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In this week’s episode we chat to the wonderful Dr Aziza Sesay, an NHS GP, a GP educator, Honorary Senior Clinical lecturer, speaker and health content creator who has a passion for health education, awareness, advocacy and empowerment. She channels this through her platform 'Talks with Dr. Sesay' where she shares short informative videos, live discussions and tips on a variety of topics with a particular emphasis on women’s and gynaecological health, cancer awareness, mental health and health inequity. Her goal is to equip and empower individuals with knowledge in the hope of preventing disease or at least moderating their progression.With a 3 year waiting list for some NHS Gynaecology departments in the UK it is important to seek the correct, evidenced based information to gain the most from an appointment and to understand what may be happening in your own body.This is a must listen whether you have just began menstruating, are in post menopause and everything in between.Dr Sesay busts some myths regarding heavy and/or painful periods, painful sex, Menopause, vaginal sweets, ‘intimate’ cleaning products & more.We discuss how using the correct anatomical language such as vulva and vagina can actually save lives. Find out why women & people with vaginas are more prone to UTI’s and what we can do about it (loads of great tips).Cervical smear tests, speculums, lube, the 5 main gynaecological Cancers and what to look for. Aziza is generous with her time and openness, she tells us where her passion to inform and empower people comes from. And as a black female doctor we ask her about the biases, misogyny, racism and sexism she has faced as a patient and as a doctor.You can find Dr Aziza Sesay here:Instagram: @talkswithdrsesayWeb: https://www.talkswithdrsesay.com/The book Dr Sesay talks about is This is the Vulva by Jo Corrall and is available on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1405638210/pre-sale-this-is-the-vulva-book-ill-send?ref=share_v4_lxIf you’ve enjoyed our Podcast please consider buying us a Ko-Fi. This helps us ensure we bring you quality of content and sound.https://ko-fi.com/womenkindcollectivepodcastThere’s been a lot of talk this week in the press about the research from Stanford University on the growing size of penis’s, we investigate this a little further. This links into other news this week that only 22% of males would take a male contraceptive pill even though it is more effective than the oral combined female contraceptive pill, just another gender health gap?In the Book Collective we read chapter 6 of Sarah Graham’s must read book. Rebel Bodies, the chapter is titled, ‘Can you get a penis in and a baby out,’ The pleasure gap in sexual health, and once again it makes for shocking reading, from the vaginal mesh scandal through to IUD’s and female sexual dysfunction, the accounts from the women are astounding, a book everyone should read.There’s a fantastic quote this week too from Serena Williams, and a new WI. It’s another episode jam packed with chat, your comments, and all the usual shenanigans. So, settle in for this hour(ish) podcast full of meaningful chat. Our campaign for a Menopause Clinic in Devon is moving closer but we still need signatures on our petition: https://www.change.org/p/wheresmyclinicOr to send your testimonials please email us: menopauseclinicdc@gmail.comAnd finally, if you would like the templates to send to your MP or CCG please visit our website: https://menopauseclinicfordevon.co.uk --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/womenkindcollectivepodcast/message Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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