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The first shots were fired in the battle to bring the rest of "crypto" to the ETF market—the impact on Bitcoin and why the SEC might not be the hero we need.Plus project updates, the historically bad week for one Bitcoin ETF, your boosts, and more.Sponsor: Promo Code: TWIBLinks:SEC probing crypto companies in Ethereum investigation as hopes for ETF dim Sale of the Century: The Inside Story of Ethereum’s 2014 Premine GBTC getting a ‘second wind’ of outflows, $1.4b this week along, now double any other ETF in outflows YTDin a day when GBTC saw record liquidations (to meet bankruptcy obligations of Genesis and others) and when bitcoin tumbled, Blackrock’s IBIT saw a surge of inflows. ETF demand is relentless and price indiscriminateRoboSats v0.6.0-alpha: The Federation LayerBisq 2 AMAMusicHodl.80 IQ.Patriot on X: “This is awesome”
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