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Episode Summary Unofficial Stero Community: Hive Stereo Community: This was an Episode I created live on the stereo mobile app available for both Apple iOS and Android. The Stereo App has a cool feature that allows creators on the platform to download an audio file of their streams. This can be used to create podcasts, videos, and more. I plan on showing people on the Stereo App how to use the content that they create with Stereo for their podcast, YouTube Channels, TikTok, twitch, Instagram, and X accounts to take ownership of their data with Hive. Web3 makes it too easy not to be the boss of your data in 2024 and backing your content up to a decentralized blockchain like Hive is step 1! In this Episode Creating The Unofficial Stereo Community on Hive, Explaining Some Goals For the Stereo App and Hive Network Communities, and Talking About Storing Keys For Web3 Accounts On Hive. Unofficial Stereo Community Description: Unofficial community for Stereo App users on HiveDescription Learn how to use your Stereo content to generate income on Hive and Web3 Connect with other Stereo App users Learn Podcasting 2.0 tools Promote your content to a global audience Join the Hive community on stereo to turn talks into tokens! Rules: - Be respectful - Only post original content - Keep Content related to the Stereo App - Be a good human
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