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Episode Summary

tako.start.page In this episode, we delve into the integration of Bitcoin within the Hive ecosystem, exploring two prominent options: Swap.btc and V4V.app. Our first main point highlights the centralized yet effective nature of Swap.btc, contrasted with the versatility of V4V.app, a Hive Lightning Network wallet with built-in Point of Sale and currency conversion features. Moving on to our second main point, the host opens up about their hybrid perspective on Bitcoin maximalism. Drawing inspiration from crypto influencer ChampagneCrypto, the discussion unfolds on the joy of hodling Bitcoin across various networks, examining the perpetual downtrend of other assets compared to the original cryptocurrency. The final main point introduces the exciting development of smart contracts on Hive through the upcoming VSC (Virtual Smart Contracts). The potential of VSC to simplify onboarding and enhance collaboration among developers is emphasized, along with the prospect of decentralized Bitcoin options on a layer 2 smart contract platform. Described as "kind of like Nostr but better" by @vsc.network, the episode concludes with anticipation for the evolving landscape of decentralized finance within the Hive ecosystem. Earn Bitcoin while browsing the web with Adslice - bit.ly/uppslice Hive Sign Up 3rd link - linktr.ee/mista.t
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