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Opinionated video game talk show.

  • 69: G4 Only Lives Twice
    After a long hiatus, Gamepinions is back! G4 was back in our lives, only to suddenly disappear again. What happened to the G4 that we used to know? And what happened to this new G4 that was a complete stranger? In this episode,
  • 68: 68.7 Billion Reasons Why Microsoft Has Changed Everything
    plans to handle this move. I also touch upon some of my concerns with the growing trend of consolidation in the gaming industry. Lastly, I talk about Xbox Game Pass and what I believe it will become in the future, if these acquisitions continue.
  • 67: 2021 Game Of The Year Special
    In this episode, I go over all of our previous game of the year winners and then declare the winner for 2021. Admittedly, 2021 was pretty uneventful in the games department for me. In 2021 I focused on not spending money on a lot of new games and conso...
  • 66: Metroid Dread, The Best Deal In Gaming
    In this episode, Jon and I ramble on about our feelings on the latest installment in the Metroid franchise. For Jon, the long wait is finally over, after waiting years for a sequel to Metroid Fusion. For me,
  • 65: The Redemption Arc Of Fallout 76
    After wanting to talk about this game for two years, I finally talk, in greater detail about the previously controversial, Fallout 76. While I go over some of the old issues with the game, the goal of the episode is to determine if Fallout 76 has been ...
  • 64: Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The Name Says It All.
    In this episode I briefly go over who I think won E3. I also go over Nintendo newest model in the Switch lineup: The OLED Model. While no matter what Nintendo did they were bound to face backlash of some sort,
  • 63: Sony Doesn’t Know When PS5 Shortages Will End
    In this episode of Gamepinions, I talk about God of War: Ragnarok's delay and the fact that the game is now also coming to PlayStation 4. This could all be due to Covid, and I completely trust Santa Monica's decision to delay the game. However,
  • 62: Monster Hunter Tri To Rise
    In this episode I talk about my experience with the Monster Hunter franchise! Dating back from Tri on the Wii to Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch. This is my Monster Hunter origin story.
  • 61: A Funeral For Mario
    In this episode we talk about the new PlayStation VR controllers, the Switch pro rumors, and the internet's proclaimed death of Mario. We discuss if Nintendo's approach to Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a genius business decision, or a dirty trick.
  • 60: Breath Of The Wild 2 is MIA And That’s Okay
    In this episode we talk how I am okay with Breath of the Wild 2 being missing in action, as it quells some of my underlying concerns with the game. Nintendo did a great job with the original game, so they deserve credit for taking their time.
  • 59: The Worst Video Game Launches In History
    With all the negative attention Cyberpunk 2077 has been receiving, we decided to take a look at other game launches from this past generation. In this episode, we recap some of the game launches, that didn't go so smoothly.
  • 58: EA Sports Is Going Back To College Football
    In this episode we talk about the new and exciting news that college football is coming back to EA's game lineup! The last college football game was NCAA 14 and that was back on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days.
  • 57: A Massive Year For Star Wars
    Welcome to Gamepinions episode 57: A Massive Year For Star Wars A lot has been happening in the world of Star Wars and ever since The Mandalorian season 2 ended, Dakota and I have been bitten by the Star Wars bug.
  • 56: 2020 Game Of The Year Special
    In this episode Dakota and I talk about our game of the year choices and we crown the 3rd Gamepinions' game of the year.
  • 55: How Awesome Is The PS5?
    In this episode, Dakota, the biggest PlayStation expert of his generation, goes into detail about his experiences with his new favorite toy. From the functionality, to the games, to the taste of this plastic beast, Dakota has it all covered for you.
  • 54: Goodbye PlayStation 4, It’s Been Nice
    In this episode, Dakota and I go over our favorite PS4 games! With PlayStation 5 out today, the PS4's reign of dominance has come to an end. Join us in sending it off into the sun set.
  • 53: Last Of Us Part 2, Microsoft’s Next Gen Strategy, And The Return Of Filip Miucin.
    Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 53! In this episode we talk about Dakota's experience with Last of Us 2, Microsoft's Strategy for next gen, and the surprising return of the exiled Filip Miucin. Thanks for listening in and share it with your frei...
  • 52: Nascar Heat 5 Sold Us On F1 2020
    Welcome to Gamepinions Episode 52: Nascar Heat 5 Sold Us On F1 2020. In this episode Dakota and I talk about our brand new racing game, F1 2020. After Nascar Heat 5 turned out to be a completely repackaged variant of nascar Heat 4,
  • 51: The Games Media, Smash Bros Community, And The Last Of Us 2
    2020 has not been kind to anyone. This week I talk about all of the crazy things going on in gaming. Games media, select members of the Smash Bros community, and the Last of Us, have all been trending for all the wrong reasons.
  • 50: 2020 Claims Mixer Too
    2020 is turning out to be a really not so great year. At this point it has been easier to count what has gone right, instead of what has gone wrong. Unfortunately for Mixer streamers, Mixer is the most recent victim to 2020's wrath.