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Salty Sessions Vol 2 Emily Whitehurst of Survival Guide Join us for an intriguing session with the talented Emily Whitehurst, the artistic powerhouse behind Survival Guide. Listen in as we explore her musical journey from the punk rock roots of Tsunami Bomb to her current indie, synth-laden solo venture. We'll unravel the complexities of her sound, a playful mix that Emily herself coins as a potential new genre of cinematic, electronic indie. Our conversation covers her move to Texas, the vibrant Value for Value (V4V) music community, and her personal experiences that fuel her creative process. (0:00:03) - Salty Sessions With Emily Whitehurst (0:07:52) - Music, Texas, and California (0:18:01) - Music Practice and Building Community (0:23:35) - Twitch Streaming (0:36:02) - Discovering V4V Music at a Meetup (0:47:06) - Future of Music Streaming and Sustainability (0:56:58) - Dorfel Family's Music Career Revival (1:07:32) - Vinyl as Art and Listening Experience (1:15:03) - Collaborative and Fun Music Video Experience (1:20:32) - Music Video Themes and Creative Ideas (1:31:52) - Music, Husband, and Record Label Support (1:36:23) - Value for Value Music Model (1:46:51) - Dreams of Falling and Death (1:49:47) - Album Concept and Value-for-Value System (2:02:20) - Buying Stickers and Supporting a Community You can find all of Survival Guide here: Survival Guide on V4V: If you feel I provided you with some value today, I ask you let me know via boosts or fiat fun coupons. Magic Wallet Switching Technology was made possible through for the Chapters. get yourself a modern podcast app here: < On-boarding artists can use this "how to" here:
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