Podcasts Radio KPSEducation
Podcasts Radio KPSEducation


We upload some of our student-created radio shows as podcasts. This is also a place to come for 'bonus' content!

  • Narratives - Jack
  • Narrative - Theo
  • Narrative - Pippa
  • Narrative - Kisha
  • Narrative - Jude
  • Narrative - Georgia
  • Narrative - Cooper
  • Narrative - Chevy
  • Narratives: Me and my pet narwal by Ron [Year 4]
    Ron has written a fictional story about him and his pet narwal
  • Weekly News Reel 19 Aug 2022
    Kisha and Georgia bring you the latest news for the week.
  • Weekly News Reel - 12 August, 2022
    Georgia and Kisha share the latest weekly news
  • Weekly News Reel - 5 August 2022
    Kisha & Georgia share this week's news
  • Weekly News Reel - 29 July 2022
    Kisha & Georgia share the latest news for the week.
  • Top 5 ReCountdown [From the archives]
    Featuring top stories written and recorded by students at KPS. Our producers select a range of stories each week and have the authors record them for the show. This bonus episode is a compilation from our 2019 archive. Producers/Hosts were Xanthia and Thomas.
  • Weekly News Reel [From the archives]
    'Weekly News Reel' brings you the latest interesting news from New Zealand and around the world. We hope to begin this show again later in 2022 - STAY TUNED! This bonus episode from our 2017 archive has Brea & Jade as the producers and announcers.
  • Sports Round-up [From the archives]
    Sports Round-up lets you know the latest results and happenings in sport at KPS along with other sports news. From our 2018 archive, Ryder and Zach are the hosts. We hope this show 'kicks off' again in the near future.
  • Election Special 2017 [From the archives]
    Students at Kauri Park School held their own elections.  Get the inside story on how they organised and ran the event.
  • End of Summertime Festival 2017 [from the archives]
    Each year the Friends of Kauri Park organise our big fundraiser and community event 'End of Summertime Festival'. Here are some highlights from the evening.