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The Bitcoin halving is here, but are Runes crashing the party? I'll explore how the halving could impact Bitcoin mining, the macro signs that indicate short-term price swings are probable, and why everyone is concerned Runes might cause a spike in transaction fees.[[podhome]]LINKS:Runes – Casey Rodarmor’s BlogBitcoin Suddenly Braced For A $35 Trillion Halving Price EarthquakeA bitcoin halving is imminent. Here’s what that means. - CBS NewsWhat bitcoin halving could mean for investors and minersBlockstream Green: Simple and secure Bitcoin walletAQUA WalletRiver Referal LinkLearn RoboSatsWhat is KYCCraig Wright Discontinues Tulip Trading Case in Major Win for Bitcoin Developers🚨 attention lnd node operators that have upgraded or are considering upgrading to bitcoind 27 🚨US Senator Cynthia Lummis says high ranking government officials feel threatened by Bitcoin - YouTubeMUSIC: Leave It Alone - June & The Jets
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