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Grab your Moleskine and spreadsheets! It’s time for a screenwriting masterclass with writer, director, and producer Aneesh Chaganty and writer, producer, and Proximity founder Sev Ohanian. Aneesh and Sev first broke out with the independent thriller Searching which premiered in 2018 at Sundance where it won several awards and was acquired by Sony Pictures. The film grossed $75 million worldwide and Sev and Aneesh went on to collaborate on the screenplay for Run (2020), the story for the Searching sequel Missing (2023), and an upcoming movie they talk a little bit about on the show. They break down their writing partnership (2:12) and process including the blue skies phase (8:00), outlining (12:21), feedback (15:30), and research (18:45). They end with Prox Recs for making movies and finding a writing partner (26:05).Learn more and read the transcript of this conversation at WITH PROXIMITY MEDIA:Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. We’re also on YouTube.Learn more at PROX to 510-998-3176 or head to for updates on new episodes and latest projects from Proximity Media.CREDITS:In Proximity is a production of Proximity Media.Producer: Paola MardoExecutive Producers: Ryan Coogler, Zinzi Coogler, Sev Ohanian, Paola MardoTheme Song and Additional Music: Ludwig GöranssonSound Designer and Mix Engineer: Ken NanaEpisode Editor: Judybelle CamangyanProduction Assistant: Polina Cherezova
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