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More pro-Bitcoin voices are featured, but are some wolves in sheep's clothing? I'll examine the Pomp Problem and the Bitcoin beachhead spreading from state to state. Why the market bracing for higher inflation for longer, is not great news for Bitcoin in the short term. Sponsor: Promo Code: TWIBLinks:It’s a Higher-for-Longer World for Rates, and That’s OK - WSJWeekly market commentary | BlackRock Investment InstituteFed chair: Focusing solely on inflation is “no longer appropriate” - MarketplaceFed officials consider leaving rates higher for longer | The HillFed Chair Powell Wants Inflation to Cool More - The New York TimesThe State of Louisiana Passes a Bill To Protect Your ‘Fundamental Bitcoin Rights’Satoshi Action FundBitcoin’s risk/reward ratio will blow your mind - YouTubeBlockFi’s Rise and Fall: A TimelineMr. 100" bought 100% of new supply of Bitcoin over the last 2 daysMutiny Wallet v0.6.1: New Home Screen, Nostr Profile Setup, Federation Discovery & RecommendationsVulnerabilities exploited in the wild fixed based on GrapheneOS reports - GrapheneOS Discussion ForumCoinbase Selects Lightspark for Lightning 🔄 Lightspark’s SDKs, APIs, and developer tools streamline Lightning Network integration, while Lightspark Predict optimizes liquidity requirements and routing in real time.🔐 Coinbase will use Lightspark’s remote-key signing implementation, allowing Coinbase to benefit from a scalable and reliable node infrastructure without managing Lightning keys.This seems to be after a team internally looked at standing up Lightning.This was the guy formerly in charge of implementing Lightning at Coinbase 💀Tether Awards $100K Grant to BTCPay Server FoundationResource of the Week:Bitcoin Halving Countdown ClockMusic:
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