Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer


Adventures and conversations with a professional wilderness photographer living in one of the smallest and most remote towns in the USA.

  • A Conversation with Michelle
    Craig meets up with telecommuting engineer and fellow band mate, Michelle, to discuss working remotely and the surprising twists and turns of life in a small town.
  • A Conversation with Grant
    Craig manages to talk with Grant Houston, the town's newspaper editor, at the local coffee shop.
  • Wildlife and Wilderness
    On his way down the mountain, a tired Craig rambles about the local wildlife and the value of wild places.
  • A Conversation with Ivan
    Craig talks with a newcomer to the town, Ivan, who runs a business with his wife.
  • Ice Climbing in Colorado
    Craig talks with a visiting ice climber and discusses the big advantages of small towns and... yes, wilderness.
  • A Conversation with Katherine
    Craig visits with Katherine and her cats as she talks about her work and hiking the PCT.
  • Podcast at 12500 Feet
    Craig shelters from the storm in a snow wilderness and decides to record a podcast...
  • A Conversation with Dave
    Craig catches up with a very talented and interesting friend (and long-time resident), Dave Jordan.
  • A Post-Christmas Message
    Craig reflects on the podcast itself, friends in small towns and what the future holds...
  • The First Guest - A Conversation with Melody
    Craig is joined by his first guest, Melody, who is one half of the team running the local coffee shop.
  • Four is the New One
    Craig podcasts from the local lake in a snowbound environment - with a new microphone - and rambles about wild places.
  • Third Act
    Craig wanders downtown as winter takes hold in a small Colorado mountain town. Part three of a pilot trilogy.
  • The Difficult Second Episode
    Craig talks about actually living in a mountain town, including the opportunities and compromises that come with it. Part two of a pilot trilogy.
  • The First Attempt
    Craig tries his hand at podcasting from the middle of a Colorado mountain town. Part one of a pilot trilogy.