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We often try to mould ourselves into the image of what others think, and in this vicious process, we forget how to stay true to ourselves. From a young age, we learn to be someone our parents want us to be, and it is perfectly normal to get lost in this process.... 🤯 We are constantly told how to sit... how to talk... how to act... and even how to breathe in front of others. All of this has been so ingrained in our minds that when someone asks us how we’re doing, we don’t actually reply to that question as seriously and deeply as we should. Our answer is more often “Yeah, I’m fine” or “I’m okay” - even if we don’t necessarily mean it.😟 Unfortunately, it has become a habit to hide our true personalities and present ourselves to others as entirely different people. And, we somehow lose our true selves in that whole process. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could just be yourself? Your true self, without a mask hiding you? Imagine living in a world where we are all accepted - flaws and all - without hiding from others and ourselves. 🥰 Feeling positive in today’s chaotic world doesn’t seem easy. Saying “I’m fine” when you’re clearly NOT can damage your mental and emotional well-being. This false positivity prevents us from feeling confident and authentic with ourselves.🤐🤫🤕 Recognising and accepting our feelings as they are can be really helpful. When we accept our emotions, we acknowledge the problem behind those feelings and respond to find a solution. Knowing yourself is not just about knowing your body. It is about knowing who you are as a whole person – your body, thoughts, emotions, intuition, awareness, spirit, character and determination. Hiding these emotions and feelings would not help you feel any better; on the contrary, you will feel bummed out, miserable and blue.😓 This whole self-acceptance thing may seem daunting, but once you muster up the courage to accept your true identity, you will become more confident and self-assured in your actions. So, don’t be afraid to get to know yourself better and find the beauty that may be hidden. Each one of us is unique and has our own individuality. Even if you are a twin, you are still a 1 in 1. You’re beautiful, intelligent, strong, fearless, full of depth and wonder. And don’t forget to define how you want to be treated and spoken to. You are the one who has to live with yourself most of the time, and in the end, it is your opinion of yourself that will mostly influence your behaviour and functioning. So learn to tune your mind to positive thoughts about yourself. Do not let any negative thoughts about yourself linger. Do not let unpleasant words about yourself come out of your mouth. Be lighter on yourself. Nobody is perfect. Gently accept your human side. Listen to this podcast if you’re struggling to find your true authentic self. 😘🤗
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