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RSxEAB: "Sharing Urban Space". Radio Spaetkauf host Daniel Stern dives into a discussion of public spaces informed by three insightful guests. Johnny Whitlam (Whitlam's Berlin Tours) shares his passion for Berlin's history and hidden stories. Martin Aarts, the former head of spatial planning in Rotterdam emphasizes child-friendly cities and nature's role in urban design. Lea Fink (Strassenverlauf) offers a philosophical angle, stressing the need for accessible spaces that encourage learning and reflection. In this episode we explore the balance between historical preservation and contemporary needs, the transformation of places like Tempelhof and Potsdamer Platz. We discuss our personal and community connections to places like Alexanderplatz, the banks of the Landwehrkanal and the Comenius-Garten. We look at the dichotomy of planned spaces vs. the people-driven "organic" use of open areas. The is challenges of creating inclusive, community supported environments are acknowledged but common preconceptions are also cconfronted. We also tackle the impact of cars and tourism on city life, and the need for spaces that prioritize bicycles and pedestrians. • Episode made in partnership with the Europäische Akademie Berlin: https://www.eab-berlin.eu/en • Please support Radio Spaetkauf with an ongoing or one time donation: https://www.radiospaetkauf.com/donate/ NEXT LIVE SHOW JUNE 27: https://www.podfestberlin.com/event-details/radio-spaetkauf-x-eab-june-27 Connect to our guests: • Lea Fink: https://strassenverlauf.de/ • Martin Aarts: https://www.ravb.nl/profiel/martin-aarts/ • Jonny Whitlam: https://www.whitlams-berlin-tours.com/ Recorded in front of a live audience at the House of Color: https://www.hoco.world/ Engineer: Grace at PodFest Berlin https://www.podfestberlin.com/ Editing & Mastering: Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher https://www.recordedvoices.com/ Written and Produced by Daniel Stern: https://www.sterndaniel.com/ With kind support of the Federal Foreign Office and EU (CERV) under the project "Europe Behind the Headlines"
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