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- How my experience in crypto has affected my approach to NFTs. How My experience in NFTs have changed over time. The advantages and disadvantages of the bull and bear markets.  Check my NFT Journey out in the blog post below: Wax NFT Journey: This Weeks Pickups and the Pfp That Changed My Twitter Life Forever!: I Bought My First Hive Punk!: Listen to this podcast and more on the Fountain APP! The Fountain podcast app is the only app that rewards both listeners and podcasters for the value they bring to the platform. Website: Use my referral code to help support the Uncle Project: @CoinRunner7-ceb06f47c5 *** This Episode is Powered by the Hive Hustler Tribe: Data ownership on the blockchain! Create your free HIVE account today! Create my Hive Account via Ecency: Or Create my Hive Account via Peakd:  How to kick start your Hive experience after you’ve created your account! Introducing yourself to the community: Check out this tutorial about how to find your Hive Tribe:
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