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Election year pressures are pushing the fight to control information to the US Supreme Court, slowing the money flow to Ukraine, and causing failed leaders to panic.Show notes:Supreme Court hears landmark cases that could upend what we see on social mediaSection 230Section 230 embodies that principle that we should all be responsible for our own actions and statements online, but generally not those of others. The law prevents most civil suits against users or services that are based on what others say.The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin - The New York TimesFor more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.But the partnership is no wartime creation, nor is Ukraine the only beneficiary.It took root a decade ago, coming together in fits and starts under three very different U.S. presidents, pushed forward by key individuals who often took daring risks. It has transformed Ukraine, whose intelligence agencies were long seen as thoroughly compromised by Russia, into one of Washington’s most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today.The listening post in the Ukrainian forest is part of a C.I.A.-supported network of spy bases constructed in the past eight years that includes 12 secret locations along the Russian border. 📡 Spy Network Expansion: CIA-backed spy bases, developed over eight years, span 12 covert sites along the Russian border, aiding in intelligence gathering and strategic planning.🛩️ Training and Support: CIA’s involvement extends to training elite Ukrainian commandos, Unit 2245, and nurturing a new generation of Ukrainian spies operating globally.🤝 Deepened Partnership: The partnership, initiated in 2014, evolved through mutual trust and shared objectives, with Ukraine proving its value through intelligence contributions.🚀 Critical Intelligence: The alliance played pivotal roles in confirming Russia’s involvement in incidents like the downing of MH17 and combating Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.🤔 Misjudged Dynamics: Despite initial hesitancy from US officials fearing Russian backlash, the CIA-Ukraine collaboration grew steadily due to Ukraine’s proactive efforts and mutual benefits.Clandestine on X: "In case you didn’t hear, the MSM are now admitting that Ukraine is a CIA proxy.EnforceTheTruth on X: CIA = 2014 Maidan color evolution. Victoria Nuland. Geoffrey Pyatt. John McCain. Lindsey Graham. Amy Klobuchar. Marie Yovanovitch.Prevailing on Ukraine Funding, McConnell Took Political Hits - The New York TimesMr. McConnell’s main arguments in support of Ukraine funding: that much of the federal money ultimately finds its way to U.S. companies that manufacture weapons and ammunition.“I find it really disturbing that there are people out there making the argument on both sides of the aisle, ‘No big deal, it’s helping our defense industrial base.’”
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