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CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST, PART I is a discussion with Dr. Michael Kinsey, Ph.D. about some of the unique challenges parents raising children with narcissistic partners face.   Dr. Kinsey is an award-winning clinical psychologist and author of the children's book 'Dreams of Zugunruhe.' He received his doctorate at the New School for Social Research and is a therapist in private practice in New York City. He is also the founder of the mental health blog Mindsplain.com.   He uses his expertise in parent-child attachment, intergenerational trauma and the dynamics of personality to answer questions from survivors of narcissistic about the complexities of parenting with a narcissist.  In this episode we talk about:  - Do children of narcissists risk developing personality disorders and, if so, what parents can do to prevent it.   - Estrangement from children, also known as, parental alienation in narcissistic families.   - Triangulation with the narcissist's new partner (also known as the "new supply") A transcript of this video is available at narcissisticabuserehab.com - - -  FOLLOW NARCISSISTIC ABUSE REHAB  •  OFFICIAL WEBSITE •  TWITTER •  MEDIUM •  INSTAGRAM  •  WORDPRESS •  REDDIT  •  PINTEREST - - -  FOLLOW MINDSPLAIN   • Mindsplain Official Blog  •  Mindsplain Twitter  •  Dreams of Zugunruhe Official Website  •  Medium •  Thrive Global - - -  💲 DONATIONS   📩 EMAIL: narcissisticabuserehab@gmail.com. - - -  DISCLAIMER: The content of this video expresses the content creator's own thoughts and opinions. It is provided for general information only. It is not intended to and is not meant to be advice which you should rely on. Please get the relevant professional or specialist advice before taking or refraining from any action based on the information in this video. If you have medical questions, please consult your doctor or other professional healthcare providers without delay. #parallelparenting #coparentingwithnarcissist #ihaveachildwithanarcissist #narcissistparent --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/narcissisticabuserehab/message
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