Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed & Tazer BlackComedy
Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed & Tazer BlackComedy
Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed & Tazer BlackComedy
Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed & Tazer BlackComedy


The #3ShotsOfTequila Podcast is a fun and light hearted podcast that gives you an insight into London living, Black London culture and everything that comes with it. No topic is off limits for Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black. Have a listen and join in the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #3ShotsOfTequila

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  • Are You Paying For The Brand Or The Exclusivity? - 371
    Topics: Setting Boundaries, People With Anxiety, How The 3 Shots Boys Get Annoyed, Brent's Breakdown Of The Fellas, Showing Love, Why Do People Love Humble People, Exclusivity vs Price + More
  • Do Our Parents Have To Be Our Friends? - 371
    Topics: Plastic Bag Tax, Sexual Health MOT's, Half Truths, Chatty Patties, Relationship Roles, Do You Change Your All Your Bedding After Sex ? + More
  • What Kind Of Friend Would People Say You Are? - 370
    Topics: Marriage, Relationship Roles, Excuses For Cheating, Stop Grouping Podcasts Without Listening, Top Boy, Denzel + More
  • Staying On Our Phones During Lockdown Changed Us - 370 (Feat. Junior Andre)
    Topics: Growing Up Famous, The Next Gen, Studying During Lockdown, Music Without Swearing, Paparazzi, Is It Really Bad Service? + More
  • What's A Better Investment? A House Or Watch? - 369 (Feat. No Behaviour)
    Topics: Watch vs House, Lightskin Dude Season + More
  • Lockdown Robbed Us Of Our Lives - 369 (Feat. No Behaviour)
    Topics: Getting Weed In DR, Being In The Hood, Lockdown, Bringing Sand To The Beach, Gym Talk + More
  • Is The Carnival Confusing - 368
    Topics: The Notting Hill Carnival 2023 Recap, Tell Me How We Met, Is The Carnival Confusing? Bank Holiday Weekned Motives + More
  • Our Issue Is, We Weren't Treated The Same - 368 (Feat. Kai Fagan & Sanam Harrinanan)
    Topics: Being A Teacher, Working In Adoption, Stupid People In Films, Conspiracy Theories, Playing The Love Island Game, Doing What We Want To, True Love Isn't Dead + More
  • Monogamy vs Polygamy - 367
    Topics: Books Not Making The Bible, What Do You Believe, The Y Files, Monogamy & Polygamy, Reincarnation, More Choices, Mason Greenwood + More
  • Do You Believe In Aliens? - 367
    Topics: MJ & Nike, White Jesus, North Korea, Angels & Demons, Aliens, Black Magic + More
  • The Lady Who Requested Sex With Her Ex On Her Death Bed - 366
    opics: Hospital Bed Requests, Will You Always Go Back To Your Ex, Margs Just Pod Bro, How Did Temi Get Injured, How Do Was Your Bum, Antigua Carnival, The GRM Gala, Was Joe Budden Wrong + More
  • The Montgomery Brawl Feat. Aqua Man & The White Chair - 366
    Topics: Is You Thinking I Eat Chicken Racist, Montgomery Brawl, What's Your Contribution To The Pod, Stop Touching The Mic, The Popcaan Pew Pew, Sly On No Behaviour, The Notting Hill Carnival Origins + More
  • I Saw Him As A Brother, But He Saw Me As A Project - 365 (Feat. Cashh)
    Topics: Y Fi Dat, Music Influences, Top 5 Tunes Right Now, Sting, Dancehall Beef, The Golden Era Of Bashment, Steel Banglez & The Playlist, Scenario Time + More
  • People Thought My Deportation Was A Joke - 365 (Feat. Cashh)
    Topics: Being Focused, Parking Tickets, My Time In Jamaica, 'After The Return' The New Project, Life & Friends, Jealousy, Gentrification, Babes & Parks + More
  • Wait, Did You Say 9-5? - 364
    Topics: Sexual Honesty, Women With High Sex Drives, Shift Patterns, 1st Rounds & 2nd Rounds, Keeping Up With Liefstyles, Relationship Misuderstandings + More
  • Does Your Bum Hole Wink? - 364 (Feat. Sukihana & Afro B)
    Topics: Spanish Artists Spitting On Afrobeat, Not Caring What People Say, What Does G.O.A.T Mean, USA Ladies Taking Over Rap, I Scare Myself In The Bedroon, Golden Showers, Bedroom Boundaries + More
  • Camera's Be Killing The Vibe - 363 (Feat. Anthony Yarde)
    Topics: Being A Privte Person, Secret Filmers, The Titty Bars, Adrenaline In The Ring, Boxing Is Hard, Game Show Questions + More
  • Bet You Didn't Know I Could MC! - 363 (Feat. Anthony Yarde)
    Topics: Growing Up In East London, I Got Bars, How I Started Boxing, Trash Talk In The Ring, Randoms Can't Banter Me + More
  • Treat Her Like A Celebrity & She'll Treat You Like A Fan - 362 (Feat. Stephan Speaks & Dr. Bobby Price
    Topics: Respect Yourself & Others Will Respect You, People Chasing 10s, Men & Women Want Differnt Things, Health Myths, Green Fruit & Veg, London Is Different + More
  • Don't Adjust To Society, Stick To Your Values - 362 (Feat. Stephan Speaks & Dr. Bobby Price
    Topics: Men & Women Receive Information Differently, Why Did He Come Back Ladies, Needing omewhere To Live, Relationships Need Work Before, During & Afterward, Men & Mariage, Cheating Credits, Modern People Wanting Traditional Partners + More