Keith, Tom and Graeme

Episode Summary

We’ve changed the podcast a bit. Having hit peak Goodnight Sweetheart fatigue at the end of series 1, we’re planning to talk about a different TV show in each episode. So. This episode of Sparrow-Talk examines the first couple of episodes from Goodnight Sweetheart series 2. Keith proffers some very accurate accents, mimicking both Ron and Gary. Graeme says ‘détente’. Tom won’t sing. We also learn of the very sad news that Graeme’s lost his Bobble-brand water bottle, and is slumming it with a bottle of Evian (‘naive’ backwards).Graeme provides some considered, concluding thoughts about Goodnight Sweetheart. And that’s it!(There’s also a sorry excuse for a competition)Keep in touch with us,, or See for privacy and opt-out information.
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