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Isaac Weishaupt joins me to discuss how his research has evolved over the decade or more since he began the blog titled Illuminati Watcher, that birthed his podcast Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture, as well as Breaking Social Norms, a podcast he does with his significant other! He has written several books over the course of this journey and we discussed a little bit of everything here for Isaac's return appearance. The West Memphis Three case was discussed at length, I also asked Isaac about the Templars, Pirates, Beheading Rituals and much much more! SUPPORT ISAAC WEISHAUPT Share This Episode: Get the SEEEN Travel Guide! fund the show, I cannot do this without your support.CashApp: $MarkSteevesJrVenmo: @MysticMarkPaypal: @mysticmarkPatreon: Me A Coffee: you this Podcast would not exist, bless all who support.Join us on TelegramLeave me a message On Telegram!For Exclusive My Family Thinks I'm Crazy Content: Only 3$ get 50+ Bonus Episodes, Sign up on our Patreon For Exclusive Episodes. Check out the S.E.E.E.N.or on Rokfin@MFTICPodcast on Twitter@myfamilythinksimcrazy on Instagram, Follow, Subscribe, Rate, and Review we appreciate you!https://www.myfamilythinksimcrazy.com to Every AMU Podcast with this link. A NEW PODCASTING APP! CREDITSIntro Song by Destiny LabMusic: Nuclear Conception By Alice In WinterOutroMusic: Oh SugarBy Fleece MobMusic: My Family Thinks I'm CrazyBy Luke HoliznaReleased under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License Thanks To Soundstripe ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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