Shaq talks about his call with the Saints and Drew Brees, how it related to his relationship with Kobe, and the race conversation around the NFL and Colin Kaepernick on The Big Podcast with Shaq
Shaquille O'Neal recaps how he landed on the New Orleans Saints call with Drew Brees, as he apologized to his teammates for his comments about kneeling and the flag. He also goes in deep on his relationship with Kobe Bryant, and his comments on the Saints call on how the media broke up their relationship, but he walks that back a bit and blames himself for a lot of it. The debate also heats up around the NFL's statements this week, the apology of commissioner Roger Goddell, and how Colin Kaepernick's message got misinterpreted by some of his actions in the heat of the press moment. We also talk about the hidden treasure in New Mexico, the new gun-free Looney Tunes, of course we get Borderline, and we play a round of Kincade's numbers game Close, Closer or Closest. Follow @Shaqcast on Twitter, TheBigPodcastWithShaq on Instagram and Facebook, or email your best stuff to
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