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Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) brings writer, creator, musician, and political commentator, Eric July, onto the show to discuss the current state of the Libertarian party, how the media has created some awkward conversations between the red pills and blue pills, and why the rapidly forced progressive agenda in comic books is truly laughable.  Michael also shares his thoughts on who, out of all the comic book characters, may need an identity change.  https://ericdjuly.com    Order THE ANARCHIST HANDBOOK: https://www.amzn.com/B095DVF8FJ Order THE NEW RIGHT: https://amzn.to/2IFFCCu Order DEAR READER: https://t.co/vZfTVkK6qf?amp=1   https://twitter.com/michaelmalice  https://instagram.com/michaelmalice  https://malice.locals.com  https://youtube.com/michaelmaliceofficial    Intro song: "Out of Reach" by Legenda ry House Cats https://thelegendaryhousecats.bandcamp.com/   The newest episode of "YOUR WELCOME" releases on iTunes and YouTube every Thursday! Please subscribe and leave a review.   This week's sponsors: BodyGuardz: bodyguardz.com/welcome IPVanish: ipvanish.com/malice, promo code: MALICE PlutoTV: pluto.tv Progressive: progressive.com Sheath Underwear: sheathunderwear.com, promo code: MALICE  Startmail: startmail.com/yourwelcome The Jordan Harbinger Show: podcastone.com/the-jord an-harbinger-show
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