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Learn how to leverage unique entrepreneurial traits for enduring business success. In this episode, we're unpacking the entrepreneurial journey, examining the ups, downs, and transformative moments that shape a business. From the struggles of finding our footing to the exhilarating peaks of achievement, we explore the intrinsic qualities that drive us forward, the shifts in perspective that guide our evolution, and the undeniable truth that in entrepreneurship, the only constant is change. We're joined by voices that resonate with authenticity, experience, and wisdom. Voices that have navigated the tumultuous waters of business, turning their unique traits into unparalleled success. So whether you're in the trenches of building your empire or standing on the brink of your next big pivot, this episode is a tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurship—to the resilience, innovation, and audacious belief that we can leave a mark on the world. Coming up in this episode: [00:04:00] The nature of business evolution, emphasising the lack of a clear, linear path. [00:03:30] The misconceptions surrounding overnight success in the entrepreneurial world. [00:05:00-] The broader definition of wealth beyond financial gains, touching on mental, physical, and relational well-being. [00:09:20] Traits of successful entrepreneurs, such as ADHD, bipolarity, and a degree of narcissism. [00:08:30] A crucial lesson shared revolves around the importance of listening to team members and surrounding oneself with people whose insights and advice you value. [00:13:50] The initiative to support under-resourced entrepreneurs through training programmes makes entrepreneurship accessible and inclusive. [00:14:40] Creating innovative solutions that not only cater to market needs but also positively impact communities. All this and more, on this week’s episode of We Are Podcast. If this is the first episode you’ve listened to all the way to the end or if you are a regular, thank you … I love that you are here. Check out our back catalogue on, subscribe to the show and give me a review and rating, it really helps us get found more. If you are a business owner podcaster and want to join others just like you in a group where we share tactics & ideas on what’s working (or not) for us when it comes to using our podcast in the best possible way. For more on that go to … it is free. Stay tuned next week when we talk about Echoes of success feat. Cameron Herold. So, make sure to subscribe to the show to get that episode as soon it gets released. Until then, much love. Links: Joey Coleman - Angela Henderson - Cameron Herold - Bri Seeley - Kiri-Maree Moore - Robbie Bent -
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