Half of What He Used to Be - The Journey of a Lifetime with Mr. Dameon Welch-Abernathy
Dameon Welch-Abernathy is an Author, Social Media Influencer, Cyber Security Evangelist, original Podcast host, and Founding Father of one fo the world’s largest Cyber Security communities, Check Point’s CheckMates.  Dameon is also living a story of incredible personal transformation through an absolutely incredible weight loss journey, I am going to let him tell you the story himself and also give you a few tips if you are also on a journey of your own to better health. Dameon’s podcast “PhoneBoy Speaks” is on phoneboy.com (and the usual places). You can find Dameon on the Social media at: https://twitter.com/PhoneBoy https://www.facebook.com/phoneboy https://linkedin.com/in/phoneboy Dameon also mentions an excellent podcast called “The Fitness Confidential” podcast, which can be found on all of the major podcasting platforms, and at the founder’s home page at:  https://vinnietortorich.com Can we ask a small favor of you? Please, consider making even a small donation to your local causes that fight hunger. A Hundred Words supports Meals on Wheels, and also our local Back Mountain Food Pantry as well as the Al Beech Food Pantry, please, pick a cause to reduce suffering caused by hunger, thank you!

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