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Learn how to create an inclusive workplace Diversity in the workplace is essential for fostering innovation, growth, and success. It goes beyond meeting quotas and ticking boxes; it's about embracing different perspectives and experiences that challenge the status quo and drive positive change. When a workplace is diverse, it becomes a breeding ground for creativity and new ideas, as individuals with different backgrounds and identities bring unique insights to the table. This diversity of thought leads to more innovative and effective solutions, as teams can tap into a wide range of perspectives to solve complex problems. Maribel Lara is the Senior Vice-President and Head of Consulting at The Sasha Group, a VaynerX company that provides educational, consulting and marketing services to companies with a growth mindset. She has been within the Vayner world since 2014 and her role has included reporting to and partnering with CEO and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to execute initiatives tied to the strategic growth of the agency. In this episode, she talks about female representation and diverse perspectives. In this episode you will: Learn about female representation in leadership and the importance of understanding different perspectives. Learn how social media has changed the marketing landscape and the importance of connecting with specific cohorts. Understand the value of diverse voices and experiences in organizations. Take a deeper look at the challenges and opportunities in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. We answer a question about the impact of marginalized communities in the advertising industry. Rethink the value of diversity and the role it plays in driving innovation. Understand the personal journeys and experiences that shape individuals' perspectives. Hear us talk about the need for organizations to create opportunities for people from different backgrounds. Learn how to foster a culture that supports and values diversity and inclusion. We talk in-depth about the power of storytelling and representation in marketing and advertising. All this and more, on this week’s episode of We Are Podcast. If this is the first episode you’ve listened to all the way to the end or if you are a regular, thank you … I love that you are here. Check out our back catalogue on wearepodcast.com, subscribe to the show and give me a review and rating, it really helps us get found more. If you are a business owner podcaster and want to join others just like you in a group where we share tactics & ideas on what’s working (or not) for us when it comes to using our podcast in the best possible way. For more on that go to wearepodcast.com/group … it is free. Stay tuned for the next episode when I talk to Kiri-Maree Moore about holding uncomfortable conversations. So, make sure to subscribe to the show to get that episode as soon it gets released. Until then, much love. Links: https://thesashagroup.com/ https://vaynerx.com/
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