Keith, Tom and Graeme

Episode Summary

This one isn't about the Denzel films, it's the TV show starring Ewar Woowar.Every episode of The Equalizer dealt with a different situation that needed equalising. Be it a graphic equalizer or a point scored that brought the two teams up to the same number of points, Robert McCall was there to help.For this final episode, we decided to make Keith sound like he’s sitting in a much bigger room than the other two. Sorry about that.Robert McCall drives a Jaguar XJ8. Ian Pie drives a Saab 900.Why won’t Tom let us make comparisons?Anyone who is anyone was in this gritty television, including some of the cast of West Wing. ‘James Bond’ isn’t a code name.Someone from Lyndhurst has sent Tom a tangential postcard.Apparently, psychics are a real and reliable source of future events. But what do you dip in soup?We’re still living with Tom’s earlier skewed ratings. There is no excuse for getting confused with such a simple scoring system.However, this does give us a chance to find out what we rated highest/lowest through this run of ‘Sparrow Talk presents’. Quiz.Done.Keep in touch with us,, or See for privacy and opt-out information.
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