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In the final rooms of the 6th Dwelling Place of the Interior Castle, St. Teresa teaches us about some special favors our Lord gives to prepare the soul with wedding garments for entrance into His Kingly Chambers, the Throne Room.  The Lord gives us the light to know we are in God and God is in us and how damaging it is for us to sin in God.    In order to go forward, the soul must also understand that God is Truth, the Light of Truth.  St. Teresa clarifies that to walk in truth is to walk in humility.  In the final chapter of the 6th Dwelling Place, we enter the room of the Fire of Love and the ardent anguish souls experience in their uncontainable desires for full union with God in Spiritual Marriage.  Despite the great pain, much joy and great benefits are experienced.   RESOURCES:  “Interior Castle, Study Guide, 2nd Edition” by St. Teresa of Avila; Translated and Prepared by Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD; ICS Publications. “The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila,” Vol. 1 (includes “The Book of Her Life, Spiritual Testimonies, Soliloquies”) by St. Teresa of Avila, Translated by Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD and Otilio Rodriguez, OCD; ICS Publications. “The Ordinary Path to Holiness” by R. Thomas Richard, PhD; St. Pauls, 2003. “Journey into Divine Intimacy with St. Teresa of Avila” by Sr. Leslie Lund, OCDH; Carmelite Sisters of Mary Publishers, 2019. “The Word of the Lord:  Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings, Year A” by John Bergsma; Emmaus Road Publishing.  
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