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Big new features coming in {dplyr} 1.1.0, how you can make your own #rstats wrapped, and enhancing your Shiny apps with JavaScript (without knowing much JS). Plus your feedback and more! Episode Links This week's curator: Jon Carroll - @carroll_jono (Twitter) & (Mastodon) How to make your own #RStats Wrapped! dplyr 1.1.0 is coming soon How to enhance your Shiny apps with JavaScript (JS) without knowing much JS Entire issue available at Supplement Resources Differences between .by and group_by() in {dplyr}: Travis Gerke's take on Spotify Wrapped NCmisc: miscellaneous functions for creating adaptive functions and scripts Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny Javascript for R Pharmaverse Admiral hackathon Supporting the Show Get a New Podcast App and send us a boost! A new way to think about value:
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