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Do you need real voice actors to make an audio drama? No. No, you don't. You can get away with your friends and family. It might not be great. It might not even be in person. But it will be recorded, edited, and done. When you get yourself a budget and have a real cast, then you can be picky. But when you're in a rush, sometimes good is the best you can hope for. Especially if you're going to do this as a daily audio drama! It is just one of the constraints that forces you to get creative when creating an audio drama.Introducing Part 5 of 13 parts in my Between the Pauses mini-series that explores my thoughts while making my first audio drama: PAUSE for Dramatic Effect! If you're interested in the complete first season of Pause for Dramatic Effect you can download and listen to it for free at or wherever you find your podcasts.I would love for you to tell me how you think the story of Pause for Dramatic Effect turned out by giving it a rating and review or sending a Boost using one of the latest Podcast 2.0 app which you can find at If you don't have a Podcast 2.0 app, I would highly recommend or to get all the new podcast features you didn't know you were missing!Meanwhile, I'm now the founder of a new podcasting education and technology company called Oncetold. If you're ready to tell your story and start your own podcast then you need Oncetold at out my new Valueverse music podcast called Flowgnar, a music podcast featuring Valueverse artists who grind the trail, flow over the drops, and climb the gnar. Each episode turns your off-road workout into a personal adventure by turning curated Value 4 Value playlists into pure endurance fuel. Embrace the flow while you chew the gnar! Ride or run at your own risk! Learn more at or Not Easily Squished podcast episode #011 was originally published by Oncetold on June 12th, 2024. What Are You Waiting For by NoiseWorld licensed via Copyright © 2024. Not Easily Squished and Oncetold. All Rights Reserved.
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