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This week, we'll discuss the high-signal mind virus spreading around the community, why the Saylor strategy has Jim Cramer salty, the final word on ETF centralization, and if we should stop calling it the Blockchain and start calling it the Timechain.Sponsor: Promo Code: TWiBLinks:Bitcoin Atlantis – A Bitcoin conference in the AtlanticBitcoin Is Time | dergigi.com21 Ways - 21 Ways To Look At BitcoinJack Talk Mallers on XLawrence LepardBitcoin Flips SilverPierre Rochard on X: "BREAKING: the Biden Administration is cancelling the fake #Bitcoin mining “emergency” Michael Saylor: Bitcoin’s ‘Gold Rush’ Has Started: 2024-2034, Why Smart Money is Buying #Bitcoin - YouTubeDennis Porter on X: "ARIZONA SENATE PASSES RESOLUTION TO CONSIDER ADDING THE #BTC ETF TO AZ STATE PENSIONSLyn Says the ETFs are like an API for FiatTime Chain calendar . ComBTC Minstrel -  | What Shall We Do With Michael Saylor
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