month. We should also mention that the hosts of Films and Swearing are Scottish. Very Scottish. Kevin loved this show and is, in fact, now a fan and has subscribed. He enjoyed there use of "fooking" as a swear and also their uncanny Arnie impression at the top of the show. Karl, on the other hand, didn't like the show at all. I know this may be shocking to our listeners! So even though we both didn't agree on this show, we did have some good discussions on Kevin Smith and even Cobra Commander AND "Yakov Smirnoff" made an appearance to liven things up. WATP has had their budget approved for jingles so get ready to hear more of those in the coming episodes or as fast as Karl can create them.... err... I mean as fast as our production department can get them to us.

Karl and Kevin return after a couple weeks off to bring you a new episode about everyone's favorite "fake creature captured in weird egg" game, Pokemon Go. That's right, there are Pokemon Go Podcasts out there and we reviewed one called Go Time. Episode titled, "Love At The Dog Park". Now normally Kevin is lazy and does no research at all for shows. He basically does sub-par impressions and tries not to mess up the audio recording too much. But this week, well Kevin stepped up his game and actually PLAYED Pokemon Go. Not because he thought it would make the podcast better, but because he feels old and wants very desperately to fit in with what the youths are into. Karl on the other hand, was oddly nice this week and wasn't MF'ing the hosts as much as usually. Has he turned over a new leaf? Perhaps, but that leaf is was covered in doo-doo-feces anyways most likely. So take a listen and welcome back what some are calling "a horrible podcast that offends me only when they say bad things about my podcast".

Your pals Kevin and Karl are back and reviewing a podcast called Love At First Pizza, episode titled "Two Truths And A Lie".  Basically the show dives deeply into the lives of two "lovers" that met at a pizza place.  Kevin basically didn't do his homework this week and thought they'd be reviewing a show about how to properly love pizza (hint, you f**k it).  Karl got annoyed at basically everything that came out of the host's word-holes.  We tried playing Two Truths And A Lie and learned way more about Karl (he got punched in his massive dick while in Spain).  Really though, just listen and have fun with whatever the hell this show is supposed to be.  

After a week off, the boys are joined by their special guest Mark to review The Big O and Dukes Show, episode titled "Unsubscribe".  All three of the guys basically reach the same conclusion that the show is very professionally done and clearly they hosts know what they are doing.  However, Kevin and Mark seem to agree that there isn't really anything too new to be found here.  Karl likes it because he is basically a 13 yr old trapped in a 16 yr olds body trapped in a late 30's plane of existence.  The show takes a weird turn when they have a "country music star" on that is kind of like if Weird Al was country and also liked to swear and talk about blowjobs.  Again, Karl loved this, Mark and Kevin... not so much.  Seriously though, what else is there to say.  If you like the gonzo morning-zoo-ish style of radio than you might like this show.  However, if you enjoy your free time and like to make productive use of it, then you may seek out other forms of better entertainment like knitting, bug collecting or TurboTax.  Anyways, have fun!

Join us in celebrating Independence Day with some dumb ghost stories! Kevin and Karl review Real Ghost Stories Online this week. It's a podcast that explores the crazy and wacky world of ghosts and ghoulies. Kevin loves this kind of show and offers his opinions on shadow people and ghost-draculas while Karl just thinks they are all silly gooses. When surveyed, 9 out of 10 shadow people said they would indeed tune into this show again when not out scaring youths. Check out Yakov's Dinner Adventure video that we reference in the show... https://youtu.be/dnfnMztPteo?t=1m24s  

This week Kevin and Karl review a show called You Suck Show, episode #11 - titled “Billboard violence, shady dog dealings and weed”.  This was a very depressing comedy podcast that featured, well just like the title says, weed, dogs and billboards.  Kevin does his best to “mend fences” with all the show haters out there and reads a letter from a “fan”.  Karl talks about his home modem and we reminisce about Yes and Geocities.  Somewhere in here we actually review the show too, but trust You Suck Show is a hard listen as it gets depressing in this episode.  We are sure they were just having a bad day, don’t write us please even though we ask you to write us at the beginning of the show.  Lol.  LMAO.  ROFL.  NRA.  CIA.

This week's episode we review a podcast called As If, episode Minute 42 - Clown Liquor.  It's an entire podcast dedicated to reviewing 60 second chunks of the movie Clueless.  We're gonna stop and let you read that last sentence again.  Ok, are you good, yes it's a podcast about Clueless but reviewing one minute of the movie at a time and it's just as dumb as you'd hope.  Kevin and Karl dive into their review of this podcast by immediately talking about Alicia Silverstone and how she was a pillar of most spank-banks in the mid-90s.  We learn that Kevin does impressions in his private life and Karl sings about his love of Aerosmith ballads.  So listen to us do 50 minutes on an 18 minute podcast that is reviewing 60 seconds of a dumb movie. 

This week Kevin and Karl review an NPR podcast called Ask Me Another, the episode is from May 27th, 2016.  This is a "game-show" style podcast featuring special guest Sir Patrick Stewart and some other people that we can't remember.  The guys would love to say that they had fun with the "games" on this one, but clearly no fun was had.  Kevin takes an immediate stance that the show audience is fake and therefore worthy of conspiracy theories about why.  Karl notices the sponsors of the podcast have a interesting theme.  Sir Patrick Stewart seems out of place and throws a couple of cringers out there that make the "crowd" uncomfortable (they aren't real).  Enjoy!

The boys review a podcast "theater-of-the-mind" type show all about the zombie apocalypse called We're Alive, episode #47. We learned all about foley artists and what real movies use them for. We also discover the true nature of a character called Saul. Karl does some audio mashups and sweetens the foley work in the episode. Kevin likes the artwork for the season 2 of We're Alive as he can't bring himself to ever totally give a negative opinion on something. **We had some technical difficulties with this show but we were able to salvage most of it and smooth it out. We here at WATP will be modifying our setup for next recording to make sure we avoid this in the future.

Kevin and Karl have the delight of reviewing a podcast of people playing Dungeons & Dragons.  The show is called SourceFed Dungeons & Dragons and we reviewed Season 2, Episode 9.  It's every bit the shit-show that it sounds like it would be.  Kevin teaches Karl some of the D&D lingo even though he's "never played before".  Karl talks about how he makes his poop and what happens after its made.  All in all it's a real entertaining episode that critics are sure to call "An Episode of a Podcast".  Tune in an try not to fall in love with these characters.

This week Kevin and Karl review a podcast called DrinkDrankDrunk.  What is the premise of this gem you ask?  It's a podcast about grammar hosted by two drunk woman.  Yep, it's just as engaging as that description sounds.  We did learn all about using bold on your fonts in an email and also that the name Liam is short for William.  So basically, we learned nothing and lost precious time that we could've been spending writing emails to their show to rip on them.

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, episode entitled "Rachel Bloom".  Kevin loves the production values and occasionally chuckles at the jokes while Karl wishes the entire show would die in a fire.  Bill Curtis and Tom Bodett are featured on the show and Kevin discloses that their velvet voices are fan-wank material.  Karl does his best to educate us all on song writing theory in a constructive and helpful way.  Carlos Santana is talked about for some reason and Kevin is as white as old dog poo.  All this and more on this week's WATP!    

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called Girl Camper, episode #29, entitled "A Weekend in Wichita, Kansas".  We learn a lot about RVs and tire safety... A LOT about tire safety.  We also get a glimpse into the wonderful art around Wichita, Kansas which includes guitar playing statues with accompaning "guitar boxes" for coins.  Kevin debuts his new Aaron Neville impression to the low roar of crickets and Karl tries to remember the lead singer of the Bee Gees.  Sounds exciting right?  Well its not even as close to exciting as hearing what these girl campers had to eat while they stopped in Wichita (hint, it was a BLT and Grilled Cheese).  Have fun fastening that noose while listening to this one!  

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called FurCast, episode #321, titled Slow Motion Car Crash.  We learned a lot in this 4 hour show, yes 4 hours of listening about people that dress up like animals and occasionally have sex.  But that's not all we learned, there is also Furry Porn too which is basically drawings of animals doing it.  Sound exciting?  Well join us as we sift through this pile of manure that is FurCast.  Also, check out the image we refer to in this episode here.

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called SnatchThatWeave, episode entitled STW vs. EVERYBODY.  Unfortunately the podcast doesn't feature snatches or even weaving for that matter which is a bummer because Kevin bought a loom specifically in preparation for this week.  Thankfully, he was able to sell the loom on Craigslist albeit at a significant loss.  Anyways, enjoy listening to a couple of white guys act like they know something about anything.  We have to go now, Five Guys is about to close.  

Kevin and Karl review a podcast called Cocktails and Centaurs, episode #50 which is titled, Marijuana for your Vagina.  What did we learn after listening... absolutely nothing.  We do hear about shoes, fat Barbie, menstruation and a show called Pretty Little Liars.  So if you consider that knowledge than we were well fed I guess.  But seriously, this podcast is an abomination and will make you question your life and the lives of those around you.  Have fun yenta-ing it up! 

Kevin and Karl review the Mancow Morning Show, the April 1st, 2016 episode.  If you're unfamiliar with Mancow, he does a radio show out of Chicago and is apparently a self-proclaimed "American Badass".  The real truth is that he and the show are the worst, most cliched version of a "morning zoo" radio program straight out of 1996.  How this is still on the air is beyond us.  Enjoy our review and utter-disgust at Mancow and his crew.

Kevin and Karl review Joe on Joe, a podcast all about G.I. Joe.  We did something different this week and we each reviewed two different episodes to compare.  Kevin listened to an episode entitled "The Vines of Evil" while Karl listened to "In The Cobra's Pit".  How could there be a podcast about G.I. Joe you ask?  Well apparently there is a podcast for literally every topic ever.  Listen to in-depth discussions about Flint, Duke, Roadblock, Shipwreck and other crap that no one gives AF about.  Enjoy!