Carmelite Conversations

Episode Summary

St. John of the Cross did not write for beginners in prayer.  His works are for those who have been practicing prayer for some time and have begun to make progress on the spiritual journey.  In this conversation, Mark and Frances discuss two of the most critical aspects of our maturing relationship with God.  The first is the sometimes difficult reality that God conceals Himself from our efforts to encounter Him in prayer.  There are practical reasons for why this is the case, and St. John of the Cross offers us insight on how we should respond to these circumstances.  The next experience, and one largely born of God’s concealment, is the deepening experience of longing for the encounter with God.  St. John of the Cross likewise provides us with wise counsel on how to increase this longing, and how to dispose ourselves to gain the most benefit in the midst of these apparent absences of the Beloved. Book:  “Saint John of the Cross:  Master of Contemplation” by Fr. Donald Haggerty; Ignatius Press.    
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