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To become an Audio Experience (AX) designer, you need to exercise your creativity. One idea is to use a game I created called the Podcast Design Builder (working title) to play with other creatives. The idea is to create a podcast idea in 30 minutes after being given only a few randomly determined design constraints. Can you do it?How to Play the GameThe host invites 2-4 guests to create 10 design requirements (5-10 minutes).Each of the players spends some time creating a rough podcast idea (5-10 minutes).Everyone shares their rough podcast idea with the host asking clarifying questions.Everyone then explores each other’s creation (Pros/Cons, Open Forum).If there needs to be a winner, the host, the guests, or the audience decides.Download the RulesPodcast Design Builder is free to play and free to download. If you do try this game out, come up with your own house rules, or even put this into a podcast episode, please let me know!Podcast Design Builder Rules [PDF]Notable Quotes"Designing a podcast is hard."-- Kyle M. Bondo"If you exercise your creative muscle then your next idea will not be easily squished."-- Kyle M. Bondo
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