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'WHY NORMAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION DOESN’T WORK WITH HIGH CONFLICT PERSONALITIES' is an exclusive interview with high conflict strategist Samantha Drum, Esq. In this episode we explore the definition and characteristics of high conflict people, boundary-setting techniques, and tips for creating positive outcomes. We talk about examples of high conflict dynamics in HBO's 'Succession,' and real world examples from legendary survivor Tina Turner to the litigious con artist 'Dirty John' Meehan. We also touch on the high conflict divorces of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as well as Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans. ⁠The Narcissistic Abuse Rehab Podcast⁠ is about the dynamics of abusive power and control. Created by recovery coach Manya Wakefield, the podcast aims to provide a trauma-informed, evidence-based perspective on this topic. In 2021, the series ranked among the Top 100 Apple Podcasts in the Mental Health genre in the USA. In January 2022, The Narcissistic Abuse Rehab Podcast was named one of ⁠Feedspot’s 10 Best Narcissistic Abuse Podcasts⁠. For more information visit ⁠narcissisticabuserehab.com⁠ ONE-ON-ONE COACHING To book a consultation with recovery coach Manya Wakefield send an email to hello [at] narcissisticabuserehab [dot] com DOWNLOAD Access your free copy of ⁠'Are You In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship?'⁠ SOCIALS @narcabuserehab or @narcissisticabuserehab on ⁠Medium⁠, ⁠Instagram⁠, ⁠Twitter⁠, and ⁠YouTube⁠. RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED  - ControlledConfrontation.com - The official website of Samantha Drum, Esq. - O’Neil, Lorena (2023, May 25) ‘Tina Turner Was Open About Her Abuse. Now, Her Legacy Is Saving Survivors.’ Rolling Stone. - Naftulin, Julia (2023, April 16) ‘Narcissism, Psychopathy, and More - Here’s What Therapists See In Each Key Player on “Succession.”’ Insider. - Hippensteel, Chris. (2023, June 3) ‘Ioan Gruffudd’s Daughter Files Restraining Order Against Him and Girlfriend.’ The Daily Beast. - Goffard, Christopher. (2017, October 1) ‘Dirty John.’ The Los Angeles Times. DISCLAIMER: The content of this podcast expresses the content creator's thoughts and opinions. It provides general information only. Please seek the relevant professional or specialist advice before taking or refraining from any action based on the information in this video. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/narcissisticabuserehab/message
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