From dynamite bricks to bombastic boomerangs, Spy Games follows the never-ending battle between Agent Black and Agent Red as they try to outsmart each other with disguises, gizmos and gadgets.

  • Spy Games - Flower
    Red enjoys the outdoors.
  • Spy Games - E-Mail
    Red checks his e-mail.
  • Spy Games - Drink
    Black goes to a bar.
  • Spy Games - China
    White goes to China.
  • Spy Games - Check
    Black buys a camera.
  • Spy Games - Bowling
    Red and Black go bowling.
  • Spy Games - Baseball
    Red and Black play baseball.
  • Spy Games - Zapping
    Red and Black watch TV.
  • Spy Games - Propeller
    Red uses his backpack propeller.
  • Spy Games - Telephone
    Black's ingenious use of a telephone.
  • Spy Games - Babushka dolls
    Red versus Black in a warehouse.
  • Spy Games - Invisible
    Red wants to be invisible.
  • Spy Games - Boomerang
    Black plays with his boomerang.
  • Spy Games - Christmas
    Red and Black celebrate Christmas.
  • Spy Games - Pinata
    Red versus Black and a pinata.
  • Spy Games - Light Bulb
    Red replaces a burnt out light bulb.
  • Spy Games - Fishing
    Red versus Black at the pier.
  • Spy Games - Drawings
    Red gets drawings from Black.
  • Spy Games - Alarm Clock
    Red versus Black and an alarm clock.
  • Spy Games - Fem Fatal
    Red and Black go to a rundown bar.