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Podcasting 2.0 April 12th 2024 Episode 175: "Everyone's an Actor" Adam & Dave Dive deep into App Social Interactions and Phase 7 of the namespace ShowNotes We are LIT Social Interact - Cross App Comments Owncast - Free and Open Source Livestreaming TLV records people! Music Tags Julie Costello - Tags for music RSSBlue: Music via RSS Categories / Tags Alby NWC lightning? Podcasting 2.0 logo Super Testnet Introduces Hedgehog: A Protocol For Asynchronous Layer 2 Bitcoin Payments - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights PodcastIndex Dashboard EU Disinfo Lab Proposes Expanding ICANN Operations From Phishing and Malware To Target "Disinformation" Sites at the Domain Level ------------------------------------- MKUltra chat Transcript Search What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at Value4Value.info V4V Stats Last Modified 04/12/2024 14:19:50 by Freedom Controller  
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